Android Auto adds diagnostic function to tell you if the USB cable is broken

If you are an Android user who needs to drive, you may know the Android Auto application; but when the USB cable connecting the phone and the car is broken, it will make Android Auto unable to work normally. Some people found that Google added a USB diagnostic tool to the Android Auto application.

In fact, USB cables are very easy to buy. You can get them easily and cheaply from street shops, convenience stores, or online shopping. However, cheap USB cables are often of unstable quality. People often complain that the phone is already connected, so why can’t the transmission be transferred? data or charging.

This situation often occurs when the mobile phone is connected to the car. The user’s USB cable may not support the Android Auto application. When buying a USB cable, it is impossible to predict whether the cable supports Android Auto or not. Now most mobile phones in the market come with a USB-C cable. , but most car ports are not USB-C but USB-A (so users have to pay for another USB-A cable). Through the Android Auto diagnostic tool, users can easily know whether they need to buy another cable to connect the car.

“XDA Developers” editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman pointed out on Twitter that the Android Auto diagnostic tool will appear in version 7.5.121104, and it is recommended that Android Auto users who need to use the diagnostic tool can update manually.

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