Want to buy an iPhone but feel the unit price is too high? Apple plans to launch subscription-based iPhone

The concept of “subscription system” can now be seen in many software applications, but have you ever thought that even an iPhone can subscribe?

According to “Bloomberg” report, Apple is studying how to provide users with a subscription service for the iPhone and other hardware products. The concept of this service is very simple. Subscribing to the iPhone is like a long-term car rental plan, with a fixed monthly payment. Amount is available.

If the iPhone subscription service is really launched, it will be a major product strategy change for Apple; Apple usually sells mobile phones in full direct sales in the past, of course, sometimes users can also pay in installments, or The way of telecommunications subsidy to buy mobile phones. “Bloomberg” believes that the iPhone subscription service will help Apple generate more revenue, because it will further reduce the threshold for consumers to obtain the iPhone.

But you might be thinking, “How does this concept differ from installment payments?” Bloomberg explained that this plan differs from installment payments in that the installment amount is usually divided by the total price of the iPhone by 12 to The price of 24 months can be paid; the current monthly fee for the subscription-based iPhone has not yet been determined, and the amount will continue to be paid if the user continues to use the subscription service. The advantage of the iPhone subscription service is that Apple will allow users to directly replace the existing device with a new phone when a new model is launched.

However, Apple is not a pioneer in hardware subscription services. For example, Peloton, an American fitness equipment company, has recently begun to try to launch a subscription service for bicycle and fitness content. Consumers have to pay a monthly subscription amount of 60 to 100 US dollars to rent; in addition For example, Google has also launched a subscription service for Chromebook laptops for business users.

Android Auto adds diagnostic function to tell you if the USB cable is broken

If you are an Android user who needs to drive, you may know the Android Auto application; but when the USB cable connecting the phone and the car is broken, it will make Android Auto unable to work normally. Some people found that Google added a USB diagnostic tool to the Android Auto application.

In fact, USB cables are very easy to buy. You can get them easily and cheaply from street shops, convenience stores, or online shopping. However, cheap USB cables are often of unstable quality. People often complain that the phone is already connected, so why can’t the transmission be transferred? data or charging.

This situation often occurs when the mobile phone is connected to the car. The user’s USB cable may not support the Android Auto application. When buying a USB cable, it is impossible to predict whether the cable supports Android Auto or not. Now most mobile phones in the market come with a USB-C cable. , but most car ports are not USB-C but USB-A (so users have to pay for another USB-A cable). Through the Android Auto diagnostic tool, users can easily know whether they need to buy another cable to connect the car.

“XDA Developers” editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman pointed out on Twitter that the Android Auto diagnostic tool will appear in version 7.5.121104, and it is recommended that Android Auto users who need to use the diagnostic tool can update manually.

The strongest little monster iPhone SE 3’s initial running scores exposed, the performance is close to the iPhone 13

Apple launched the iPhone SE 3, the cheapest 5G iPhone, which retains the physical Touch ID button like the previous generation, but is equipped with the latest A15 chip and 4GB of memory.

According to the initial Geekbench test, although the iPhone SE 3 has a smaller battery than the iPhone 13, the benchmark results are quite similar. The SE 3 scored 1,695 points in single-core and 4,021 points in multi-core, and the iPhone 13 scored 1,672 points and 4,481 points in single-core and multi-core running. Although there are subtle differences, you may not notice them when you use them, so the iPhone SE 3 has also been described as a “little beast” by foreign media.

Apple pointed out that compared with the previous generation, the A15 chip makes the SE3’s graphics processing performance 1.2 times faster, with 1GB more memory, smoother task processing, and fewer refreshes when switching between applications, while there are more features, such as iOS 15 ” The “Text” of the camera” and the “Dictation” of the device.

The iPhone SE 3 comes in three capacities: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB, and comes in three colors: Midnight, Starlight, and Red, and the same size is 4.7 inches.

The market is optimistic about the new generation of Apple’s iPhone SE, which will benefit Apple’s supply chain

Apple’s spring conference will launch the new iPhone SE, an entry-level smartphone, with an A15 processor and support for 5G networks. The suggested price starts at $429, which surprises consumers. Market analysts believe that Apple’s new iPhone SE will sell well in developing countries, especially in Asian markets such as China, which will further drive Apple’s stock performance.

Market analysts explained that Apple’s iPhone 13 in these markets, which starts at $799, is too expensive for consumers, and analysts at investment bank Cowen report that the iPhone SE is still in a favorable position compared to Android phones in price-sensitive markets position, can gain more market share, and focus on Asia. Apple is expected to sell 28 million iPhone SEs in 2022.

Another investment bank Wedbush analyst estimates that Apple is expected to sell 30 million iPhone SEs in 2022. Overall, the new iPhone SE equipped with A15 is the fastest and most powerful among mobile phones of the same price. Market research and research Analysts at Counterpoint Research also believe that the iPhone SE will sell well because it supports 5G networks and will be in line with mid-range products in the market.

Analysts at Counterpoint Research further pointed out that the iPhone SE has been performing well in the mid-range market, with the 2020 version selling 13% of the total iPhone sales that year, and the new iPhone SE will continue to perform well in Japan, the United States and China. Supporting 5G networks has also opened up new markets in Europe and Southeast Asia, where many consumers are waiting for affordable 5G phones.

The market is generally optimistic about the hot sales of Apple’s new iPhone SE, which drives the performance of Taiwan’s Apple stocks. Due to the Russian-Ukrainian war and the turmoil of the inflation crisis, Taiwan stocks finally stopped falling on the 9th. On the 10th, they were even more affected by the surge in US stocks. The weighted index of the broader market once rose by more than 400 points during the session, driving the gains of individual stocks. In terms of Apple stocks, the benchmark stock TSMC once rose 3.5%, Delta rose more than half of the limit, ASE Investment Holdings also rose by nearly 3%, and other Hon Hai, Largan, Wistron and other intraday trading also exceeded 1%. above increase.

Why is the iPhone also called a phone for the blind and a phone for the hearing impaired? The “warm male function” is unexpected

There are about 253 million visually impaired people and 1.5 billion people suffering from hearing impairment in the world. How should these people use their mobile phones and answer the phone? There are some special designs for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, etc.

The World Hearing Report says that around 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from hearing impairment. According to statistics, there are about 253 million visually impaired people and 43.3 million blind people in the world. Technological advances have provided more convenient 3C products for the disabled. Taking the iPhone as an example, how can people who cannot see or hear it use it? Apple has a lot of heart-warming features that break down barriers.

“Apple’s pursuit of innovation is not only about powerful performance and outstanding appearance, but really powerful technology should be technology that everyone, including people with disabilities, can enjoy, and can devote themselves to work, creation, communication, fitness and entertainment.” Apple’s official website statement.

Visually impaired can play iPhone
Apple says VoiceOver is an industry-leading screen reader for the blind and low-sighted. For completely blind users, “Voice” will read out every content on the screen, and can also adjust the speech speed to adjust the speaking speed to a suitable range. When VoiceOver is enabled, iPhone can also be controlled using a Braille display with input keys.

Ways to turn VoiceOver on or off
With Siri enabled, say: “Turn VoiceOver on” or “Turn VoiceOver off.”
Triple-press the side button (on iPhones with Face ID).
Triple-press the Home button (on iPhones with a Home button).
Go to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver and turn the setting on or off.
If you have color blindness or other visual impairments, you can display it in Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch views, and adjust the colors to make the screen more suitable for your individual eyes.

Even better, you can also browse pictures with the “voiceover” function, users can browse more details of people, text, table data and other things in the picture.

For example, a user can view an image of a receipt in table form: consisting of rows and columns, with table headers. VoiceOver can also describe the pose and position of the characters in the picture, so that the user’s memory becomes more detailed and clear. In addition, through the “tagging” feature, users can customize the picture description to make family photos more personalized.

Looking for customer service staff? SignTime’s new service allows customers to communicate with AppleCare and Apple Customer Service Specialists in American Sign Language (ASI), British Sign Language (BSL) or French Sign Language (LSF) right from the browser.

Customers visiting an Apple Store in person can also use SignTime to remotely contact a sign language interpreter without prior appointment. SignTime will be launched in the US, UK and France first, and is expected to expand to other countries in the future.

Hearing Impaired Using iPhone
Deaf people can’t hear the iPhone ringing, but “see the incoming call.” There is such a feature in the iPhone settings – blinking an LED when prompted. When this feature is turned on, the LED light on the back of the phone will start flashing when the iPhone receives information.

For ordinary users, in the case of a noisy environment, this function can also be used to avoid missing calls and SMS notifications. To turn it on, go to Settings > Accessibility, then select Audio/Visual. Turn on Blink LED when prompted.

MFi hearing aids, on the other hand, are hearing aids and sound processors that Apple has partnered with manufacturers to create tailored for the iPhone and iPad. MFi means “Made for iPhone”.

What are the benefits of this hearing aid? For example, when eating at a noisy restaurant, hearing aids can amplify ambient noise.

For users who use MFi hearing aids, with the help of the “Instant Listening” function, they only need to bring their iPhone or iPad close to the conversation partner, and the built-in microphone of the device will amplify the other party’s voice, which can play a certain role in noise reduction. AirPods can do it too.

In 2021, in a major update to the MFi hearing aid program, Apple added support for two-way hearing aids. The microphones in these new hearing aids allow people who are deaf or hard of hearing to make hands-free calls and FaceTime conversations.

Apple will also support audiograms, a graph showing the results of a hearing test, in the headphone adjustment feature. Users can load the latest hearing test results from paper or PDF audiograms and quickly adjust the position. The headphone adjustment function can amplify smaller sounds and adjust specific frequencies according to the user’s hearing.

In addition, iPadOS also supports third-party eye tracking devices, allowing users to control the iPad with only their eyes. Compatible MFi devices will be able to track the user’s gaze position on the screen, the cursor will move with the gaze, and continuous eye contact will trigger actions, such as clicks.

Apple Watch Assistive Touch for accessibility
Advances in technology have allowed sign language users to communicate via video calls, with Macs, iPhones, and iPads all equipped with FaceTime calling, making it easy to converse with iOS and macOS users on the other side of the world.

There’s also closed captioning on the iPhone, which helps people with hearing impairments watch movies better, and toggle controls for the Mac, which allow crowd control for people with limited mobility.

Apple Watch also has a revolutionary new accessibility feature built into it, watchOS Assistive Touch, allowing users with upper limb disabilities to enjoy the convenience of Apple Watch without touching the screen or controls.

Using built-in motion sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers, as well as optical heart rate sensors and on-device machine learning, Apple Watch can sense subtle differences in muscle and tendon activity, allowing users to use gestures such as pinching or tightening. grip to control the cursor on the screen.

Assistive Touch on Apple Watch makes it easier for customers with disabilities to answer incoming calls, control on-screen cursors, view Notification Center, Control Center, and more.

In fact, in addition to Apple, there are many companies that are silently working to optimize the way everyone uses it.

Microsoft released an Xbox game controller (Xbox Adaptive Controller) specially designed for the disabled, allowing people with disabilities to play electric games like ordinary players.

Tobii Dynavox, a technology company from Sweden, has made an eye control device that can identify and track people’s eye movements, and then help “gradual freezing” patients to remotely control computer typing or electrical switches.

In the fiercely competitive smartphone market, major brands are all committed to pursuing industrial design or performance improvement. But true technological product innovation should be easily accessible to everyone, including the disabled. Just like the motto “Technology always comes from human nature”, the technology that benefits everyone is the truly powerful technology.

Samsung mobile phone stylus too many people love, Motorola also wants to help the flagship machine install one

For many years, when it comes to a smartphone with a stylus, most people’s first instinct should be the Samsung Galaxy Note series (now the S series Ultra version also has a built-in S Pen), but the established impression may change later; according to the latest According to rumors, Motorola seems to be preparing this year’s Edge 30 Pro flagship to also offer stylus support.

“9to5google” reported that the Motorola Edge 30 Pro will be launched in a few months and will also support the stylus function.

Well-known Twitter account @evleaks recently posted a rendering of the Motorola Edge 30 Pro and a video with a stylus. In terms of design, the new phone has not changed much from Motorola’s Edge series, but the addition of a smart stylus is the biggest change.

You might think that this isn’t the first time Motorola has released a phone that supports a stylus, but it’s actually the first time Motorola has paired a flagship with a stylus. Just looking at the renderings, the Edge 30 Pro may not be able to do the same as the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The stylus is directly stored in the body, but it has to cooperate with a special mobile phone case to put the stylus in the case.

Research: Google’s foldable machine is expected to debut in the fourth quarter of 2022

According to a previous report released by Ross Young, CEO of the research firm DSCC, Google delayed the launch of its foldable product Pixel Notepad last year, and will not see this new product not only in 2021, but also in the first half of 2022. But earlier, Ross Young said on his Twitter that the panels needed for Google’s folding machine are expected to start production in the third quarter of this year, and the new machine will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year.

Why did Google delay the release of the Pixel Notepad before? Ross Young said Google did not disclose its considerations. However, it may be because the technology giant was not satisfied with the quality of the folding panels produced at that time. Google would hope that its own folding machine products could be more durable, so it decided to “cut the single and re-train”.

Foreign media “Wccftech” pointed out that the price of Google’s folding machine may fall at 1,400 US dollars ), if the company wants customers to be willing to pay, it must provide a more durable product.

As for when the Pixel Notepad will come out? Ross Young thinks it may be in October this year, that is, it will be unveiled together with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, because this is the only time Google seems to be suitable for launching new products.

Even the Galaxy S22 has been reduced in use, and the Samsung Exynos 2200 processor has caused discussion

Even the Galaxy S22 has been reduced in use, and the Samsung Exynos 2200 processor has caused discussion
According to foreign media reports, South Korea’s Samsung released a new generation of flagship smartphones Galaxy S22 series in India today, confirming that the Indian market will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile processor, causing industry discussions. Since the Galaxy S22 series also uses the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile processor in the South Korean market, compared with the Galaxy S series mobile phones in South Korea and India, which use its own Exynos processor, Samsung has made many associations in the industry this time.

The new Galaxy S22 series flagship phones have Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 version and Samsung Exynos 2200 processor version. According to the foreign media “Android Authority”, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in South Korea, China, North America, Australia, India, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, and the Exynos 2200 in the European and UK markets. Exynos 2200 processor version of the Galaxy S22 series models sold in fewer regions than in the past. Market participants speculated that it may be because the Exynos 2200 production yield is too low and the performance is not as good as expected, but Samsung has not responded positively to the market news.

There is also news that Samsung’s mobile phone department does not want to use Samsung LSI’s Exynos processor. The reasons are not only poor performance and high power consumption, but also because there is only one customer of Samsung mobile phones, and overseas models all use Qualcomm, and the volume is not large enough. Caused Samsung to review LSI internally, hoping to stop developing Exynos processors.

South Korean media “Koreabizwire” reported that Samsung originally expected the Exynos 2200 mobile processor to be installed in half of the Galaxy S22 series of mobile phones, but the foundry department responsible for the production of Exynos 2200 had a low yield rate and insufficient production capacity, and failed to deliver on time, making Samsung mobile phones final. Most still choose Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Samsung Group also investigated the management of the foundry department, examining the overall competitiveness and low yield.

The Note series may disappear, but handwriting is still Samsung’s future

If nothing else, Samsung will still not release a new Galaxy Note series this year.

The Galaxy Note series was born in 2011. In the following ten years, the Note set the benchmark for business mobile phones and also experienced battery accidents. Finally, this series started the first series of large-screen mobile phones and stopped in the summer of 2020.

Samsung didn’t explain much, but comparing the S series with the Note series over the years, it is not difficult to find the reason: the Note series screen is close to the limit of one-handed holding, the S series with a stable growth screen comes later, and the folding screen Fold series He took over the important task of broadening the value of the palm, and the positioning of the Note was very embarrassing under the two breads.

Samsung needs to find a new definition or form for the former high-end series to continue its life, but what is the Note? After nearly two years of exploration, Samsung seems to have found the answer.

The ubiquitous “Note”
The earliest realization that the Note series might be insecure was after the release of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first model in the S series to support the S Pen. From the outside, the S Pen is far from the Note’s S Pen – not only is it larger, but also has a bloated phone case, but it also previews the possibility of combining the S series with the Note series.

Different from the Note, the S Pen of the S21 Ultra is not a random gift. Users need to purchase and store a mobile phone case for the pen to use it. The extra hardware cost to a certain extent discourages many users who do not need handwriting. Fortunately, the handwriting experience of the S21 Ultra is still similar to that of the Note series. The S Pen, which supports 4096-level pressure sensitivity, also brings a delicate and realistic writing experience on the S21 Ultra. The well-received functions of the Note series, such as suspension preview, have also been moved to the S21 Ultra.

The only regret is that the S Pen does not have a built-in power supply, and it cannot achieve the “wand control” of the Note through a Bluetooth connection.

In the second half of 2021, Galaxy Z Fold3, the new flagship of the folding screen Fold series, also announced that it supports S Pen. Users can finally write with a pen on this large screen with a 7.6-inch unfolded screen, giving full play to the value of the large folding screen, which is not small for Samsung. technological breakthrough. Unlike the Note and S series S Pen writing, the Fold3 uses a flexible screen to be folded, which is much softer and more fragile. The hard silicone tip of the S Pen can easily scratch the screen, and the writing pressure may also damage the inner screen.

In order to solve the problem, Samsung has worked hard on both “paper” and “pen”. The first is to add a layer of PET film to the screen to increase the durability of the screen by 80%; in order to locate the S Pen and adapt to the screen with folding needs, two cut digitizers are added under the Samsung screen to determine the position of the pen through electromagnetic resonance.

The S Pen designed for the Fold series is also different from other styluses. The tip is made of round rubber, and there is a spring at the end to allow the tip to stretch, reducing the pressure of the tip on the screen.

The latest Galaxy S22 Ultra, the S Pen is also a dazzling protagonist. In the past, Samsung used a clearer screen and a stronger lens to divide the “big cup” and “super cup” functions of the S series, and now the S Pen also joins the “super cup” luxury package.

Perhaps Samsung heard users’ voices about the built-in S Pen, or was dissatisfied with the bloated phone case. The S Pen was finally re-plugged into the S22 Ultra. If the name is hidden, the square S22 Ultra is just like Note models.

The S Pen of the S22 Ultra, like the Note 20 series, has a built-in battery and supports Bluetooth Low Energy, which means that the Note software experience is readily available in the S22 Ultra. And through AI learning to predict the user’s pen position, the S22 Ultra’s writing delay can be reduced from 9ms, which is almost insensitive, to 2.8ms, which is almost close to real pen and paper writing.

It can be said that although the Note series has been stopped, the S Pen has been released. The excellent writing experience is no longer a unique feature of the Note series, but has become the DNA of the Note. Samsung has refined it and injected it into other models to become one of Samsung’s high-end experiences.

S Pen for the big screen
Who wants a stylus (Stylus)? Pick it up when you use it, and find a place to put it when you don’t need it, and you’ll lose it if you’re not careful. Too much trouble. Nobody wants to use a stylus.

When Jobs released the original iPhone in 2007, he severely criticized the stylus and believed that the finger is the best “pen”. When controlling the phone, users should tap and slide directly with their fingers instead of using the help of plastic rods. . The popularity of the iPhone proved that Jobs was right. Apple redefined the human-computer interaction of mobile phones. The stylus that was popular in mobile phones suddenly became ugly and redundant until the Galaxy Note appeared in early 2011.

The Galaxy Note was probably one of the most deviant products of its time: it expanded to a 5.3-inch “giant screen” despite the one-handed comfort that was so important at the time, and added the most unpopular stylus. It was a gamble to challenge the authority, but the combined sales of the Note1 and Note2 over 38 million units proves that Samsung got it right.

Can the successful S Pen prove Jobs wrong?

Of course not, finger touch is still the main way people interact with mobile phones. The S Pen is not meant to replace finger taps on the screen to open apps or make calls, but as a selective and precise input to complement the large-screen experience. When the mobile phone has gradually become the most commonly used or even the only content consumption entrance for people from a communication and entertainment tool, it is a matter of course that the mobile phone screen grows up.

From this point of view, it is not so much that the Note pioneered the large-screen mobile phone, it is better to say that Samsung first stepped on the next trend of smart phones, and the S Pen, which was born for the large screen, has become Samsung’s best when creating an excellent large-screen experience. tools used. In terms of functions, the S Pen can be roughly divided into three periods.

Perfect writing
The S Pen was designed in cooperation with Japanese tablet manufacturer Wacom and uses Wacom’s EMR electromagnetic induction technology. This is different from the pressure recognition stylus in the past resistance screen era. The first-generation S Pen experience is not perfect. It only supports 256-level pressure sensing, and the sensitivity is not natural.

The enthusiastic response received by the first generation led Samsung Note2 to greatly improve the S Pen. The most obvious is that the pressure sensitivity has been increased to 1024 levels, allowing users to feel the mobile phone has a smooth writing experience for the first time.

Improve the function
As the most important accessory of Note phones, the S Pen should go beyond the “handwriting” attribute itself and bring more convenience to users. From the Note3 to Note8 period, the S Pen has undergone a transformation from a Pen to a Smart Pen. The button S Pen can complete functions such as application jumping, screenshots, graffiti, and smart picking. For example, when the Note5 takes out the S Pen, users can write notes immediately, and the speed is close to that of traditional pen and paper.

Beyond the “pen”
Starting from Note9, S Pen has built-in battery and supports low-power Bluetooth connection. In addition to being a note-taking tool, S Pen can also be used as a remote shutter controller when taking pictures, and a page-turning pen for explaining PPT.

Note10 adds accelerometers, gyroscopes and other components, and can turn pages, adjust the camera, etc. by turning and swiping the S Pen. The S Pen of the latest S22 Ultra has more improvements in the accuracy of handwriting conversion text, and supports handwriting input in a total of 88 languages, so that the S Pen is no longer just a pen, but an extension of creation.

Only by doing the best can you be the only one
For a long time, the Note series had few direct competitors in the smartphone market, for the simple reason that there was no second manufacturer that could offer an excellent stylus service in phones like Samsung. If you want to use your phone to annotate documents, sign, take notes or draw at will, the only option seems to be the Note series with S Pen.

Motorola will launch a mid-range moto g stylus with a stylus in 2020, but it has not done a good job of software matching. Some users complain that their hands must be completely suspended when writing, otherwise they will touch the screen by mistake, and the handwriting experience is quite different from the S Pen. gap.

However, providing the best mobile handwriting experience is not Samsung’s ultimate goal. From the just-concluded spring 2022 conference, Samsung’s ambitions are much bigger: Samsung wants to make the S Pen a bridge through the Samsung ecosystem. Starting with the Galaxy Tab S6, Samsung has introduced S Pen support in tablets to meet users’ recording and creative needs.

With the latest Galaxy Tab S8 series, the S Pen allows you to synchronize changes on your phone and tablet, and seamlessly switch from small screen to large screen through Samsung Notes. When drawing, the phone can also be used as a palette for the Tab S8, using an S Pen to pick colors across the screen to improve creative efficiency.

Although the ecological linkage between mobile phones and tablets is currently limited, Samsung’s ideal of realizing multi-screen linkage creation through the S Pen has begun to take shape. According to Samsung’s plan, Samsung notebooks will also introduce S Pen in the future, and perhaps in the near future, Samsung will also launch a Universal Control function similar to Apple’s ecology.

When the S Pen plays a greater role, it itself becomes an important part of Samsung’s ecological functions. At this time, the value of the stylus is no longer the pen itself, but the combination of software and hardware behind it, creating Samsung for users who focus on productivity and creativity. Defined Smart Experience.

OLED panel handset market penetration to slow in 2022 due to supply and price factors

According to a research report by Counterpoint Research, OLED panels will account for 42% of the global smartphone panel market in 2021, up 10 percentage points from 2020. OLED smartphone panel growth is expected to slow in 2022, with only a 2 percentage point increase in market share.

The report explains that the slowdown in OLED panel market growth is related to the lower average selling price of 5G smartphones. Due to supply shortages, prices of key components such as wafers are rising. The smartphone industry is facing lower prices but higher costs due to the slowdown in international economic growth and increased competition in the market, and the pressure of sluggish consumption.

Due to the above factors, manufacturers who urgently need to reduce production costs will maximize the competitiveness of panel prices. Tracking data shows that the share of OLED panels for 5G smartphones reached 80% in the fourth quarter of 2021, already down 2 percentage points from the same period in 2020.

The supply and price of OLED panels are also obstacles. OLED panels can directly replace cheap smartphone LCD panels, but the global supply of OLED panels is extremely limited, and investment is focused on high-end soft OLED panels instead of less profitable OLED panels, making the supply of OLED panels insufficient to fully replace LCD panel demand.

Soft OLED panels, the preferred choice for high-end smartphones, are now significantly lower in price than in 2020, and the adoption rate is on the rise.