A new alternative to palm oil? Microalgae edible oil may reduce cardiovascular disease risk

Palm oil has a low price and high stability. In addition to being one of the most common edible oils at present, it can even be found in daily necessities such as shampoo, detergent and cosmetics. Alternatives to fat are available, and oils made from algae may be able to replace them.

At present, the world’s largest producer of palm oil is Indonesia, followed by Malaysia. Deforestation is just for the economic benefits of palm oil, causing environmental damage and impacting biodiversity. Even if it contributes to the economy, it is putting the cart before the horse; on the other hand Palm oil is also 52% saturated fat, which may contribute to cardiovascular disease or other health problems.

To that end, a scientific team from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University and the University of Malaya in Malaysia set out to study an oil-producing microalgae called Chromochloris zofingiensis.

Compared with palm oil, microalgae oil contains more polyunsaturated fatty acids and less saturated fatty acids, which helps reduce “bad” cholesterol in the blood, thereby reducing the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

The process is not difficult. The team first added pyruvate to the microalgae solution, and then placed it under a laboratory UV lamp to stimulate photosynthesis. After 14 days, the algae were removed, cleaned and dried, and then methanol was used to break the algal protein and photosynthesis. The role of the algae protein in the production of oil, and ultimately the production of a new generation of edible oil.

Fortunately, scientists have also discovered that pyruvic acid can also be produced by fermenting organic agricultural wastes such as soybean residue and fruit peels. In large-scale production facilities, ultraviolet rays can also be used to replace sunlight, and algae can also absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide during the growth process and convert it into biomass.

The team claims that the quality of the new algal oil is comparable to that of palm oil, but the current 160 grams of microalgae oil can only satisfy a 100-gram chocolate bar.

William Chen, Chair Professor of Food Science and Technology at NTU, said the team hopes to find potential uses of waste through the concept of circular economy, and finally return the waste back to the food chain. Today we rely on nature’s key process of “fermentation” to convert organic matter into a nutrient-rich solution that can be used to cultivate algae, which not only helps reduce palm oil dependence, but also reduces carbon.


These 5 “alkaline foods” are recommended to be eaten regularly to help prevent cancer and fight cancer, or be beneficial to health

Cancer has always been a topic that people talk about. With the improvement of medical level and the improvement of detection, more and more people have been diagnosed with cancer in their bodies, and their lives have been seriously troubled.

In medicine, cancer refers to malignant tumors originating from epithelial tissue, which is the most common type of malignant tumors. Correspondingly, malignant tumors originating from mesenchymal tissue are collectively referred to as sarcomas.

There are a few malignant tumors that are not named according to the above principles, such as Wilms tumor, malignant teratoma, etc. The “cancer” commonly referred to by people is used to refer to all malignant tumors.

Cancer has biological characteristics such as abnormal cell differentiation and proliferation, uncontrolled growth, invasiveness and metastasis. Its occurrence is a complex multi-factor and multi-step process, which is divided into three processes: carcinogenesis, cancer promotion, and evolution. Infection, occupational exposure, environmental pollution, unreasonable diet, and genetic factors are closely related.

Of course, I still hope that everyone can develop good eating habits and living habits in daily life. You might as well learn about the following five alkaline foods, which may have a certain immunity to your body! Prevention is better than cure!

These 5 “alkaline foods” are recommended to be eaten regularly to help prevent cancer and fight cancer, or be beneficial to health


The reason why sesame paste can be called “brain gold” is because of its unique nutritional value, which is mainly reflected in the “four highs” among the many nutrients it contains: high calcium, high iron, high protein and high linoleic acid .

Moreover, it also has the effect of protecting liver and anti-cancer. Sesamin has a strong antioxidant effect in the body, and has the effects of lowering blood pressure, anti-oxidation, lowering cholesterol and anti-cancer.

Solanum nigrum

Nightshade, also known as nightshade, also known as black seed vegetable, eggplant, physalis, black beet, is a nightshade plant of the nightshade family, with upright stems and many branches. Its leaves are oval or heart-shaped, similar to pepper leaves. , the tip is sharp.

In summer, it will open small white flowers, 4-10 into cymes, spherical berries, dark purple when mature.

Nightshade has anti-cancer effects. Nightshade contains a lot of alkaloids, and is rich in vitamins and minerals, which can supplement the nutrition in the body. Nightshade has certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

Solanum nigrum has a certain improvement effect on chronic cancer diseases. When suffering from chronic bronchitis or urinary system diseases, solanum nigrum can be used to improve.

In addition, nightshade can also be used for treatment when there is a bruise or high blood pressure.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are essential nutrients for the normal functioning of the nervous system and help produce GABA. When the brain is tense or in other unfavorable states, it can improve the emergency ability of the brain.

Pumpkin seeds are also a very good natural food for men. The high content of zinc and the formation of dehydroepiandrosterone help prevent prostate cancer.

Pumpkin seed extract and pumpkin seeds, in turn, can treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and enlarged prostate. In addition, the seeds of pumpkin can improve the regulation ability of insulin and effectively prevent the occurrence of diabetes.

In addition, pumpkin seeds are also rich in a large amount of easily digestible protein, which is conducive to the stability of blood sugar. Pumpkin seed oil also contains phytonutrients that help prevent kidney disease and diabetes.

Eggplant skin

Eggplant has anti-cancer effects. More and more evidences show that eggplant has anti-cancer function. A non-toxic substance extracted from eggplant has been tested for the treatment of gastric cancer and cervical cancer.


Eating mulberries can play a certain role in preventing cancer and anti-cancer, because mulberries contain the effect of preventing the spread of tumor cells, which is a very good auxiliary food for preventing cancer cell lesions. In general, mulberries have high nutritional value. The post is very helpful.

In addition, dried mulberries are also very good. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer is one of the important functions of dried mulberries. It contains resveratrol, which can reduce the formation of cancer cells in the human body and also have a positive effect on the formation of blood clots. Strong blocking effect, so dried mulberry is a natural health care product.

99% of the whole wheat bread you eat is fake, is there real whole wheat flour?

The topic of “whole wheat bread” is mainly about fitness, weight loss, and health care.

Are you eating real whole wheat bread? Why should you eat whole wheat bread for weight loss? Is whole wheat bread healthy?

First of all you have to understand, what is real whole wheat flour?

A simple understanding is that the whole wheat granules are washed with water and then dried and crushed into noodles. The whole wheat kernel is mainly divided into three layers, including the outermost layer of bran, and the inner layer of germ and endosperm. Among the three parts, bran contains the most abundant cellulose, and the entrance is rough. The wheat flour we generally eat is the part of the endosperm that is ground into flour after the bran and germ of the wheat are removed.

There is no real international standard for whole wheat flour, but its definition is: It is made from whole wheat grains by milling process, and the relative proportion of wheat endosperm, germ and bran is basically the same as that of whole wheat grains. Consistent whole wheat flour. This definition is the same as no definition, so it’s really hard to tell if it’s real whole wheat bread.

What is real whole wheat bread?

Because there is no real international standard, it can only be identified by the most conventional methods.

Color: Whole wheat retains the bran and will appear brown when made into whole wheat flour, so the whole wheat bread made from whole wheat flour is slightly brown and the pores will be larger, and the overall bread is hard and not. Mixed with bran.

Fragrance: Because of its richer bread fiber, the wheat’s original flavor is more prominent.

Taste: Due to the large amount of crude fiber, the taste is very rough, with a fine grainy texture, which is difficult to swallow.

Of course, in order to increase sales, many businesses only add some whole-wheat flour, caramel syrup or some oils to improve the taste and make whole-wheat bread softer and sweeter.

It’s not that the merchant deliberately deceives you, the real “whole wheat bread” is really hard to swallow! Of course, there is another factor, because whole-wheat flour has a stronger milling process, and whole-wheat flour is slightly more expensive than wheat flour. In order to save costs and want the high price of “whole wheat bread”, some unscrupulous merchants will add some bran and food coloring to ordinary bread, so that the appearance and appearance will be closer to the real whole wheat bread, so the ingredients list of bread is still very important.

How about the ingredient list?

According to the “General Rules for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods in National Food Safety Standards”, the ingredients are arranged in the descending order of the added amount, that is to say, the higher the content, the higher the ranking. Whole wheat flour should be ranked first or second. After that, it’s obvious you’re eating fake whole wheat bread.

Reminder: The ingredients are pure whole wheat flour, don’t try rye flour easily, no matter how you eat it, it will make you unpalatable to the point of doubting your life!

Why should you eat whole wheat bread for weight loss?

First, whole-wheat bread is more satiety

Looking at the nutritional composition table, 100 grams of whole wheat bread has 246 calories, and 100 grams of ordinary bread is only 200 calories, but 50 grams of whole wheat bread is estimated that you can’t eat it, and it is very slow to eat (you know the taste), ordinary If you eat 100 grams of bread in two bites, it is estimated that you will only eat 3 points of fullness. Which one do you say is the highest in the final total intake?

Second, whole-wheat bread has a low glycemic index

Foods that are low in sugar stay in the gut for a long time, release slowly, blood sugar rises very slowly, and at the same time causes lower levels of insulin, which promotes the synthesis of glycogen, fat, and protein so that there is not much The calories are converted into fat, reducing fat accumulation.

Is whole wheat bread healthy?

The main raw material used in whole-wheat bread is whole-wheat flour. Whole-wheat flour does not remove the bran outside the wheat during processing, and the bran contains a lot of vitamins, such as B vitamins (folic acid, niacin, thiamine, etc.) ) and vitamin E, minerals such as potassium, selenium, iron, etc. and cellulose, so the nutritional value is higher.

Due to the low glycemic index, long-term consumption of whole grains may reduce the risk of heart disease and the risk of developing diabetes.

Whole grains are rich in dietary fiber, which can cleanse the digestive wall and enhance digestive function, dilute and accelerate the removal of carcinogens and toxic substances in food, and protect the digestive tract; at the same time, dietary fiber can slow down digestion and increase satiety Sensitivity, accelerate excretion of cholesterol, and maintain blood sugar and cholesterol at normal levels.

What is a normal heart rate when running? Scientific running, pay attention to these 3 points

The heart is the engine of the human body, and its function remains normal. Under the condition of power, other parts circulate well, so that nutrients and blood can be provided at the first time. And some people’s heart function decline is due to improper living habits, which gradually damage the heart, and finally will experience symptoms such as chest tightness, arrhythmia, and angina pectoris. It is necessary to understand the methods of its maintenance and actively improve organ function. In addition, there will be corresponding changes in the heart rate during running. How much is normal?

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Under normal circumstances, the heart rate remains at 60 to 100 beats per minute at rest, and there will be individual differences in age, other physical factors, gender, etc., resulting in changes in heart rate. Some people like to exercise and will exercise through running. Running is an aerobic exercise, and the heart rate will change during the process, but the normal range can be obtained through the calculation formula.

The aerobic fat burning heart rate is (220-age) multiplied by 75%, that is, when a 25-year-old person goes for a run, his heart beats about 146 times per minute. If it can be maintained within this range, it means that the body remains healthy.

What should we pay attention to in scientific running?

  1. Keep a constant speed
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Scientific running should master skills, especially maintaining a constant speed during running, so that the body can adapt to this process. Some people’s running method is incorrect, sometimes the speed is much slower, sometimes the speed is suddenly increased, and they cannot adapt to the process of constantly changing the speed, and they will feel uncomfortable. And the running speed is constantly changing, and it is easy to fall. In order to ensure safety, it is necessary to maintain a uniform speed during the running process, and at the same time cooperate with uniform breathing, so that the heart rate can be normalized.

  1. Warm up before running

Running is a science and should be warmed up before committing. Some people originally had reduced heart function, and they did more vigorous exercise without any warm-up action. The body could not adapt, and there would be accidents in the future. And people who take good care of their bodies don’t just choose the right sports, they also warm up before exercising.

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Through simple body movements to stretch the muscles and bones, the body remains flexible, the blood circulation speed is accelerated, and if you go to exercise later, the process will be much smoother and you can persist for a longer time. In addition, it can effectively prevent sprains, strains, etc. This is the correct exercise method.

  1. Don’t run on an empty stomach
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People who exercise reasonably will find that their physical condition is getting better and better, and if they want to reap the benefits of running, the correct way is not to run on an empty stomach, but to eat something before running, so that energy is provided, and energy is consumed during running. , in order to achieve equilibrium. Some people want to lose weight and lose weight. They feel that they cannot eat, they are completely empty, and they feel hungry when they go for a run. After consuming more energy, their blood sugar will decrease significantly, and then they will have adverse symptoms.