“Among Us” server temporarily shut down due to DDoS attack

The game “Among Us”, launched by developer Innersloth in 2018, was recently attacked by a hacker DDoS, causing the official to temporarily shut down the server, and it is still undergoing emergency repairs.

“Among Us” is an online multiplayer game that combines teamwork and wits. Inspired by the tabletop game “Hitman,” the player takes on the role of the crew of a spaceship and must find out the ghosts in the team during the mission. The inner ghost’s mission is to kill all the crew members without being identified, and after its launch, it became a global hit.

However, players have reported that they have been unable to play online since March 24, and gradually affected all game platform players on the shelves, including iOS, Android, Xbox, Steam, Windows, PlayStation, Epic Game and Nintendo Switch.

The official Twitter announced the news that the server was attacked by hacker DDoS yesterday local time, and said that it is rushing to repair, some servers have begun to return to normal, but so far it has not been completely resolved.

In line with the humorous style of the game itself, the official Twitter announcement is also humorous about the attack, “Our server was attacked lol”, “It’s really too much to go to work on Saturday, I should have gone to eat at this time. Delicious.” Players also responded in a lighthearted manner.

It is not clear why the hackers attacked “Among Us” on a large scale. After all, although this game is very popular, the number of players has decreased a lot in the past two years after reaching the peak of traffic in 2020, so the official follow-up is still to be done. Publish information about the attack.