Intel Pat Gelsinger Equity Award 73% linked to performance, over 50% for philanthropy

Recently, foreign media have reported on the salary of Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger during his one-year tenure, and made a detailed comparison with the salary of Su Zifeng, chairman and CEO of rival AMD. In this regard, Intel also provided relevant information to explain Pat Gelsinger’s salary status, and said that Pat Gelsinger also spent a large portion of his salary on public welfare undertakings.

Previously, foreign media said that after joining Intel in February 2021, Pat Gelsinger’s salary was as high as 178.6 million US dollars (about NT$5.1 billion). Among them, stock awards accounted for nearly 79%, especially the one-time employee stock awards amounted to US$110 million. In response to such reports, a note in Intel’s 2022 proxy statement stated that Pat Gelsinger’s compensation reflects the experience and seniority of a world-class technology industry veteran, as well as the scale of his mission to lead Intel, and his departure from his previous job. remuneration waived.

In addition, more than 94% of Pat Gelsinger’s total compensation is equity-based, creating consistency in shareholder benefits and linking the company’s successful path to transformation, and 73% of Pat Gelsinger’s equity awards are performance-based. As a result, Pat Gelsinger will not be able to earn a significant portion of his salary without creating a high level of long-term value for Intel.

As for Pat Gelsinger’s salary, he also said that as a philanthropist, Pat Gelsinger also donated more than 50% of his total income to various charities around the world, including building schools in Africa and building churches in the West Coast Bay Area of ​​the United States. and serving the community.

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