On the other side of soaring oil prices, Tesla expands the free range of overcharge

Since the outbreak of the Ukrainian war, Tesla has opened free use of super charging stations throughout Ukraine. In response to many people fleeing by car to neighboring countries, Tesla announced today that all super charging stations in Poland and Slovakia are also free.

The chain effect caused by the war has led to soaring oil prices. Gasoline is an important strategic material on the front line of the war, and it is not easy for ordinary people to obtain it. Electric vehicles may be able to help a little.

After Russia officially invaded Ukraine, Tesla announced the opening of supercharging stations in Ukraine for free use, hoping to help local car owners not be affected by the war as much as possible, and also opening four border supercharging stations in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary for free use.

As the war spread for more than two weeks, many Ukrainians fled to nearby countries, so Tesla announced today that the more severely affected Poland and Slovakia have also opened free overcharging throughout the country.

“We hope this helps you gain a little peace of mind and travel to a safer place,” the Tesla announcement reads.

Due to the EU’s complete electric vehicle policy, Tesla has opened the use of supercharging stations for other brands of electric vehicles this year. Therefore, this policy not only benefits Tesla owners, but also many brand electric vehicle owners can use the supercharging stations to recharge their batteries. , go to the shelter.