Chrome browser will add “Privacy Guide” to complete privacy settings step by step

Browsers have deeply influenced people’s activities on the web, including keeping users safe online. Audrey An, product manager of Google Chrome, recently wrote that the Chrome browser takes the responsibility of protecting security very seriously and regards it as a top priority. Therefore, in the past few years, the Chrome team has designed the privacy control options to be easier to understand and allow users to browse. Ensure privacy when website.

The “Privacy Guide” is now developed in Chrome by the Google Safety Engineering Center (GSEC), which will gradually guide users through Chrome’s existing security and privacy control options for centralized management and Choose the correct privacy settings.

The Privacy Guide in Chrome Settings covers controls such as cookies, history sync, Safe Browsing, and improved search and browsing experiences. It guides users through the benefits of enabling Chrome settings and the trade-offs that must be made to use them. and impact on privacy. This way, users can easily understand what it means to turn any setting on or off.

Over the next few weeks, users of Chrome 100+ will be able to see the new Privacy Guidelines feature in the Privacy & Security tab of Chrome Settings. In addition, don’t worry about not being able to browse all the content at once, Chrome will save the changes in real time, which means you can come back to the previous setting progress at any time. The Chrome team will also continue to solicit feedback from the user community and hope to add more settings to the Privacy Guidelines as Chrome develops.

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