Morning run on an empty stomach, how will the body change after perseverance? Exercise need to pay attention to 2 points

The key is to be able to stick to morning running in the cold winter, which can be said to be courageous and enduring. There are various opinions about morning running, some people say that insisting on morning running can bring many benefits to the body, while others say that morning running will bring some adverse effects to the body, under the two opinions, it is inevitable that people have some doubts.

There are also some people have a doubt, is the morning run, in the end should be fasting morning run or after eating morning run, most people will feel that fasting morning run is not healthy, think that after eating morning run, will be better, is it really so?

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Then, is it good to run in the morning on an empty stomach?

Some people are used to running in the morning on an empty stomach, thinking that it is easier to run, and after running, there is nothing unusual about the body, for this kind of people, can run on an empty stomach, there is no effect on the body. But for some people, it is really not suitable to run on an empty stomach, such as gastrointestinal diseases, and malnutrition, as well as people suffering from hypoglycemia, anemia, low blood pressure, are not suitable for morning running on an empty stomach, these people do not eat anything, go for morning running, it is easy to have an uncomfortable reaction, or an accident.

To conclude, there is no good or bad morning running on an empty stomach, as long as it is done in a reasonable and appropriate manner and does not cause damage to the body, it is good, no need to be overly entangled.

People who insist on running in the morning on an empty stomach, what changes in the body?

Helps to lose weight

People who insist on running in the morning, if you can reach 80 minutes of exercise, on the consumption of body fat, or very beneficial, after a period of effort, the body fat will be reduced a lot, you can also find weight loss. Of course, for people who have just started to run in the morning, it is not recommended to reach 80 minutes of exercise, you can gradually increase, so as not to easily bring damage to the body. Remind people who need to lose weight, can not be too hasty, must be their own situation, to develop a long-term morning running plan, in order to be more conducive to weight loss.

Improve the mood, more full of spirit

In the process of morning running, in fact, is also to give the body a pine, and can be in the scenery along the way, improve their mood. Most of the morning is relatively quiet, more able to listen to the sounds of nature, during which the mood can be calmed down. With a good mood, the spirit will naturally be more full, plus running exercise, the body’s blood circulation and metabolism are mobilized, it will make people more energetic, spirit.

Drinking a glass of water before running is good for bowel movement

In the morning before running, you can remember to drink a cup of warm water, can help moisten the intestines, so that the intestines become smooth, whether you are eating after the morning run, or fasting morning run, drink a cup of warm water after the morning run, will promote gastrointestinal motility, so that the body faster absorption and digestion of food. Just remember, it is not recommended to drink water and immediately go running, you should rest for about half an hour, and after the morning run, it is best to drink a glass of water, it will be beneficial to bowel movement and blood circulation, not easy to cause problems.

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People who still insist on exercising need to pay attention to two points.

1, before running to warm up

No matter what sports you do, you have to do warm-up actions before exercise. During the spring, it is the Winter Olympics, when watching the Winter Olympics, you can also observe more athletes’ sports skills, as well as the preparation before exercise, which can reduce the occurrence of injuries. It is recommended that before exercise, you can do stretching movements, or simple walking warm-up, it is best to control the warm-up activities within 5 minutes, not too perfunctory, after all, related to their personal safety.

2, sleep to ensure adequate

Want to exercise to achieve good results, sleep to ensure good, with sufficient sleep, only to have the energy and energy to exercise, if the lack of sleep, the body is not in good shape, it is easy to have physical injury, but also not conducive to blood circulation, metabolism is also relatively poor, such a state to exercise, it is better not to exercise, exercise is for health care, do not because of some wrong behavior, so that the exercise becomes an injury to the body.

In particular, people who are used to running in the morning, more to ensure adequate sleep, because most of the morning run is carried out at 6-7 o’clock, this time period for the morning run will be more conducive to health, the Yang Qi will be beneficial, want to get up early morning run, we must develop the habit of going to bed early, do not stay up late because of other things.

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The morning run, there are its good, naturally there are some disadvantages, but as long as the correct to carry out, most of the benefits are greater than the disadvantages, and in the perimenopause, moderate exercise, for health is a lot of benefits, normal in the spring among the eat very well, some people can not control mouth, it is easy to become fat, but if you can adhere to moderate exercise, the results may become different.