Abandon the Europa League and return to the Lions

Chelsea lost 1:3 at home to Real Madrid in the first round of the Europa League quarter-finals on Wednesday. Team leader Du Cao admitted that there was no hope of advancing to the semi-finals. Therefore, tonight’s Premier League guest Southampton can make a full attack. German fake center Xavier was the only player who played at the level of the Blue Lions in the last game. This time, he will continue to play the Saint Nemesis to lead the team back on the right track.

Although the Europa League does not offer away goal discounts, after the Blue Lions lose 1:3, there is still a chance to win the second round next Tuesday when they visit Benabe in the quarter-finals, but Du Cao surrendered first, and has undoubtedly turned his primary goal to save Premier League top four. The third brother, Chelus, is currently only ahead of the fourth-placed Tottenham and the fifth-placed Arsenal by five points. The determination to win this battle is guaranteed.

The Blue Lions’ offense was not bad in the last game, especially Xavies, who scored a goal, was praised by former England captain Rio Ferdinand: “He played the No. 9 to the fullest. The horse’s shadow.” This son has won four games against Southampton twice in the past two seasons, and he will be his nemesis tonight. The Saints played a 1:1 away match against Leeds United in the Premier League. They only lost one and four in the last five games in each competition, and they lost three in a row. Therefore, an away victory can pass the game.

Bayern Munich, which also lost in the first round of the Europa League quarter-finals on Wednesday, is expected to beat Augsburg at home in the Bundesliga tonight, and revive its morale before playing Villarreal at home in the second round next Tuesday. The former had 62% of the ball possession and took 22 shots in the last battle, so his performance was not bad. In this battle, he faced Augsburg, who conceded 14 goals away from home in the league nearly five times, and received confirmation from the German Football Association on Friday. , will not punish the Bundesliga substitution error in the last round of playing one more person, maintaining a 4:1 away victory over Freiburg, and today’s momentum is killing.

As for the Galactic Fleet, relying on the bravery to defeat the Chelus, tonight La Liga will return to the home court to win another victory against Kidaffy. Real Madrid striker Binschma scored 13 goals and 3 assists in each front in the past seven times. During the lead, he won all of them. He was able to lead the team to defeat the opponents in the same city with three losses and three losses in the league this year, and to meet the Europa League quarter-finals. In the second round, a series of handicap games and a handicap “home win”.


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