Sell to Amazon, Nike? Ploten’s new CEO pours cold water on its stock price

Peloton, a new American fitness equipment company, is rumored to be interested in selling. Potential buyers include e-commerce leader Amazon (Amazon), sporting goods giant Nike and other big names, making investors ecstatic. However, Barry McCarthy, the new CEO of Pyreton, came forward to pour cold water and denied that Pyleton was going to sell, causing the stock price to fall.

The British “Financial Times” reported on the 14th that McCarthy, who took over as CEO of Pyreton last week, said in an interview that he would focus on leading Pylaton’s operational growth, rather than thinking about selling the company. If he thinks Pyreton will be acquired in the near future, he won’t be moving all the way from California to New York to take over as Pylaton’s CEO.

But McCarthy admitted that the final sale depends on insiders with supervoting stock rights and a large proportion of voting rights, including co-founder John Foley. Last week, Foley stepped down as chief executive of Pyloten to become executive chairman.

According to the report, Pyreton has at least two new fitness equipment in development, including a rowing machine with interactive functions, which may be launched around the May 13 Pylaton fan conference “Homecoming”.


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