Artificial grass trip horse

After losing 1:6 to the Norwegian team Podukilint in the European Association’s group stage, Rome revisited the first round of the quarter-finals on Thursday and lost another 1:2. Capital Wolves coach Morino criticized the opponent’s artificial grass: “I am very worried about the injury of the backbone Kian Luka Vinciani. He was injured because of playing this artificial grass.”


Everton hired Linbert as the team leader

Everton hired Linbert as the team leader at the end of January, hoping that the young marshal could lead the team and protect the ranks successfully. Unexpectedly, this sub-leader continued to lose more than win, and his performance was completely outperformed by Sherratt, who took over Aston Villa in the middle of the season, and even the Tow Fat Sugar Club and fans also heard the voice of “fire Linbert”.

“Double Special” has returned to the Premier League this season. Sherratt took over as Villa last November, and Linbert became the new coach in January. However, the performance of the two leaders was very different, with Villa ranking eleventh and Everton only finishing last.

Linbert, who has an IQ of 150, has only 4 wins and 8 losses in 12 games in each competition. Some pointed out that the top management of the club has considered the next team leader, and some Everton fans disliked Linbert and said, “The team would have successfully protected the relegation without Linbert, because he did not have the ability to lead the team to protect the relegation.” Ming ridiculed the high IQ Nor is it a guarantee of results.

Abandon the Europa League and return to the Lions

Chelsea lost 1:3 at home to Real Madrid in the first round of the Europa League quarter-finals on Wednesday. Team leader Du Cao admitted that there was no hope of advancing to the semi-finals. Therefore, tonight’s Premier League guest Southampton can make a full attack. German fake center Xavier was the only player who played at the level of the Blue Lions in the last game. This time, he will continue to play the Saint Nemesis to lead the team back on the right track.

Although the Europa League does not offer away goal discounts, after the Blue Lions lose 1:3, there is still a chance to win the second round next Tuesday when they visit Benabe in the quarter-finals, but Du Cao surrendered first, and has undoubtedly turned his primary goal to save Premier League top four. The third brother, Chelus, is currently only ahead of the fourth-placed Tottenham and the fifth-placed Arsenal by five points. The determination to win this battle is guaranteed.

The Blue Lions’ offense was not bad in the last game, especially Xavies, who scored a goal, was praised by former England captain Rio Ferdinand: “He played the No. 9 to the fullest. The horse’s shadow.” This son has won four games against Southampton twice in the past two seasons, and he will be his nemesis tonight. The Saints played a 1:1 away match against Leeds United in the Premier League. They only lost one and four in the last five games in each competition, and they lost three in a row. Therefore, an away victory can pass the game.

Bayern Munich, which also lost in the first round of the Europa League quarter-finals on Wednesday, is expected to beat Augsburg at home in the Bundesliga tonight, and revive its morale before playing Villarreal at home in the second round next Tuesday. The former had 62% of the ball possession and took 22 shots in the last battle, so his performance was not bad. In this battle, he faced Augsburg, who conceded 14 goals away from home in the league nearly five times, and received confirmation from the German Football Association on Friday. , will not punish the Bundesliga substitution error in the last round of playing one more person, maintaining a 4:1 away victory over Freiburg, and today’s momentum is killing.

As for the Galactic Fleet, relying on the bravery to defeat the Chelus, tonight La Liga will return to the home court to win another victory against Kidaffy. Real Madrid striker Binschma scored 13 goals and 3 assists in each front in the past seven times. During the lead, he won all of them. He was able to lead the team to defeat the opponents in the same city with three losses and three losses in the league this year, and to meet the Europa League quarter-finals. In the second round, a series of handicap games and a handicap “home win”.

Warriors Curry injured, tentatively scheduled to return in mid-April

The Warriors’ main player left the field with a crushed left ankle after 14 minutes of losing to the Celtics. After inspection, it was found that the problem was a sprained ligament. It is estimated that he will be able to return to the team in mid-April, hoping to catch up with the season. playoffs.

Curry’s injury made the Warriors worried. After inspection, it was found to be a sprained ligament, no fractures or other major injuries, and no reimbursement for the entire season. “ESPN” reporter Henarowski reported that Curry is expected to return to the team in mid-April, in time for the start of the playoffs. However, the progress of the injury still needs further evaluation.

Curry has played 64 games so far this season, which is the third-highest number of appearances in the team. He has played 2,211 minutes and is the team’s champion, with an average of 25.5 points per game. , 6.3 assists and 5.2 rebounds.

How does exercise transform the brain?

The refreshing feeling after exercising is something that many people have never experienced before. The mental state of sweating profusely and full of strength will give people unprecedented motivation. How does exercise transform the brain?

A happy childhood is accompanied by various movements, running ‍♀️, jumping, laughing, dancing, we keep running, from one end of the house to the other, from the park gate to the swing position, etc.

Why is it easier to be happy in childhood? It is exercise, and why does exercise bring happiness? After reading “Exercise Transforms the Brain”, I understand how exercise affects our brain.

The principle of exercise: The more you exercise, the more brain cells, and the more you exercise, the more connections between brain cells can be established. Everyone knows that exercise can make the body stronger, it can make people self-regulate stress, and it can make people feel happy, but they don’t know that the real reason why we feel happy is that exercise puts the brain in the best condition.

  1. Exercise: Blocking the pressure feedback loop

Exercise affects the process of synaptic transmission of signals. While muscles relax, it also breaks the pressure feedback loop transmitted to the brain, thereby adjusting the adverse effects of pressure on the entire human body. Through exercise, the sense of conquest and self-confidence are enhanced, and the ability to “get rid of stress” is enhanced.

  1. Exercise teaches the brain: Anxiety is a cognitive error.

People are born anxious. In order to protect themselves from being eaten by monsters, primitive people must always be alert to danger, but in today’s society, anxiety has become “the culprit of bad performance”, because excessive anxiety can lead to various problems, and even lose the ability to take care of yourself. , Many anxiety patients choose to take medicine for relief, but although medicine can relieve tension, it makes people listless. At this time, regular aerobic exercise will give people a sense of control in their anxiety state.

When we increase our heart rate and breathing in the context of exercise, which we know is a physiological signal that certainly won’t trigger an anxiety attack, we come to like the way our bodies are aroused and don’t automatically see the technique as harmful.

If you only know that exercise has great benefits, but you can’t move your legs, it is because you know too little of its usefulness, so I recommend this book “Exercise to Transform the Brain” for you. Exercise regularly! Enjoy the changes brought about by exercise!

Why does weight loss require strength + aerobic training together?

Sometimes in the gym, I tell others that you can’t just lose weight by running. If you want to do strength training, you will always encounter some people who say, “My friend who runs for 1 hour a day loses 20 pounds in a month.”

Yes, doing aerobic running every day can really help you lose weight, it will definitely help you lose weight, but it doesn’t necessarily make you lose weight beautifully and the healthiest!

  1. Can aerobic exercise reduce fat even more?

Aerobic exercise burns calories, but does not increase metabolic rate for a long time.

Strength training, on the other hand, doesn’t burn calories for long, but it increases muscle mass, which increases your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories even when you’re resting.

Therefore, a combination of aerobic exercise and strength training is the best way to lose weight.

  1. Is the more aerobic exercise the better?

Aerobic exercise is a good way to lose fat and lose weight, but if you do it for too long, you will not only consume fat, but also muscle.

Generally speaking, 40 minutes of aerobic exercise is enough. Excessive exercise will exhaust the leucine in the body that prevents muscle breakdown caused by excessive exercise, resulting in muscle consumption.

  1. Can increase the intensity of aerobic exercise

Reduce time to achieve the purpose of burning fat?

The principle of fat loss is that you burn more calories than you absorb every day. High-intensity workouts are bound to burn more calories than low-intensity workouts, but too much cardio can burn muscle.

When the amount of exercise reaches 60% of the maximum heart rate, the body consumes more energy-supply fat than sugar or muscle, but if the exercise intensity is greater, such as above 75%, the body will directly convert fat, sugar, and protein. All as a source of energy.

  1. You should do aerobic exercise first or should I do strength training first?

Sugar is the primary source of energy consumption in the body. If you put aerobic exercise first, the sugar in your body will be consumed first. When you do strength training, you will feel powerless and affect the efficiency of exercise.

And when you perform aerobic exercise after strength training, you will burn fat directly after the liver sugar is almost burned. The most sensible thing to do would be to do strength exercises after a brief warm-up (5-10 minutes), followed by cardio.

A Ugly Super Bowl Ad Reveals How Rich Cryptocurrency Companies Are?

February 13th, US time, is the SuperBowl final day. In addition to the splendid scene of the Los Angeles Rams winning the championship, which attracted fans to watch with bated breath, there was also the following advertisement, which made netizens around the world go viral.

There is only one QR Code image floating around from the beginning to the end of the entire commercial video, much like a screen saver in the PC era. Some netizens pointed out afterwards that they thought the screen was faulty when they first saw it. Surprisingly, more netizens praised in unison that this was the long-awaited advertisement.

It turned out that this was the message that the cryptocurrency exchange CoinBase held an account opening bonus. As long as new users scan the QR Code of the video to open an account successfully, they can get a free Bitcoin (Bitcoin) worth US$15, about NT$418.

Coinbase: Spending millions of dollars just to reveal a QR Code
According to Sporting News, the CoinBase ad cost a staggering $14 million in total. The highlighted message is quite simple and rude: one is “the next one is rich, choose to buy advertisements during the most expensive Super Bowl finals in the United States”, and the other is that the overall advertising budget, except for the publication fee, does not focus on celebrity endorsements, so that users can get the most Generous rewards.

The marketing copy fully explains the meaning: “Less talk, more bitcoin.” (Less talk, more bitcoin.)

It’s no wonder that according to the statistics of “Bitcoin Magazine”, within 1 minute of the advertisement being launched, the QR Code received 20 million clicks, and the trading app collapsed due to the influx of scan code popularity. CoinBase also added a $15 bitcoin reward to old users afterwards, which is amazing.

Coinbase is the world’s first cryptocurrency trading platform with a successful IPO, and will be listed on the Nasdaq in 2021. In addition to CoinBase, this year’s US Super Bowl advertisements are full of promotional messages in the currency circle, which shows the strength of the currency industry players.

FTX: Ironically, the outside world has no vision for bad currency circles, and they also do bitcoins
Another well-known cryptocurrency trading platform in the United States, FTX, invited American comedy star Larry David to play the role. The plot is to watch the people who invented the wheel, light bulb, Walkman, etc. all the way, and now also watch the cryptocurrency FTX platform. In the future, it implies that people like Buffett who are not optimistic about the cryptocurrency industry will eventually miss out on great innovations.

When the advertisement was launched, FTX also launched a bitcoin lottery campaign for users in the United States. The advertisement was retweeted by more than 2.4 million people on Twitter in one day, which was quite popular.

As the world’s top 3 virtual currency exchange in terms of trading volume, the FTX platform has recently completed a $400 million Series C fundraising, and the company’s valuation is as high as $32 billion. As for the founder and CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried (Sam Bankman-Fried) is only 29 years old, and he is the youngest person on the Forbes 400 list because he created the platform and is worth $22 billion.

FTX can definitely compete with Coinbase in terms of its own valuation or ability to spread money. For a long time, FTX has been most admired by users in the currency circle for the new coins that are often given out. For example, in early February, FTX just launched a SAND coin airdrop event in cooperation with the metaverse real estate game Sandbox. Ask James Wong and Matt Damon to endorse, users can listen to Spotify for free
The cryptocurrency exchange from Singapore also spends a lot of money to advertise in the Super Bowl, bringing out the NBA Lakers LeBron James to recreate “back to the past”, predicting to himself in 2003 that one day there will be electric cars , cell phones, and he’ll be on the NBA stage. Using this analogy, cryptocurrencies are the big future.

In order to dominate the American market, last year hired movie star Matt Damon as a spokesperson, and even spent $700 million in title sponsorship at the home of the Lakers, sparking a discussion among netizens that the company is too rich and powerful. The American team turf is not spared.

However, the most famous offer of is that users can listen to Spotify for free as long as they pledge about 500 Singapore dollars (about 10,000 Taiwan dollars) of the platform currency CRO. Deposit all kinds of cryptocurrencies on the platform, and you can earn up to 12.5% ​​annualized interest, which is far better than traditional banks. It is often questioned by the outside world where the abundant funds come from? Does it burn out sooner or later?

The Super Bowl smashing advertisements is an arms display for companies to conquer the world in the United States
The American Football Super Bowl is the most popular professional game in the United States, and it has become a battleground for all companies to fight for their reputation. Therefore, it is the most expensive advertising period in the United States throughout the year.

According to the “New York Times” report, it costs $7 million every 30 seconds to advertise during the Super Bowl. This year is especially special. More than half of the Super Bowl advertising funds come from the currency circle.

Why are these cryptocurrency industry players crowded during the Super Bowl to expose themselves?

Beth Egan, associate professor of advertising at Syracuse University in the United States, pointed out that these companies want to send the following message: We are really big companies, we are the main trend in the world, we are still qualified advertising sponsors, not hiding A “weird house” in the corner who does a side business.

Companies spend a lot of money to expose themselves in the Super Bowl, not only to attract popularity, but also because in the minds of the American people, companies that have the ability to smash advertisements in the Super Bowl are called companies that are on the table.

The most famous example is Apple founder Steve Jobs. In order to build the reputation of the Macintosh computer, he spent money on advertising in the 1984 Super Bowl and hired Hollywood director Riley Scott. Ridley Scott directed part of the plot of the famous sci-fi masterpiece “1984”, saying that only the Apple Macintosh computer can save mankind from Big Brother, which made Apple, a rookie in the technology industry, an instant hit.

These cryptocurrency industry players are using silver bullets to advertise, and the judgment is based on similar reasons. Especially this year, many Wall Street industry players see the trend of bad currency circles, and even sing that cryptocurrencies will return to zero overnight. Spending money to be exposed during the most expensive advertising period is nothing less than the best display of corporate financial resources.

For example, FTX founder Bankman Freed recently expressed his disapproval of the prediction that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates and put the currency into a bear market. He also believes that the Super Bowl exposure is a good channel for communication with users.

Whether Wall Street experts believe it or not, at least the fact that the cryptocurrency industry is not soft on burning money is obvious in the advertisements of the Super Bowl. From the point of view of the popularity of grabbing bitcoins on the Internet and 20 million times in one minute, the United States is also moving towards becoming a big country in the use of virtual currency. .

Sell to Amazon, Nike? Ploten’s new CEO pours cold water on its stock price

Peloton, a new American fitness equipment company, is rumored to be interested in selling. Potential buyers include e-commerce leader Amazon (Amazon), sporting goods giant Nike and other big names, making investors ecstatic. However, Barry McCarthy, the new CEO of Pyreton, came forward to pour cold water and denied that Pyleton was going to sell, causing the stock price to fall.

The British “Financial Times” reported on the 14th that McCarthy, who took over as CEO of Pyreton last week, said in an interview that he would focus on leading Pylaton’s operational growth, rather than thinking about selling the company. If he thinks Pyreton will be acquired in the near future, he won’t be moving all the way from California to New York to take over as Pylaton’s CEO.

But McCarthy admitted that the final sale depends on insiders with supervoting stock rights and a large proportion of voting rights, including co-founder John Foley. Last week, Foley stepped down as chief executive of Pyloten to become executive chairman.

According to the report, Pyreton has at least two new fitness equipment in development, including a rowing machine with interactive functions, which may be launched around the May 13 Pylaton fan conference “Homecoming”.

What is a normal heart rate when running? Scientific running, pay attention to these 3 points

The heart is the engine of the human body, and its function remains normal. Under the condition of power, other parts circulate well, so that nutrients and blood can be provided at the first time. And some people’s heart function decline is due to improper living habits, which gradually damage the heart, and finally will experience symptoms such as chest tightness, arrhythmia, and angina pectoris. It is necessary to understand the methods of its maintenance and actively improve organ function. In addition, there will be corresponding changes in the heart rate during running. How much is normal?

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Under normal circumstances, the heart rate remains at 60 to 100 beats per minute at rest, and there will be individual differences in age, other physical factors, gender, etc., resulting in changes in heart rate. Some people like to exercise and will exercise through running. Running is an aerobic exercise, and the heart rate will change during the process, but the normal range can be obtained through the calculation formula.

The aerobic fat burning heart rate is (220-age) multiplied by 75%, that is, when a 25-year-old person goes for a run, his heart beats about 146 times per minute. If it can be maintained within this range, it means that the body remains healthy.

What should we pay attention to in scientific running?

  1. Keep a constant speed
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Scientific running should master skills, especially maintaining a constant speed during running, so that the body can adapt to this process. Some people’s running method is incorrect, sometimes the speed is much slower, sometimes the speed is suddenly increased, and they cannot adapt to the process of constantly changing the speed, and they will feel uncomfortable. And the running speed is constantly changing, and it is easy to fall. In order to ensure safety, it is necessary to maintain a uniform speed during the running process, and at the same time cooperate with uniform breathing, so that the heart rate can be normalized.

  1. Warm up before running

Running is a science and should be warmed up before committing. Some people originally had reduced heart function, and they did more vigorous exercise without any warm-up action. The body could not adapt, and there would be accidents in the future. And people who take good care of their bodies don’t just choose the right sports, they also warm up before exercising.

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Through simple body movements to stretch the muscles and bones, the body remains flexible, the blood circulation speed is accelerated, and if you go to exercise later, the process will be much smoother and you can persist for a longer time. In addition, it can effectively prevent sprains, strains, etc. This is the correct exercise method.

  1. Don’t run on an empty stomach
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People who exercise reasonably will find that their physical condition is getting better and better, and if they want to reap the benefits of running, the correct way is not to run on an empty stomach, but to eat something before running, so that energy is provided, and energy is consumed during running. , in order to achieve equilibrium. Some people want to lose weight and lose weight. They feel that they cannot eat, they are completely empty, and they feel hungry when they go for a run. After consuming more energy, their blood sugar will decrease significantly, and then they will have adverse symptoms.

Winter Olympics Sony “camera arsenal” reappears, providing 250 cameras, 600 long lenses

The 24th Winter Olympic Games started in Beijing recently. Sony provided an “arsenal of camera equipment” with 250 professional cameras and 600 long lenses for this year’s Winter Games, the second time after last year’s Tokyo Olympics to support camera equipment at the Games.

Nick Didlick, a photographer at the Beijing Winter Olympics, shows the interior of the press center. The press center has 41 local employees and 30 back-up staff members located around the world to help photographers in different time zones. Not only can photographers come in for camera cleaning and repair, but a large number of cameras and lenses can be borrowed for free behind the service counter, including the flagship full-frame mirrorless A1, FE 600mm F4 GM OSS and FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS, and other big guns.

Although the Winter Olympics opened on the 4th, some of the events were held before the opening ceremony, and Sony cameras were also involved in the competition. 3 alpine skiing and freestyle skiing preliminaries were held, a photographer accidentally dropped his camera and the body and lens rolled down the slope, and the camera and lens were picked up by another photographer about half a minute later. It is suspected that there is a piece of debris from the camera or lens flying out of the process, I do not know which part of the lens is broken.

This small incident was first reported by NBC Olympics official Twitter, and a 41-second video was uploaded, which showed that the seriously injured camera might be Sony A1 or Sony A9 II, and the lens might be Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM or Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM. The photographer should be able to repair and borrow equipment at the Beijing Winter Olympics Press Center.