J Lodigus incarnates a rescue hero, a move to restore life to the fallen player

The Qatar League resurfaced last weekend. The Mali international Oswin Nigolibani, who played for Aihuakra, suddenly fell to the ground and continued to convulse. After being sent to the hospital, the situation was stable. s also has credit.

After the Danish star Kirsten Ericsson suddenly fainted in the European Cup of Nations last year, similar incidents have been repeated on the stadium many times. Last weekend, Qatar League Elaine played against Iwakla, and Iwakla’s Mali international Oswen Nicolibani suddenly fell to the ground during the game, and the medical staff immediately entered the field to rescue him.


Aihuakra later issued a statement, saying that the Mali international suffered a heart attack and is currently undergoing treatment. Life is at stake, and every second counts, and the Colombian star James Lodigus, who was on the same field, also has credit. The media “beIN SPORTS USA” uploaded a picture earlier, Lodigus is adjusting the position of Colibani’s head, the doctor said that this can help Colibani to breathe smoothly, in other words, he is also one of the heroes of saving lives.

In the past year, many football players are suffering from or have suffered from heart problems, such as Alexson, Argentine star Agulu and so on. Similar news appeared again, and netizens couldn’t help asking why all the players were like “fighting for their lives”. Some netizens speculated that it might be related to the new crown vaccine.