This fall, there are many new products to explode! Bloomberg: Apple will push 14 new products

Although this year’s spring launch has not yet begun, the market is already predicting what new products Apple will launch in the fall. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple product tipster, reported that Apple will launch 14 new products this fall.

Mark Gurman said that this fall Apple will launch four new iPhones (iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max), an updated lower-end MacBook Pro, a larger-screen iMac, a new Mac Pro, a redesigned MacBook Air, AirPods Pro 2, three Apple Watches (Apple Watch Series 8, the second-generation Apple Watch SE, and a sports version with an emphasis on greater durability), the lower-end iPad, and the new iPad Pro.

Mark Gurman said most of the new products are expected to launch in the fall, but the iMac is likely to debut earlier.

Mark Gurman also mentioned Apple’s spring launch event in March or April, which will feature a 5G iPhone SE and an updated iPad Air with the A15 bionic chip, but may also feature a separate Mac product. The next iPad Pro update will likely focus on the M2 chip and wireless charging.

Apple New Year’s update: Wearing a mask can finally unlock the iPhone

Apple has prepared a big gift for us: iOS 15.4 Beta with a capacity of 5.4G.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what has been upgraded.

Wearing a mask can also be face unlocked
After fooling the fans for years, the legendary “unlock with mask” is finally here!

You can open it by going to Settings → Face ID and Password → Face ID with mask on.

Apple will improve Face ID with iOS 15.4 update, here's what to expect -  America News

It is worth mentioning that to open this function, you need to scan the face of the mask, if you do not wear a mask, it is impossible to record.

As long as the face of the mask is recorded, the unlocking efficiency is as fast as the full face.

If we wear an ordinary blue mask recorded, changing the appearance of a different KN95 mask can still be unlocked.

A wave of new Emoji is coming!
This time iOS 15.4 brings a wave of new Emoji (emoji).

The most interesting ones are “pregnant man” and “breastfeeding man”.

Frankly speaking, it is normal for men to breastfeed, but this pregnancy is more or less outrageous ……

We also do not know, we also dare not ask

New high brush support for third party applications
The biggest upgrade for Apple this year, apart from A15, is naturally the ProMotion which supports 10Hz to 120Hz adaptive high speed brushing.

Here's what's new in iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4 - 9to5Mac

Of course, the light hardware support can not be used, we also have to software adaptation.

This, iOS 15.4 for developers to add the ability to call the high brush.

In this way, Apple developers will be able to use the high brush to adapt their own APP.

In addition, this time iOS 15.4 also adds.

PS joystick vibrator function Adaptive vibration for Sony GamePad
Password sharing. Common passwords on iPhone can be used on iPad/Mac.
More APPs can share the same broadcast
Wallet widget
Press SOS 5 times to turn it off by default, Apple thinks it will cause mis-touch, but it is still on by default in India
Fix the password sound adjustment Now the sound is better when changing the password
Shortcut command icons changed
It is worth mentioning that Apple’s financial report was also released at the time of iOS 15.4 Beta release.

For the fourth quarter ended December 25 last year, Apple’s revenue and net profit were both higher than market expectations, with revenue for the quarter.

First iOS 15.4 public beta now available, here's how to update - 9to5Mac

Revenue increased 11% year-over-year to $123.9 billion
Net income increased 25% to $34.6 billion
Notably, iPhone revenue grew 9% year-over-year to $71.63 billion in the quarter, accounting for 58% of revenue.

In particular, Cook emphasized that this sales growth was achieved in the face of supply chain shortages. To put it bluntly, the iPhone could have sold better if not for the supply chain problem.

iOS 15.3 urgent push to fix a security vulnerability, is it worth updating?

Every iOS update is a tangled thing, if it is a beta version is fine, the average user can simply ignore. But the official version, many people are willing to upgrade. But now there is a problem, every time a new version of iOS after the upgrade, will be accompanied by some new problems. It is difficult for some old users to decide for a while.

Apple releases iOS 15.3 with a slew of bug fixes and security updates |  Macworld

Recently iOS 15.3 was officially pushed out, if you are still struggling to upgrade, maybe you will have an answer after looking at the feedback from the first users.

Before this version, the iPhone 13 series encountered a screen problem, that is, users feed back the situation of the pink screen. The response from Apple customer service was to upgrade the system to the latest version. After the pink screen issue appeared, Apple quickly launched iOS 15.3, which seems to be a major factor to fix the bugs.

After upgrading iOS 15.3, many users said the pink screen disappeared, while some users replaced the non-original screen, there is no longer prompted by non-original verification. It seems that the pink screen is really a software problem.

Apple has released iOS 15.3, here's what's new

In addition to fixing the pink screen problem, the other is to fix some messy vulnerabilities and bugs. the big aspects include updated child protection features, legacy contact description updates, and fixing a major vulnerability in Safari 15. One of the vulnerabilities in Safari could cause malicious websites to directly read users’ IndexedDB database and obtain their web browsing information, resulting in theft of personal information and web browsing history.

Overall, the perception of the experience is not very strong, it’s still the same smooth iOS 15, but this update fixes a lot of minor issues and makes the experience better.

Apple iOS 15.3 Release: Should You Upgrade?

So is iOS 15.3 worth upgrading? My personal recommendation is to upgrade. The main reason is that this version involves some security vulnerabilities, so security is not a trivial matter. If it is the last few years of the model or silently upgrade it.

Apple’s 27-inch iMac with nano-textured display will be out of stock until late March

The 27-inch iMac with nanopatterned displays was not available from Apple until late March in the U.S., U.K., Canada and several other major markets, likely due to the more advanced manufacturing processes required to achieve the glass coating. This helps reduce reflectivity by etching the display at the molecular level.

Hands-on: 2020 iMac nano-texture glass display or glossy display? Which  should you buy? [Video] - 9to5Mac

Apple says this coating delivers “beautiful image quality, scattering light while maintaining contrast and minimizing glare.”

A check of Apple’s online stores in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and elsewhere shows an estimated delivery date of seven to eight weeks for the 27-inch iMac with a nanotextured display, or in other words, near the end of March. Standard displays with certain storage and memory options are estimated to ship in two to three weeks.

Given the apparent anomaly of only nano-textured display options lagging, it is speculated that Apple and its suppliers are experiencing production problems with more advanced display coatings. Apple is struggling to keep up with demand for the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBookPros due to ongoing chip shortages and pandemic-related restrictions.

Is the $500 nano-texture finish worth it on the 27-inch iMac? | AppleInsider

For customers looking to buy Apple’s largest all-in-one Mac desktop, waiting a little longer may be a better option anyway. Apple is expected to hold an announcement event sometime in March or April to announce a series of new products, including an updated iPhone SE, a new iPad Air, and a possible completely redesigned iMac to replace the existing Intel-based 27-inch model.

The iMac line was last updated in April 2021 with a 24-inch model that brought a new, more colorful design and was the first all-in-one desktop Mac to feature Apple’s Silicon chip. 27-inch iMacs have remained the same overall design for nearly a decade, and there are rumors that the upcoming redesign may resemble Pro Display XDR, with a mini LED ProMotion display. It will have a mini LED ProMotion display and a starting price of about $2000.

Nano Texture Glass vs Normal Glass on the Pro Display XDR. : r/apple

Apple regains the top of global mobile phone sales, iPhone 13 sell good in China

After a lapse of one year, Apple once again returned to the top of the global mobile phone sales, and Xiaomi ranked third.


According to data from Canalys, Apple accounted for 22% of global smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter of 2021, a slight increase of 1% year-on-year, due to supply chain and epidemic factors. On average, for every five mobile phones shipped, one is an iPhone. Samsung ranked second with a market share of 20%, a year-on-year increase of 3%; Xiaomi maintained its third position with a 12% share, and OPPO and vivo ranked among the top five with 9% and 8% shares respectively.

Some analysts attributed Apple’s return to the top 1 global mobile phone market share after three quarters to the excellent sales performance of the iPhone 13, especially in Greater China. “The iPhone’s popularity in the Chinese market has surprised many, and the aggressive pricing of its flagship device maintains a strong value proposition,” said Canalys analyst Sanyam Chaurasia.


Nanfang + reporter was informed that before this, Apple has been ranked as the top 1 smartphone shipment in China for 6 consecutive weeks, and the strong performance of the Chinese market has also helped Apple become the smartphone manufacturer with the most shipments in the world in Q4 2021. Xiaomi Group executives also stated on the conference call in the third quarter of 2021 that Xiaomi’s domestic market share declined in the third quarter, which was directly related to the “strong performance of the iPhone 13.”

In addition to the mobile phone business, Apple is also the fastest-growing computer brand in 2021. According to statistics, in 2021, the global PC shipments will exceed 341 million units, of which Apple computer shipments will rank fourth, Lenovo first, HP second, and Dell third.

Apple’s new iPad Pro is rumored to have a glass back, support MagSafe wireless charging

Some overseas media broke the news that Apple will add wireless charging to the 2022 iPad Pro. It is likely to support MagSafe wireless charging, which means it is likely to have a glass back.

The iPad has a large area, and once it is dropped, the possibility of the back cover glass breaking is still relatively large. Therefore, the new iPad in 2022 is expected to give third parties a new wave of business opportunities.

iOS 15.2.1 is officially released, is it worth upgrading? Make a decision after watching the real experience

Apple Releases Minor iOS 15.2.1 and iPadOS 15.2.1 Updates - MacRumors

Early this morning, Apple officially released iOS 15.2.1. From the naming point of view, this is a small update. The update content includes: 1. The information may not be loaded into the photos sent through the iCloud link; 2. The third-party Carplay car app may not respond to the input.

Although it seems that only two problems have been fixed, in fact, iOS 15.2.1 has secretly fixed a lot of bugs. Friends who haven’t upgraded yet, don’t worry, let’s see what users who have upgraded have said.

User 1: The update has been completed, the multi-core performance scheduling is stronger than 15.0, the Geekbench5 running score has been enhanced, iOS15.0 single-core 1325, multi-core 2357, after updating to iOS15.2.1, single-core 1331, multi-core 3422, obviously the performance has been enhanced.

User 2: After upgrading to iOS15.2.1, the mobile phone suddenly loses signal, and the SIM card must be re-inserted, shut down and restarted to solve the problem.

User 3: The entire update is a bug fix for the iPhone. It has been used for a period of time and has not encountered any major problems. You can update it with confidence.

User 4: The battery health of the iPhone 13 Pro was 100% before the update, and dropped to 99% after the update.

User 5: I feel that there is no difference in experience between iOS15.2.1 and the previous iOS15.2. I have been using it for a few hours, and the battery life, signal, and system fluency are the same as before.

User 6: iOS15.2.1 finally fixed the Carplay problem. The interface has been stuck after passing Carplay, but now it can be used smoothly.

In addition to pushing iOS15.2.1, Apple also released the iOS15.3 Beta2 test version, which has been updated by some users. The specific experience is as follows.

User 1: The iOS15.3 beta2 signal is indeed much better than the previous one. It seems that there is a problem with the baseband firmware of 15.2.

User 2: I have been using the beta version of iOS15.3 for 2 weeks. This time I also upgraded to beta2 first. I feel that the battery life is as good as iOS15.2.

User 3: The biggest feeling after the iPhone 13 Pro is upgraded to iOS 15.3 Beta 2 is that the battery is more stable, and the battery life feels longer than before.

Since the official release of iOS 15, several minor version updates have basically fixed bugs and did not bring new functions. However, considering that iOS 15 is already very complete, Apple will focus on repairing the signal problem. The experience should be will be better.

Finally, judging from the feedback from users who have upgraded to iOS15.2.1, compared to the previous version, the experience has not been greatly improved, or even improved. This is a very small version update. If you need to use CarPlay, you can upgrade, otherwise There is no problem in continuing to stay on iOS15.2.

iPhone/iPad Permanently Dead Bug | iOS Vulnerability Can Cause Bricking! Finally there is an official solution

Products such as iPhone and iPad are popular all over the world, and its built-in iOS operating system has naturally become the target of network hackers. Recently, digital security experts discovered a vulnerability in iOS that could be exploited by a malicious person to instantly disable the activity of an iPhone or iPad.

A digital security expert named Trevor Spiniolas published an iOS vulnerability report online earlier. It means that he found a very serious bug in the iOS system in August 2021. It’s related to Apple’s smart home contract feature, HomeKit, and Trevor calls it a “doorlock” vulnerability.

According to Trevor’s test results, this vulnerability exists in all iOS 14 versions and even the latest iOS 15.2. Trevor first notified Apple after discovering the vulnerability, and Apple responded at the time that the vulnerability would be resolved “by 2022.” But on December 10, Apple sent another letter to Trevor, stating that the solution would not be available until “early 2022.” Therefore, he decided to make the details of the vulnerability public, so that the public can know the existence of the vulnerability and how to prevent it, so as not to be kept in the dark.

在 iOS 14 中,HomeKit 相關聯的裝置命名字節並沒有明顯限制,成為 Doorlock 漏洞的起點(圖 Apple)

The launch conditions for the Doorlock exploit are fairly simple. As long as a HomeKit-related device name exceeds a certain number of bytes (Trevor used more than 500,000 bytes in testing), it will cause iPhones and iPads connected to the same HomeKit network to freeze due to failure to handle it. .

The most troublesome thing about this vulnerability is that even if the user resets the phone, if they log in to the same iCloud account that was affected before, the error will reappear, making the user’s device a “half-brick” in disguise. And even if the Apple HomeKit device is never used, the user’s iPhone/iPad can still be compromised by connecting to the affected network via an invitation.

As mentioned above, the reason why Trevor Spiniolas will disclose the details of the DoorLock vulnerability online is all because Apple has “sighed slow” and failed to block the iOS vulnerability in a timely and effective manner. But after the news was exposed, it caused a great response on the Internet. Apple stepped up its action and released the iOS and iPadOS system update version 15.2.1 on January 13 for iPhone and iPad users.

The impact of the DoorLock vulnerability is quite large. If you are unfortunate, you cannot avoid resetting your phone. To completely eliminate the risk, it is best for iPhone/iPad users to update their devices to version 15.2.1 as soon as possible.

iPhone battery | 4 tips to extend life and battery life

The market share of the iPhone has been quite impressive. Anyone who is using an iPhone must also know that the “battery health” can be seen on the phone. If the battery is too worn out, replace the battery. Otherwise, there will be a dilemma of insufficient battery life and shutting down at once. Recently, some netizens asked in the Facebook community, how much does the battery wear out before it needs to be replaced?

iPhone 7电池更换- iFixit Repair Guide

How often should the iPhone battery be replaced? Experts revealed that the “health level” is less than the battery and the battery will die quickly. A netizen posted on the Facebook community that his iPhone 11 has been used for one year and eight months, and the battery health remains at 80%.

As soon as the post came out, netizens left messages to share the usage status “I have 75% left on 11 in two years…”, “7+ has used 4 years of health remaining 78%, and it is obvious that it is easy to burn the machine after running to replace the battery in the auxiliary factory. The power consumption also feels a bit fast, and I regret the whole thing”, “The i8 is currently 85%, and it can last for a while.”

Judging from the comments of netizens, most of the people have used it for a year before the battery health began to decline significantly. Apple’s official website battery health replacement guide also points out that after an iPhone battery is charged 500 to 800 times, the battery life may drop to 80%. As long as it is close to or below 80%, you will find that the iPhone has abnormal power consumption, and the battery should be replaced at this time.

購買iPhone 13 及iPhone 13 mini - Apple (香港)

In addition, Apple’s official website also detailed that there are 4 tips to “maximize” battery life and life:

  1. Update the software to the latest version: Software updates also improve energy-saving technologies.
  2. Avoid extreme ambient temperature: 16°C ~ 22°C is the ideal temperature range, avoid exposing the device to an environment above 35°C, otherwise it may cause permanent damage to the battery.
  3. Remove some sheaths before charging: charging in the protective sheath may cause the device to overheat and affect the battery’s capacity.
  4. When storing for a long time, the battery should have half the charge. If you plan to store the unit for more than six months, it is best to keep it at 50% charge. A full charge may shorten battery life, and a full discharge may render it impossible to recharge later.