I have all the PS5 you can’t buy! British scalper tycoon shows up

Many people jokingly call the process of buying a PS5 a “robot war”, because human hand speed can never beat a scalper’s robot. Players can only watch the high price, hesitating whether they should pay for it.

Sony’s crime is monstrous, and the people are complaining
Sony’s home game console PlayStation 5 (PS5), launched in 2020, is still out of stock, mainly due to the global chip shortage, which has prevented PS5 production from increasing. But the reason why everyone can’t buy PS5 is not only the chip, but also thanks to the notorious “scalpers”. The serious imbalance between supply and demand of PS5 makes scalpers who make money by resale of goods at high prices smell business opportunities.

Scavengers: No profit, no profit
A man sits in front of the pitted PS5 in an interview with the BBC.

The 24-year-old, named Jack Bayliss, previously worked in a bank and started a resale business six years ago. He initially bought Adidas Yeezy sneakers for £150 and sold them for up to £1,000.

A lucrative resale business made him decide to quit his bank job and start “Aftermarket Arbitrage” in 2020 – a company that teaches people how to be a scalper. By charging a monthly subscription fee of 30 pounds (about 1,120 Taiwan dollars), Belize’s scalper empire has made 456,000 pounds since its inception. In addition to PS game consoles and Xbox, the company’s main resale products currently include RTX graphics cards, brand-name sports shoes, etc.


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