Sell to Amazon, Nike? Ploten’s new CEO pours cold water on its stock price

Peloton, a new American fitness equipment company, is rumored to be interested in selling. Potential buyers include e-commerce leader Amazon (Amazon), sporting goods giant Nike and other big names, making investors ecstatic. However, Barry McCarthy, the new CEO of Pyreton, came forward to pour cold water and denied that Pyleton was going to sell, causing the stock price to fall.

The British “Financial Times” reported on the 14th that McCarthy, who took over as CEO of Pyreton last week, said in an interview that he would focus on leading Pylaton’s operational growth, rather than thinking about selling the company. If he thinks Pyreton will be acquired in the near future, he won’t be moving all the way from California to New York to take over as Pylaton’s CEO.

But McCarthy admitted that the final sale depends on insiders with supervoting stock rights and a large proportion of voting rights, including co-founder John Foley. Last week, Foley stepped down as chief executive of Pyloten to become executive chairman.

According to the report, Pyreton has at least two new fitness equipment in development, including a rowing machine with interactive functions, which may be launched around the May 13 Pylaton fan conference “Homecoming”.


The rich are different, Musk secretly donated $5 billion in stock

According to Tesla’s filings, Musk donated a total of 5 million Tesla shares to charity in November last year, which is equivalent to $5 billion based on the stock price at the time. Curious, who was it donated to?

At the end of November 2021, Tesla CEO Elon Musk donated a total of 5.044 million shares of Tesla common stock to an unnamed charitable organization, according to the SEC’s fifth category.

According to Tesla’s stock price of about $1,050 at the end of November last year, Musk’s donation was worth as much as $5 billion. The subtle thing is that Musk did not publicize this matter himself, nor did he say who it was donated to, which triggered netizens. A bit of guesswork.

The first unit to be named was the United Nations’ World Food Program. When Musk became the world’s richest man, WFP said that as long as these billionaires are willing to donate a little of their wealth, they can improve world hunger. question, which caused Musk to question.

Musk mentioned in the post that if the World Food Program can explain how $6 billion can fight famine, he is willing to sell Tesla stock to do it. WFP certainly didn’t miss out on the most successful fundraising opportunity in history, and then put up their detailed “The Rich to Save the Hunger” plan, explaining how they would use the donation.

Although Musk did not respond to WFP’s plan, the time and amount of the two events were very close, so they were considered to be Musk’s donations.

The second possible object is the Texas Institute of Technology and Science that Musk once mentioned to be founded, which echoes Tesla’s move of its headquarters to Texas, and hopes to cultivate more locally. Remote Programs for Talent.

Of course, this is also related to Musk’s love of telling jokes, because the abbreviation of this institute is TITS, which is the same as the common name for female breasts by American netizens.

The eccentric Musk, even when many people attacked him for selling stocks to cash out, manipulating the stock market and cryptocurrencies, did not talk about donations. Obviously, he deeply understands the truth of “haters always be haters”. Of course, this is not a sudden act of kindness. After all, Musk was also forced by the new U.S. tax system and had to sell some of his stocks. Rather than all the money being taken away by the government, it would definitely make more sense to donate it.

After all, who this donation, which is equivalent to the annual revenue of many listed companies, falls, I am afraid that we can only know if Musk himself responds.

Arm’s new CEO takes over, preparing to launch IPO

Arm announced today that the Board of Directors has appointed Rene Haas as its new CEO and joins the Board of Directors, effective immediately. He will succeed former Arm CEO and board member Simon Segars who has served 30 years at Arm, and Simon Segars will serve as a consultant in the short term to assist with the transition.

Arm said Rene Haas will lead the company to accelerate its growth and prepare for an IPO. Masayoshi Son, Chairman and CEO of SoftBank Group, pointed out that Rene is the right leader to lead the company to accelerate growth as Arm prepares to go public again.

Rene Haas has 35 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and has been President of the Arm IP Products Group since 2017. Under his leadership, the IP Group has expanded investments in the industry’s largest ecosystem of software developers, as well as product development in high-growth markets such as infrastructure and automotive. These investments bring new partners to the Arm ecosystem, including Alibaba, Ampere, AWS, Bosch, Denso, Mobileye, and Telechips, and are on track for record-high royalty, licensing, and profit this fiscal year.

Before joining Arm in 2013, Rene Haas held various roles in application management, application engineering, and product engineering, and was NVIDIA’s vice president and general manager of the Computing Products Group for seven years.

Rene Haas said that Arm will change the lives of people around the world by providing the core technology of the smartphone revolution; its unique market positioning advantages can meet the diverse needs of artificial intelligence, cloud, Internet of Things, automotive and metaverse. Arm is poised for a new path of growth as the uncertainties of the past few months pass.