Learn these 7 simple tricks to take good photos with your phone

Mobile phones have become a part of everyone’s life, and the shooting functions are getting stronger and stronger, and some are even close to traditional SLR cameras. With the convenience of mobile phones, photography is no longer limited by equipment, and you can shoot anytime, anywhere. But there are also some tricks to pay attention to to take good photos with your mobile phone. Today, let us learn the following 7 points to pay attention to!

(1) Clean your phone lens
One of the serious problems of mobile phone photography, which is often overlooked by novices, is that the mobile phone lens is very easy to have oil stains on it, which will destroy the quality of the photos! As a necessities of daily life, mobile phones are used very frequently, and the camera lens of the mobile phone will be soiled if you are not careful. Fortunately, modern phone lenses are also usually easy to clean. You can remove oil by swiping with a dry cloth or the corner of your clothing before shooting, but only if you remember to do this before shooting!

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(2) The mobile phone should also focus accurately
Just like a traditional camera, your phone needs to focus! If your focus is inaccurate, there is a chance that the photo will be out of focus and blurred. Focusing on the phone is very simple, you just need to tap the position you want to focus on. If you want to do a camera-like AF-Lock function, you can just long press (in the case of an iPhone) and the phone will lock the focus point.

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(3) Manually adjust the light and dark of the photo
If you compose the shot and press the phone to shoot immediately, the photo will automatically meter for you and automatically set the shutter and ISO, just like in fully automatic mode. However, in some clear situations, such as white snow, black caves, or framing with sky, the metering of the phone may be wrong, then you need to manually adjust the light and darkness of the photo to make the photo have accurate exposure . The iPhone pulls up and down next to the four boxes after focusing, while Android usually has the option of “+/- EV” directly. Students need to find it in the mobile phone camera app.

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(4) Keep the phone stable
Have you ever noticed that the photos taken by your mobile phone are blurry? One of the reasons is that the phone is not stable enough and moves during the exposure process. To keep the phone stable, it is best to hold the phone firmly with both hands, or put it on/rely on a fixed object, or even put it on a tripod dedicated to the phone, which can reduce the chance of blurred photos.

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(5) Take a shallow depth of field
As long as you understand the shooting method of shallow depth of field, the mobile phone can definitely produce the effect of “clearing in front and behind”! For modern mobile phones, there are two main ways to shoot shallow depth of field. One is the “traditional method” like a camera; the other is to use the “portrait mode” to let the mobile phone do post-processing. Now let’s review the shallow depth-of-field method of a camera:

How to Get a Shallow Depth of Field

Traditional method (for any mobile phone)

  1. Large aperture (assuming the phone cannot change the aperture)
  2. Long focal length (assuming the phone has only a single lens and cannot optically change the focal length)
  3. The distance between the background and the protagonist should be farther

1 and 2 can be adjusted in traditional cameras, but not many mobile phones on the market. Therefore, in order to take a shallow depth of field effect, the most important point is the third point – “the distance between the background and the protagonist should be farther”. Remember to use the mobile phone to open the shallow depth of field, the mobile phone should be as close as possible to the protagonist, and the farther the protagonist and the background are, the better. You also have the opportunity to move the angle of the mobile phone to adjust the distance of the background.

Portrait mode method (depending on whether the phone has this function)

Just set the phone to “portrait mode” and shoot directly. But if your phone doesn’t have a built-in portrait mode, you’ll need to shoot the traditional way!

(6) Turn on the grid of the phone
Most mobile phones also allow you to open the grid in the photography app. It is recommended that you open the 3×3 grid. This can effectively implement the “rule of thirds” composition, and can also be used as a counterpoint function, so that the photo can be kept horizontal, which is very important and convenient for photographers who have requirements!

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(7) Find interesting angles
One of the great advantages of mobile phones is convenience. Convenience comes in handy when looking for compositions! You can hold your phone at high and low angles, or jump over a railing and place your phone out of the camera’s reach to shoot, so your chances of finding interesting angles are greatly increased. Therefore, when using a mobile phone to shoot, remember to change the angle to increase the composition change.

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