Everton hired Linbert as the team leader

Everton hired Linbert as the team leader at the end of January, hoping that the young marshal could lead the team and protect the ranks successfully. Unexpectedly, this sub-leader continued to lose more than win, and his performance was completely outperformed by Sherratt, who took over Aston Villa in the middle of the season, and even the Tow Fat Sugar Club and fans also heard the voice of “fire Linbert”.

“Double Special” has returned to the Premier League this season. Sherratt took over as Villa last November, and Linbert became the new coach in January. However, the performance of the two leaders was very different, with Villa ranking eleventh and Everton only finishing last.

Linbert, who has an IQ of 150, has only 4 wins and 8 losses in 12 games in each competition. Some pointed out that the top management of the club has considered the next team leader, and some Everton fans disliked Linbert and said, “The team would have successfully protected the relegation without Linbert, because he did not have the ability to lead the team to protect the relegation.” Ming ridiculed the high IQ Nor is it a guarantee of results.


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