Warriors Curry injured, tentatively scheduled to return in mid-April

The Warriors’ main player left the field with a crushed left ankle after 14 minutes of losing to the Celtics. After inspection, it was found that the problem was a sprained ligament. It is estimated that he will be able to return to the team in mid-April, hoping to catch up with the season. playoffs.

Curry’s injury made the Warriors worried. After inspection, it was found to be a sprained ligament, no fractures or other major injuries, and no reimbursement for the entire season. “ESPN” reporter Henarowski reported that Curry is expected to return to the team in mid-April, in time for the start of the playoffs. However, the progress of the injury still needs further evaluation.

Curry has played 64 games so far this season, which is the third-highest number of appearances in the team. He has played 2,211 minutes and is the team’s champion, with an average of 25.5 points per game. , 6.3 assists and 5.2 rebounds.


Trade again! The basketball Lakers 2 for 1 trade exposure, Howard joined to help the basketball team to the championship

The NBA regular season is in full swing, and news of trades are pouring in. With the trade deadline less than a month away, all teams are actively looking for trades to strengthen their rosters, and the Nets, the favorite to win the title this season, are no exception. After today’s defeat to the Warriors, the Nets have suffered four straight losses and have fallen to sixth in the Eastern Conference, a very serious situation. In such a situation, the Nets management wants to seek a trade to strengthen the team’s roster.

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The Lakers are contacting several teams to explore trades for Howard, Jordan and Bazemore, who will be useless this season as the Lakers are playing a small lineup. It is also possible to get some chips to facilitate the subsequent trade.

The Lakers are discussing a trade with Howard, hoping to get the championship center to strengthen the team’s interior strength. The deal involves the Nets sending Griffin + second-round pick for Howard.

For the Nets, this is obviously a very good deal. Although Griffin has had a decent season, he’s not tall enough to help the Nets inside, and he’s in serious decline, so he’s not much help to the Nets inside.

The same can’t be said for Howard, who is a very good player. This season, Howard is averaging 5.1 points and 5.5 rebounds per game, shooting 61.4% from the field. Even though Howard’s numbers may not look impressive, he is a huge help to the team’s interior.

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On the defensive side, Howard is tall enough and has excellent capturing ability, he can protect the basketball net well and improve the basketball net’s inside protection. He and Harden’s inside-out game is a great tool for the Bucks on the offensive end.

For the Lakers, this season, they due to the injury of the thick eyebrows, coupled with Willow’s shooting problems, so they abandoned Howard, a big center, let James as the five, and stashed Howard, using him for Griffin and a second-round pick is obviously a good choice.

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For the Lakers, they don’t need Howard much since the team already has a great inside player in the Brow, and Griffin is a good option.

Griffin averaged 6.1 points and 4.4 rebounds per game this season, which is still a very good strength. He joined to reduce the pressure of James and Browns, improve the depth of the Lakers front line, Griffin can be a good replacement for Browns, to provide the Lakers with some help.

The Lakers also got a second-round pick, which gives the Lakers more trading chips and is expected to continue to improve the team’s strength through trades at a later time.

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There is no doubt that this deal is a win-win for both sides. The Lakers get Griffin to improve the team’s strength, and the Nets get Howard, a great championship center, to improve the interior problems, and have more hope to win the championship.

So will this deal work out? Let’s wait and see!

Beckham was bombed and often did not see the wallet | O’Neal once offered a “ransom” | Victoria’s offer was still in vain

O’Neill and Beckham’s wife Victoria recently appeared on a talk show in the United States. O’Neill broke the news under the host’s interview that he had received a wallet in Beverly Hills in the United States many years ago.

Victoria Beckham and Shaq Host a Dinner for the Victoria Beckham x Reebok  Collection | Vogue

He jokingly pointed out that if he usually holds a wallet, he will definitely take the money and throw it away, but this time was different, “I felt that the wallet was different, and when I opened it, it was my identity. The certificate is written in Beckham.”

The former NBA star, who retired in 2011, didn’t hand the wallet back lightly, and he decided to joke about it. O’Neal replayed what happened — calling Beckham in a voice, “David, you have my wallet in my hand, if you want to redeem it, give me $1 million.”

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Unexpectedly, the ending was reversed. Beckham quickly recognized that it was O’Neal on the other end of the phone. In fact, maybe he himself had O’Neal’s phone number. It was very addicting to O’Neal. “He said, Shaq, stop playing. All I can say is, okay, I got your wallet, and he came to me to get it back.”

Victoria, who was sitting next to her, also spoke up, admitting that her husband was very “big head shrimp” and losing her wallet was already a “daily operation”. She even bought a wallet with a chain clasp for Beckham, but it was lost.

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G League Greatest Player Ingram insists on chasing dreams

At the end of last season, the Lakers had two Ingrams, one was Brandon Ingram. The other is Ingram, a veteran who has worked hard for 10 years to create the D-League and finally completed his dream of being on the NBA stage at the age of 32.

But after saying goodbye to the brief whirlwind at the end of last year’s season, I still have to face the real life. Once again he’s back in the G League, but as he shatters the all-time G League record for games played, his inspiring history of basketball struggles is once again a topic of conversation.

There should be some fans still fresh in the memory, more or less with an encouraging factor. At the last moment of the last season when it was determined to miss the playoffs, the Lakers promoted this senior D-League veteran from their own G-League team, the South Bay Lakers, to the NBA to complete his dream and achieved a story.

Ingram entered the draft as early as 2007 but was undrafted, starting his long G League career in November of that year. From the Utah Chargers under the Jazz, to the Los Angeles Guardians under the Lakers, and then renamed the South Bay Lakers, they also continued to stay in the team. Sadly, 10 years have passed so quickly, and he is still out of the NBA.

In the face of such a situation, the average player should either give up the NBA early to seek other life, or go overseas to seek gold, but Ingram has always been the same. Even if he went to Australia to play football to make money at one time, on the one hand, he was caring, and on the other hand, he judged that staying in the United States was likely to be “seen” by the NBA. In the struggle between money and dreams, I quickly chose the latter.

But the reality is cruel. Even though he has long been a legendary shooter who broke the three-point record in the G League, and even because of his inspirational story of chasing his dreams, he has cultivated a group of loyal fans, and his mediocre stature and the disadvantage of being high in age have kept him out of favor for a long time. When other players changed their runways or developed abroad due to economic considerations, Ingram did not change their ambitions, preferring to rely on part-time math tutors to supplement their family (many people think this is actually his full-time job, because he may earn more than the G-League). more), and, like modern Don Quixote, continue to play in the G League with a foolish zeal. The NBA dream never gives up. Finally, this time God opened a window for him!

In the last few days of the 2017-18 regular season, the Lakers helped him realize his dream with a short contract. Ingram, who has been honing his sword for ten years, finally made it to the NBA. But he also repaid the team with excellent performance. Even if he is an older NBA rookie, he is still a 10-year professional player with some gray hair.

The maiden game debuted at the end of the first quarter. Ingram scored 19 points, 3 rebounds and 3 hot pots in 29 minutes of playing. He made 4 of 5 three-pointers, and the team scored the second highest score in 1993. Exel), the highest score in the Lakers’ career opening game, and its moving performance. Not only was he praised by coach Luke Walton, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant and many other stars after the game, but he even won the MVP call from the fans on the sidelines during the game. As far as the newcomer is concerned, it may be difficult to be surpassed.

In the second game, the last game of the season, although the shooting percentage was not good, he could still help the team in other ways. Ingram sent 6 assists, 3 rebounds and 2 interceptions, and still won praise, so cheering In the sound, he ended his short NBA first season tour.

Inspirational and real, Ingram was still under the halo after the season, was invited to kick off for the Dodgers, was interviewed on well-known magazines and TV shows, and even many Hollywood studios negotiated to start a biopic, which was not good for a while.

But as the pop art master Andy Warhol once said, “In the future, everyone can be famous for 15 minutes”, which can be said to be a warm and cold portrayal of Ingram after last summer. Other Internet celebrity-like portrayals of the era, when the topic of Ingram cooled, after the 15 minutes passed, he still had to face the next life, his basketball life.

A glimpse of performance at the end of the season, although as he himself said, he has heard that some teams are interested in him. But in addition to the Lakers making him a free agent, he has not received invitations from the other 29 teams in the end. After thinking about it, Ingram still wants to return to the Lakers as the direction of his efforts. In addition, he has played for him for many years, and he returned to his old club, the South Bay Lakers, to continue his 7th year here and continue to pursue his dream of entering the NBA again.

What is slightly different this time is that after he has been in the NBA, he returns to the G League, and his salary can benefit from an increase in major league qualifications. Even so, it’s still a drop in the bucket!

One point that was hotly debated earlier was that Ingram earned $13,824 in just 2 games for the Lakers. And this is already about half a year’s salary for such a senior G League player (the G League’s annual salary is estimated to be only $26,000, which is also related to only playing for half a year), even if it increases due to playing in the NBA, especially in California, the average per capita is about $70,000. It makes people wonder how strong will he is and how supportive his family is, so that he can continue to pursue his dreams after ten years.

Many media even compared his story to the well-known sports inspirational movie “Million Dollar Arms” in film history. The movie depicts the struggle of a veteran minor league player, and it is a complete copy of Ingram.

Time never waits, and soon this year’s NBA season is halfway through. Not only is Ingram not waiting for a second spring, but his performance in the G League has also declined significantly this season (7.7 points, 0.9 assists and 0.4 steals per game. 35.3% three-point shooting. All career lows except points (second lowest). Unless To reproduce the miracle, his dream of returning to the NBA, the door is likely to have really closed.

But so what? In the G League, he has already written history. Not only did he just break the record for the number of games played (NO.1 in the history of 403 games), he also played No.3 in playing time, No.5 in scoring, No.7 in shots, and No.5 in interceptions. Two-time G League three-point shot champion, No.1 in three-point attempts and three-point shooting (1633 and 743 are far ahead of NO.2, and still maintains a career-high 45.5% of the NO.20 three-pointers in history) The hit rate, breaking 40% in 10 of the 11 seasons, is definitely the strongest three-point shooter in the history of the G League).

In an interview before the NBA last year, he also said this: “I didn’t set the ending, I just wanted to keep running until I was powerless. It’s really hard not to think about the final result, but I try not to think about it, think about it. The next game, the next game, day after day, as long as I have the strength, I can do it.”

Even though his NBA dream has been fulfilled, Ingram, who is now looking forward to another chance, said, “As long as I can play, then my wife says no problem, we will all be fine.”

With such lofty professional ethics and passion for the game, it’s no wonder that even this year has slipped. There are still some Lakers reporters and fans who suggest that Ingram, who is one year older, return to the Lakers again, believing that he can be a role model for the young players, and can also help the Lakers’ poor and weak three-point perimeter (No.28 in the league this season). ).

And no matter how slim the chances are, as long as Ingram doesn’t give up, there is still hope for everything. This will also be his story, the greatest inspiration to the world!

Not just a role player | Desmond Bane’s All-Around Breakthrough

2022 will be a pivotal year for the Memphis Grizzlies. Since the rebuilding of the 2019-2020 season, there has been no end to the discussion of Twitter trading star players like Bradley Beal or Zach LaVine to Beale Street, the home of the Blues.

In fact, the Grizzlies do have enough potential players as a trade package. Over the next two offseasons, they will see the contracts of Kyle Anderson, Tyus Jones, Dillon Brooks, Steven Adams and Brandon Clarke expire. They also have three first-round picks in 2022. All three first-round rights may still be included in the deal package if desired. However, due to the Warriors’ excellent record, the Warriors’ 2022 first-round pick has lost some value.

However, Zach Kleiman and the Grizzlies’ front office still use their talent, draft capital and salary flexibility to make the All-Star trade to Memphis an infinite possibility.

Although the Grizzlies may make roster changes in 2022, the recent performance of the team has caused some changes in the discussion of the trade.

And a big reason for this comes from the rise of Desmond Bane.

Desmond Bane and Ja Morant’s progress this season is definitely the biggest surprise yet for the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies considered Desmond Bane’s player development, traded out the original starter Grayson Allen, and gave Bane the ball to play in summer league.

Desmond Bane’s progress this season has brought him more attention, and he has joined the discussion of the Most Improved Player award (MIP). And now it has become one of the common topics in major Internet broadcasts. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst hinted on the webcast that the Ja Morant and Desmond Bane duo are the current top-five backcourt duo in the NBA.

Analysts are comparing Desmond Bane to second-year Klay Thompson, and a stunning Dec. 27 post proves how good Desmond Bane is this season:

Desmond Bane’s performance this season:

— Total points better than Tyler Herro

— Outperforms Seth Curry in points per game

— More 3-pointers than Damian Lillard

— More 3-pointers per game than Trae Young

— Shooting better than Jaylen Brown

— Outperforms Devin Booker in 3-point shooting

— Free throw percentage better than Steph Curry

Looking at some of these stats, it’s clear that his importance to the Grizzlies has grown. He might have been in the same group as Dillon Brooks, De’Anthony Melton and Brandon Clarke before this season. Now, he seems to be closer to Jaren Jackson Jr. than those guys, and Bane’s performance is bound to affect the Grizzlies’ future team planning.

Bane, who only focused on 3-point shooting last season, has increased his offense this season. This year he became a more menacing 3-point shooter. Becoming more proficient off the ball and becoming a second playmaker next to Ja Morant.

By increasing Bane’s ball-handling ratio, his pull-up jumper also has a “quality and quantity” improvement.

According to Cleaning the Glass, his assists have dropped to 72 percent this season from 81 percent last season, and he has also increased his mid-range shooting percentage this season from 26 percent in his rookie season to 32 percent.

Devin Booker, Chris Paul, Bradley Beal or Khris Middleton are all specialists in the mid-range, and Bane is going for those guys.