47-year-old Lin Chiling’s secret to staying young and beautiful, don’t say you don’t want to know

As I get older, I don’t want to be called a yellow-faced woman. The necessary skin care is indispensable. The 47-year-old Lin Zhiling is not inferior to the young Huadan. She is tall and slender, her skin is fair and firm, and she can maintain it like this. Not only can it be achieved by skin care products, of course, the usual skin care tips are also indispensable. Come and learn about the “frozen age” tips!

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  1. Replenish water in time, and you must bring a thermos cup when you go out

Lin Chiling once said that in addition to basic moisturizing and hydrating work, women need to add more body water. She said that she must bring a thermos whenever she goes out, and she will make some health teas (such as rose tea, longan, red dates, and wolfberry tea). Moisturizing can promote blood circulation in the body, help the skin detoxify and discharge oil, and has a good effect on shaping and beauty.

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  1. Spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising

Lin Chiling said that once she felt that her skin was in a bad condition, she would choose to run and sweat to detoxify. After a period of persistence, she would find her complexion brightened and her skin more delicate and smooth, but when she was lazy, she would Choosing to do Lajin at home, regular stretching can also help the body to detoxify and beautify the skin. It can promote the speed of human metabolism, which is conducive to the discharge of toxins from the body. The color is more ruddy. In daily life, you will find that women who like Lajin, especially yoga, not only have a good figure, but also have smoother and more beautiful skin.

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  1. Love the bubble bath

For Lin Chi-ling, taking a bath is a necessary ritual every day. Lin Chi-ling feels that taking a bath in the morning is also very magical. It can not only help people get rid of sleepiness quickly, but also make people look rosy. The most important thing is that they are in a very good state all day long. Good; while taking a bath before going to bed, she will choose to add lavender or orange blossom essential oil according to the situation of the day, which can improve the quality of sleep and also effectively relieve the fatigue of the whole day. Sometimes she will add milk, and adding fresh milk to the bath can be effective. Help us repair damaged skin and make the skin smoother and more tender. All in all, taking a bath is very good for health and skin care.

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  1. Drink red wine every day before going to bed

Speaking of drinking red wine, Mr. He also relies on drinking red wine every day and maintaining a good attitude to stay so young. Drinking red wine can help improve sleep quality, nourish the skin, beautify the face, and the key is to improve a woman’s taste.

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