What are the health benefits of drinking yogurt regularly? What should I pay attention to when drinking yogurt?

Yogurt is a drink that is often consumed by people and is loved by many because of its sweet taste. So what are the health benefits of drinking yogurt regularly? What should I pay attention to when drinking yogurt?

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What are the benefits of drinking yogurt on a regular basis?
The actual yogurt is made by fermenting lactic acid bacteria in the milk, which is also a dairy product. The raw material for yogurt is milk, and it must be good quality milk, poor quality milk is not fermented into yogurt. It is a very nutritious food, but after fermentation, the nutritional value of yogurt is even better than that of milk.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. Yogurt is also a good source of calcium, high quality protein and B vitamins for the human body.

After fermentation, some of the proteins are broken down into free amino acids and peptides, which are better digested and absorbed, especially for people with weak digestive functions.

It is also a nutrient that modern people tend to lack. The actual yogurt is also a useful supplement for the human body.

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The calcium content in yogurt is not only high, but the digestibility and absorption rate has also been improved. The lactic acid and peptides in yogurt can also promote the absorption of calcium, iron and zinc, and improve the absorption and utilization of minerals.

Some people due to the lack of lactase in the body, drinking milk will be abdominal pain diarrhea bloating, belong to the “lactose intolerance”, for such people can choose to drink yogurt, yogurt fermentation, milk lactose into lactic acid and other organic acids, and lactic acid bacteria will also produce lactase, drinking yogurt to relieve the “lactose intolerance” symptoms is helpful.

Even if the yogurt cannot be planted in the intestine, the bacterium fragments will inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, which is good for improving the micro-ecology of the intestine.

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What should I pay attention to when drinking yogurt?

  1. Yogurt tastes sour, and sugar is usually added to flavor it, and the more sugar added, the higher the calories. The more sugar added, the higher the calorie count. This is not very friendly to people who are obese or diabetic. Therefore, when choosing a yogurt, try to choose one that is low in carbohydrates. If you are making your own yogurt at home, you can add fruit pieces instead of sugar to taste.

The protein content of pure yogurt is usually ≥2.9%; the protein content of flavored yogurt is ≥2.3%. Those with too low a protein content may be lactic acid bacteria drinks, whose main ingredient is water, not yogurt, and whose nutritional value is much lower.

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3、Which is better: thick yogurt or thin yogurt? If it is homemade yogurt, the thicker the yogurt, the better. If it is commercially available stirred yogurt, there is no way to judge whether it is good or bad with the addition of thickening agents, but thickening agents are also dietary fiber and are not harmful to health. If the yogurt is solidified, the thicker the yogurt, the better.


10 Ways to Say Goodbye to “Easy-to-Fat Physique” | Learn to lose 10 pounds a month

It is said that winter is the easiest season to gain weight, if you have a strong appetite and do not want to exercise, the odds are that you will definitely gain weight!

So, all of a sudden, countless people began to envy the “skinny body” people, thinking: if only they were also “skinny body”!

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Many people think that the thin body mainly comes from genetics, is born to be predetermined, to a certain extent, this is true!

Studies have shown that if one parent is obese, the probability of the offspring becoming fat can reach 50%; if both parents are fat, the probability of the offspring becoming fat can reach 80%.

However, a person is fat or thin, only 30% is due to genetics, more family obesity is caused by the common life, diet and work habits of people.

If you can change such habits, not only can avoid gaining weight, but also cultivate everyone’s envy “easy to be thin body”!

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Say goodbye to the “fat body”, these 10 points must do

First: never diet

Weight loss people always think they are fat because they eat too much, do not eat to lose weight, so you can eat less to eat less.

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In fact, in the case of insufficient energy intake, the body can only provide energy for the body through the breakdown of muscle, the reduction in muscle content leads to lower basal metabolism, but more likely to become fat.

Suggestions: want to develop a lean physique, eliminate dieting is the basis for weight loss need to control diet, but must be within the range of basal metabolism allowed, never try to lose weight by simply eating less.

The second point: breakfast must be eaten

To a certain extent, do not eat breakfast is also a dieting behavior!

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Many office workers, because of the morning rush, breakfast can be made up, or simply do not eat breakfast. In this way, metabolism is at a low level all day, but also because of excessive hunger, resulting in increased intake of lunch, more than pays for itself!

Suggestions: to develop the habit of eating breakfast, both to control the total amount, but also to ensure a balanced nutrition, it is recommended to eat some roughage with eggs and milk and some vegetables and fruits.

The third point: intake of adequate protein

Protein is the main raw material for human muscle synthesis, if protein intake is not enough, muscle growth lack of nutrition, muscle content will become lower and lower, the basic metabolism will also become lower and lower!

In addition, high protein food satiety than rice, noodles, vegetables, fruits, etc., appetite suppression is also more helpful, after taking in enough protein, the body is less likely to be hungry, more conducive to weight loss!

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Suggestions: be sure to ensure the intake of protein, it is best to eat every meal. Protein-rich foods include: chicken breast, beef, fish, shrimp, eggs, dairy products, soy products and so on.

Fourth point: eat more dietary fiber

Dietary fiber has no calories, but the intestines need to consume a certain amount of calories in order to digest dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber can also promote intestinal motility, relieve constipation; provide a stronger sense of satiety, in weight loss to avoid hunger; improve the intestinal environment, promote the growth of intestinal probiotics.

Suggestions: dietary fiber is mostly found in coarse grains, vegetables and fruits, it is recommended that coarse grains as part of the daily staple diet, supplemented with a large number of low-calorie vegetables and fruits, can also reduce overall caloric intake, increase overall caloric consumption.

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Fifth point: eat foods rich in B vitamins

B vitamins can directly participate in the body’s metabolism, especially the metabolism of fat.

Adequate daily intake of B vitamins can ensure that the normal metabolism, if B vitamins intake is not enough, energy metabolism will be blocked, fat is more likely to accumulate.

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Suggestions: eat more chicken breast, fish, shrimp, nuts, eggs, spinach, mushrooms and other foods rich in B vitamins.

Sixth point: eat 200-350 grams of fruit every day

Many people think that if you eat vegetables, you don’t need to eat fruit.

Vegetables and fruits contain different nutrients and cannot be completely replaced by each other, fruits are rich in some vitamins and minerals, which are also necessary for the body!

And compared to vegetables, fruits are more convenient to eat, good taste, instead of snacks is also a good choice!

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Suggestion: eat some low-calorie, low-sugar fruits, such as apples, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, etc.

The seventh point: see the seam action

The basic principle of weight loss is that the consumption of calories is greater than the intake of calories, increase the consumption of daily activities is also the key to weight loss!

Many people always say there is no time to exercise, but ignore the fragmentation of time, can be used for exercise.

If, in daily life, can create more opportunities for exercise, such as cooking, walking, climbing stairs, etc., the accumulation of small amounts can also consume considerable calories.

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Suggestions: you can choose a few of your favorite sports as regular exercise, such as running, swimming, cycling, etc. In addition, the use of fragmented time, walking a few steps to and from work, standing office, can climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, also can consume a certain amount of calories.

Eighth point: do some strength training

The level of basal metabolism is related to the level of muscle content, and people with high muscle content will have higher basal metabolism.

If you want to develop a “lean physique”, you can do some strength training to increase your body’s muscle content.

Suggestions: In addition to regular aerobic exercise, for different parts of the body to increase some strength training, such as squats, curls, dumbbells, etc..

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Ninth point: ensure adequate water intake

Body metabolism without water, many nutrients only dissolved in water to be absorbed by the body, to improve the level of metabolism, we must ensure that the amount of water.

In addition, water can also provide a sense of satiety, which helps to suppress appetite and reduce the amount of meals. Drinking enough water can also prevent “false hunger” caused by thirst and avoid eating unnecessary food.

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Suggestion: To ensure health, it is recommended to drink 1500-1700 ml of water every day, if you want to achieve significant weight loss, it is recommended to drink more than 2500 ml of water every day!

The tenth point: to ensure 8 hours of sleep

Staying up late is a common problem of modern people, in this case, the body’s leptin secretion is not enough, adrenal cortisol secretion, will lead to the body more easily tempted by high-calorie food, and then overeating!

Suggestions: go to bed before 11 p.m. to ensure 7-8 hours of sleep every day, insomnia can improve sleep quality by drinking milk, soaking feet, taking melatonin, etc.

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Say goodbye to “easy to fat body” is not difficult, as long as you learn the above 10 points, get rid of obesity, do a 100 pounds of thin, from then on to eat no more fat!