31-year-old Kim HyunA shows off her back tattoo! Fair and delicate skin like a girl, two tattoos extend to the waist

Recently, well-known artist Kim HyunA shared a photo on her social platform. It was her taking a selfie of her bare back with her phone in the mirror. In the photo, Kim HyunA is topless, with three cute cherries on her smooth skin and two tattoos combined with letters and patterns, which are very attractive.

According to the photos shared by Kim HyunA, Hyunya was naked with her back to the mirror, and she saw two small tattoos on her smooth and fair skin. At the same time, her good figure is also shown, with a thin back and a slender waist, even if she is twisted and patted backwards, her waist has no fat and her muscles are very tight.

Just some time ago, Kim HyunA was proposed by her boyfriend Dawn, and she directly answered “Yes of course” on her social platform, showing that she was wearing a gemstone ring, with one hand covering her hand, which looked extremely intimate. It is reported that this Dawn personally participated in the design of the pair of rings, and the whole process took a month, using gems to symbolize Xuanya’s image in his heart.

In addition, Kim HyunA often gets smaller tattoos on her body, and each tattoo has a different meaning. For example, the tattoo “My mother is the heart that keeps me alive” on Hyun Ah’s left shoulder translates to the meaning of my mother being the heart that supports my life.

Kim HyunA also tattooed a small heart behind her right ear, which is very cute, not only in English, but also in ancient Hebrew on her right shoulder, which means faith and faith, and the Latin “tempus” means time. She also split a sentence very creatively, in her left elbow is I’m, right elbow is special, the whole sentence is “I’m special”.

Of course, in addition to her eye-catching tattoos, her figure has always been the focus of the public. It may be because of her long-term training in dance sports. Her muscles are tight, fleshy but not loose, and very healthy.

As an artist from a girl group, Kim HyunA is now 31 years old, but she is not old at all. She has eye-catching tattoos and a very bold style on her body, and a controversial relationship. Even though she has always been paid attention to, she is fearless and goes further and further on the road of her dream.