Do guys know what girls need most?

Love is the most unforgettable time in college, but we don’t understand love. There are not so many ifs in the world, sometimes what we lose in a moment is eternity. So, improve yourself and don’t leave any regrets for love.


  1. Clean. Hair, beard, clothes… etc., take care of them when you go out. No girl can stand a sloppy guy. Ugly can be saved, but laziness has no cure.
Emma Watson


  1. Be motivated. The most unbearable thing for a girl is not being motivated. Boys who have no desires and requirements for their own lives are not successful. No girl likes a guy who doesn’t want to be aggressive.
  2. Be considerate and attentive. Being considerate and attentive is the performance of keeping the other person in mind. Why do girls who are menstruating get angry easily, that’s because you don’t come to greet them when they need love the most, she doesn’t give you anything…
  3. Be patient. All girls will act coquettishly in front of the ones they like to prove that you care about her very much. If you walk away easily, then she naturally wants to complain to her best friend Lan Yan. It’s been a lot of pain with Lan Yan, and I’ll have nothing to do with you.

Get along

  1. A sense of security. The most important thing for girls is a sense of security. Suspiciousness means insecurity, over-reliance means seeking security, and acting like a spoiled child is proof of security. So, before you think a girl is making trouble without reason, ask yourself: Do you give her a sense of security?
  2. Presence. Let the girl know that she exists in your life. If you want her, tell her quickly and let her get in touch with your life more, otherwise how will she know that you care about her. How can she love you if she doesn’t even care about you?
  3. To accompany. Girls are the creatures most afraid of being alone. Often act collectively with girlfriends, often gossip, is to refuse loneliness. So remember a rule: don’t leave her alone, you won’t let her think wildly, and there will be no blue face.
  4. Don’t be perfunctory. If you are wrong, you must admit it, and if you are right, you must admit it. But why do you get a sentence after you admit it, “Do you think it’s okay to admit a mistake?” Because you are perfunctory. Don’t be in a hurry to deny me, ask yourself: Before admitting mistakes, do you know where the mistakes are, did you say how to correct them, did you say how you should be punished?
  5. Be proactive. Girls want boys to take the initiative. Cross the road and take her hand, don’t wait for others to come together, okay; if a girl doesn’t know where to eat, you can give some advice.
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  1. Little surprise. Everyone knows that life is more of a bland, but that’s not a reason to be without any surprises. A sudden flower, a little romance, will let the girl know that you have always put her in your heart.
  2. Be respected. If she gives you advice with good intentions, don’t give her “you don’t understand”; if a girl expresses objection, don’t force her to accompany you to do it; if she needs help, you can say busy, but when she says busy Please don’t say “Why don’t you come when someone invites us to dinner, how important are you, and they are not more busy than you?”

What is the main attraction between men and women, do you know?

From ancient times to the present, the opposite sex itself attracts each other, because what we know is the coordination of yin and yang of heaven and earth, and men and women are the same. Since the creation of human beings by Nuwa, the lover’s eyes show Xi Shi, this sentence is right, we need to know What’s more, the images of Snow White in the hearts of men and Prince Charming in women’s hearts can be said to be varied, so that people will not break out fierce battles between lovers. Because two people in love are very attractive, there is no doubt about this. We know that the charm of love lies in attracting and infecting each other, and only then will the spark of love come out.

Love — Robert J. Sternberg

In addition, we also know that there are many aspects of mutual attraction between men and women, what is love at first sight, what is special liking, there are many places of attraction, but the most important one is physical attraction, of course, this also depends on Concepts and beliefs and various characteristics of both parties, but upon investigation we were able to find that physical attraction was the most important factor.

Since ancient times, women have mainly attracted men by their looks and body! And what about men? In ancient times, talent and ability were the main attraction for women, but today, money and looks are the main attraction! I believe that many people will have a common point of view and a common understanding, because love and attraction are two different things. What we know is that radishes and vegetables each have their own love, and attraction is endless. Because we can attract each other, we can have better It should be understandable for those who want to pursue the future.

ATTRACTION (Prityazhenie) - The Art of VFX

In fact, there are many reasons for this, more of which are the same cognition, the same three views, and the other person has something worthy of their appreciation and admiration. The most important thing in getting to know each other is to be able to talk. It is only because of fate that we can be attractive, looks and talents are different in every aspect, but what we know is that only those who love each other can feel the real strong love and care for each other, because we know that The love is deep, is the feeling of each other’s heart.

Because the people who love each other and the people who see each other are very attractive together, because we know that the people who really love each other are congenial, can really come from the inner feelings, the kind of impulse that comes from the heart, the kind of Deep love, that intense feeling. When you truly understand what love is, when you understand what true love is, then it’s time for the fruits of love to bear fruit, what do you think?

Hindustan Times: Men who live alone and have multiple breakups have higher risk of inflammation

[Hindustan Times article, January 2022] Title: Men who live alone and have multiple breakups have a higher risk of developing inflammation, study shows.

Hindustan Times is winning big in Mumbai | Mumbai news - Hindustan Times

A recent study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found that living alone for several years and multiple breakups were strongly associated with elevated blood levels of inflammatory markers, but only in men.

The researchers suggest that although inflammation is classified as low-grade, it persists and is likely to indicate an increased risk of age-related health and death. Divorce and committed relationship breakdown, which can often accompany prolonged solitary living, are associated with poor physical and mental health, weakened immunity and an increased risk of death.

The researchers wanted to understand the effect that cumulative partnership breakdown or years living alone might have had on immune system responses in midlife, and whether gender and educational attainment might have an effect.

About half of the 4,835 participants experienced a relationship breakup, with 54% of women and 49% of men living alone for more than a year. About 1 in 5 people have 10 years of education or less, and about 6 in 10 have one or more long-term medical conditions. About 50 percent experienced an early major life event, and 50 percent of women and nearly two-thirds of men were overweight or obese.

In the study, the researchers measured the inflammatory markers interleukin-6 (IL-6) and C-reactive protein (CRP) in blood samples. Among men, those with the highest levels of inflammatory markers were those with the most breakups, with inflammatory marker levels 17 percent higher than in the reference group. Levels of inflammatory markers were as high as 12 percent in those who lived alone the longest (7+ years).

High sensitivity C-reactive protein to prealbumin ratio measurement as a  marker of the prognosis in acute coronary syndrome | Scientific Reports

C-reactive protein levels were highest in men with high education who had lived alone for 2 to 6 years, and interleukin-6 levels were highest in men who had lived alone for more than 7 years, but this association was not found in women.

The researchers noted that after a relationship breakdown, men tend to externalize their behaviors, such as drinking alcohol, while women tend to internalize, exhibiting depressive symptoms, which may affect inflammation levels in different ways.

This is an observational study, so no cause can be established. Because the average age of the participants was 54, the full consequences of exposure to inflammatory chemicals may not have peaked at that time, and men also had a stronger inflammatory response than women of the same age.

The immune system tends to weaken with age, often resulting in low-grade inflammation throughout the body, which is thought to play a key role in several age-related diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

The combination of living alone for many years and breaking up multiple times significantly affected C-reactive protein and interleukin-6 levels in the study. Inflammation levels in the study were low but clinically relevant and likely a risk factor for increased mortality, and many people had low levels of inflammation. The number of single-person households has been increasing in most high-income countries over the past 50-60 years, so this group of people who are experiencing relationship breakdown, or living alone for different reasons, are part of the high-risk group.

China and Iran launch 25-year comprehensive cooperation agreement | Iranian media says U.S. hegemony is over

On January 15, the website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian in Wuxi, Jiangsu on the 14th. The two sides announced the launch of the implementation of the comprehensive cooperation plan between the two countries. .

Comprehensive media reported on January 16 that as soon as the above news came out, it quickly attracted the attention of the international media.

Among them, the Iranian side showed a welcoming attitude. Abdullahyan, who attended the meeting, said talks between China and Iran on expanding bilateral ties had made “very good progress”. Iran’s ambassador to China, Keshavarzzadeh, said on social media that the launch of the implementation of the comprehensive cooperation plan between the two countries is one of the “important outcomes” of the trip.

Press TV, the English-language media responsible for Iran’s external publicity, even wrote this title: China-Iran Agreement, the end of Washington’s hegemony?

The “Wall Street Journal” published a long article interpreting the talks between China and Iran, saying that Iran is currently trying to strengthen relations with China, Russia and other countries to help it “bypass” US sanctions and restore its own economy. In 2018, after the Trump administration of the United States unilaterally announced its withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and re-sanctioned Iran, China has become an important economic line for Iran. The 25-year comprehensive cooperation agreement signed by the two parties in March 2021 is an important symbol.

According to previous reports by foreign media such as The New York Times and Bloomberg, although the specific content of the agreement has not been announced, a person familiar with the agreement said that the details of the agreement are basically similar to the content of the documents disclosed the previous year: China will invest in Iran in the next 25 years. Dozens of sectors such as telecommunications, infrastructure, worth as much as $400 billion, and will receive regular oil supplies from Iran.

China will import at least 590,000 barrels of oil per day from Iran on average in 2021, the highest level since sanctions were reinstated, data from commodities data provider Kpler showed.

Meanwhile, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi will also visit Russia in the near future.

Iran’s foreign ministry said it expected to sign a 20-year cooperation agreement during the visit to boost trade and military ties.

The Wall Street Journal, however, exaggerated the power of U.S. sanctions. It is unclear how much risk China and Russia will “take” for Iran as the U.S. continues to impose sanctions, the report said.

The article is concerned that Iran is making deals with several other countries in Asia to exchange oil and gas for the products it needs. Iran signed an agreement with Sri Lanka to trade oil for tea and other items from Sri Lanka. In November 2021, Iran signed a similar deal with Pakistan to trade natural gas for rice. Iranian officials say they are also negotiating domestic housing infrastructure with Turkish companies on the condition of oil and gas.

Reuters also reported that China and Iran signed a 25-year cooperation agreement to include Iran in China’s “One Belt, One Road” plan. The plan, which aims to “significantly expand” China’s economic and political influence, has drawn “extensive attention” in the United States and other countries.

On the other hand, China’s statement criticizing the U.S. unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA has also attracted the attention of Western media. “With signing of cooperation agreement, China slams U.S. sanctions on Iran,” Reuters wrote in a headline.

The article mentioned that the United States took the lead in withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018 and reimposed sanctions that severely damaged Iran’s economy, claiming that these provisions were insufficient to curb Iran’s nuclear activities, ballistic missile programs and regional influence. A year later, Iran began to gradually violate the agreement, rebuilding its stockpile of enriched uranium and installing advanced centrifuges to speed up output.

The Wall Street Journal did not mention that the United States was the first to withdraw from the nuclear deal, instead accusing Iran of “probably developing the technology to make nuclear weapons.”

Men and women are together and have not shared these things, which means it is not true love

Some people say that good relationships make us all better ourselves.

If in a relationship, you feel wronged and become less and less like yourself, it only means that you have not met the right person.

What is true love? Some people thought it was the heartbeat of the lightning flash, but some people felt that they could support each other in the long river of time and finish this dull and long life.

If you pursue romantic love and the promise of a mountain alliance, then all men and women who can attract each other in the world can be called love. But in fact, no one can be so free and easy, and most people want a result.

What kind of love is called true love? As far as our ordinary life is concerned, when men and women are together, they have shared these things, and most of them are true love. If not, you must know how to stop losses in time.

01 money

Money is often the best litmus test for people’s hearts.

It’s just that too many men and women are ashamed to talk about money when they are in love, thinking that this will tarnish their feelings.

But in fact, without the support of money, love is difficult to go on. After all, it is impossible to press the road and drink the northwest wind every time on a date. There are always behaviors such as watching movies, eating or visiting amusement parks.

Sanmao said that the matter of love will not last long if it is not implemented in such trivial matters as getting dressed, eating, and getting sick.

Take it for granted. No matter how beautiful love is, in the end, it still has to face real life, food, clothing, housing, transportation, food, drink, and Lhasa, all of which are inseparable from money.

Those couples who think that they are otherworldly and always refuse to face money, can’t go longer and farther.

Some people say that in a relationship, a man who is willing to spend money for a woman is true love.

But that’s not necessarily the case. For some men who spend money on women, perhaps for ulterior motives, money is just bait.

For people who are truly in love, they will not shy away from talking about money. Men are willing to give money to women for safekeeping, and women will never waste money with men.

They understand that the future life depends on the two people working together to create, the two people twist into a force, and when they talk about money, they are candid and never concealed.

Because you can talk about the feelings of money, it will make people feel safe. And a person who cares about money, then his feelings for you are also measured inch by inch.

02 Friends

It is said that when a person has love, he can’t wait to let the whole world know his happiness.

Both men and women can’t help but share their joy with those closest to them, and they will also bring their loved ones into their circles and introduce their friends to him.

If you have been in love with a person for a long time, but you have never seen any of his relatives and friends, and no one knows your existence, even if you meet his acquaintances, he will cover up his relationship with you.

At this time you have to be careful, maybe he is not ready, but it may also be because he has not determined his relationship with you in his heart.

Although you are boyfriend and girlfriend on the surface, but in his heart, you are just the right person for him at the moment. Once he meets someone more suitable than you, he may get away at any time.

Because he never made your presence public, he was well prepared to evacuate at any time.

In such a situation, you should think carefully about this relationship. Is it to be confused as the “invisible man” in his life, or to leave as soon as possible and stop the loss in time.

You must know that the person who loves you deeply will not put you in a dark place or put you in an embarrassing role. He will openly announce his relationship with you.

He really loves you and may not take you to see your parents right away, but he will never shy away from talking about you in front of his friends.

It’s not that difficult to know how the other person really feels about you. He never shares his circle of friends with you, which shows the truth of everything.

03 Dilemma

It is impossible for a person to be smooth sailing at all times in his life, and he may always encounter difficulties of one kind or another.

When you are in trouble, those who can stay by your side and never give up will truly love you, don’t doubt.

Many people are used to talking about love, but how much is actually used for action?

A person who truly loves you will not retreat when difficulties come, but will stand firmly with you, give you support and encouragement, and face the storm with you.

Such people are worth cherishing for your whole life.

If a person only surrounds you when you are beautiful, covets your money, is obsessed with your appearance, but mocks you in every possible way when you encounter setbacks, and waits for an opportunity to find an excuse to leave you, he does not really love you.

Writer Lian Yue said that both love and marriage are unpredictable, but there is a basic principle – mutual achievement is the best addition to love.

This life, not the people you meet, must be worth your heart and soul.

When young, who hasn’t seen the wrong time? You must know that some scenery on the road of life can only be liked, but not collected; some people are only suitable for meeting, but not suitable for long-term companionship.

No amount of “I love you” a person can say can equal the few things he shared with you when he was with you.

True love is not only expressed in words, but in real feelings.

When you meet the person who gives you true love, you must hold his hand tightly and run towards the road of happiness together.