Epidemic spread in Guangdong, China! Dongguan surged 142 confirmed cases overnight, and Shenzhen closed the city urgently

The epidemic in China continues to heat up. Shenzhen, Guangdong Province announced the closure of the city on the 13th. There were 140 asymptomatic infections in Dongguan City. Today, the city is urgently followed up and public transportation is suspended. Although Shanghai did not announce the closure of the city, it called on residents to Don’t leave if necessary”, which shows the seriousness of the epidemic.

The Shenzhen Municipal Government of Guangdong Province announced on the evening of the 13th that the city will implement “closed management”, and public transportation will be suspended from the 14th to the 20th. Except for the market, pharmacy and medical institutions and other necessities of life, businesses can continue to operate as usual, and other non-essential industries should suspend operations or stay at home. In the office, the restaurant can only take orders for food delivery.

The Shenzhen government requires all industrial and residential areas to take blockade measures, not to leave Shenzhen unless necessary, and will perform three rounds of PCR testing on the city’s residents.

In addition to Shenzhen in Guangdong Province, Dongguan City added 2 local confirmed cases and 140 asymptomatic infections on the 13th. Following up with Shenzhen’s announcement of a city closure, the city’s bus and subway operations were suspended from the 14th to the 20th, and all communities implemented “enclosure management”. Factories and enterprises in industrial parks fully implement closed management, and carry out PCR testing throughout the city, and the follow-up situation will be dynamically adjusted according to the epidemic situation.

Shanghai issued an announcement on the 12th, requiring citizens not to leave Shanghai unless it is necessary. If they want to enter or leave Shanghai, they must hold a negative PCR test report within 48 hours.

According to the Shanghai Health and Health Commission’s report on the 13th, 6 new confirmed cases and 55 local asymptomatic infections were reported. According to statistics, as of the 12th of this month, Shanghai had a total of 40 confirmed cases and 512 local asymptomatic infections.