11 must-have mobile apps for iPhone photographers

Now many young people and photography enthusiasts, the first condition for choosing a mobile phone is to decide whether to buy this mobile phone based on whether the photo is beautiful or not, whether the film is good or not. So how can mobile photography be comparable to the visual effects seen on SLR cameras or Youtube? This article introduces a variety of smartphone apps to help your phone take better photos! Today first introduce the 11 apps for the iPhone, the next article we will introduce the Android system of the app, do not miss it!

#1 & #2 – ProCamera and Camera+ 2

ProCamera gives you a lot of control over your settings and offers advanced features such as RAW shooting, live histograms, stabilization, and more. In the new iPhone with multiple camera lenses, it can be applied to any one lens. Get a very sharp image after precise exposure, as the focus and exposure points can be separated, truly creating a sharp, balanced composition. The app can also shoot in manual, semi-automatic or auto modes. It also features a low-light mode called Low Light Plus, which can take up to 64 photos and combine them into a single photo, reducing noise. ProCamera also has a movie mode that lets you manually lock focus, exposure, white balance, and more, which is useful if you can shoot movies with your iPhone!

In addition to having the same functionality as ProCamera (but no video mode), Camera+ 2 includes a variety of very useful shooting modes, such as :

  1. Manual Mode: Full manual mode, changing shutter, ISO, white balance
  2. Macro: Macro mode, which lets you shoot at a distance closer to the subject, solves the problem that the built-in camera app for iPhone is too far from the nearest focus
  3. Slow Shutter: Slow shutter, which slows your shutter speed to 30 seconds (ProCamera’s manual mode can only reach 1/3 second), and is useful for shooting stars, tracks, running water, etc
  4. Action: Specializes in shooting moving and fast-moving objects

Both apps are also purchased and installed to cope with daily shooting.

#3 & #4 – VSCO and Snapseed

VSCO is a very famous negative color grading tool, the free version has a variety of simulated negative effects, and you can adjust the light and dark, contrast, shadow, tone, etc., which is a must-have tool for social media photos such as Instagram! However, if you want more negative effects, you need to pay to join the membership!

Snapseed is now part of Google, is a completely free and powerful mobile post-production software, basically using Snapseed has been able to complete 90% of the post-production, the function from simple light and dark fine-tuning, filter effects to advanced Curve adjustment also has, but also has a series of AI intelligent post-production functions (such as post-production mobile face angle and smile degree!). ), is a must-have post-production software for all photography friends.

#5 – Lens distortion

Lens Distortions is a unique app that offers a variety of filter effects such as blur effects, light leakage, textures, sun flares and sunrises, creating visual effects for a variety of light sources, perfect for iPhone photography users who like unique filter effects. While smartphones don’t have the aperture that lets you create a sun or flare effect like on the DSLR, the app lets you create a sun-rising effect that provides a realistic feeling of the sun’s rays, and the photos you take can even rival THOSE of a SLR!

#6 – Rays

The app makes it easy to create realistic light effects, adding light to highlight areas, as well as light rays that pass through trees, rays filtered through clouds, beams through fog, and even light effects from some special light source. You can also use the color picker to set the color of the light yourself and specify where the light is visible. Incidentally, if you want to do this in desktop post-production software, you can use Luminar.  

#7 – Superimpose

Let’s take a look at apps that can create textured effects that you can use to create some fun bark, floors, walls, or any style you like to create your own background. Superimpose creates professional-grade layered images on smartphones, an app that makes it easy to overlay one photo on top of another. You can also use this tool to blend textures, add borders, or create double exposures while adjusting transparency using dozens of different blending modes. When using the app, the background image is loaded first, then the foreground image is loaded, and then you can move, scale, resize or flip the foreground, and adjust the color and exposure.

#8 – My Aurora Forecast and Alert

Many photographers have written on their life lists that “the Northern Lights must be photographed once in a lifetime” . My Aurora Forecast and Alerts is an app that helps you track the elusive Northern Lights and make predictions of the Northern Lights based on starry sky activity. You can track the Aurora from your current location or anywhere else in the world, it will prompt in advance, tell you when and where the Aurora began, of course, whether it is really as predicted depends on your luck!

#9 – Geotagged Photos Pro 2

Geotag Photos Pro 2 allows your DSLR or camera to add the geographic location at the time of shooting (if the camera doesn’t have this built-in feature). This data usually includes file names, folder locations, cities, GPS coordinates, dates, and times taken. It records your location as you take a photo and creates a GPX document that you can export to desktop apps like Lightroom, Flickr, and Apple Photos. This is a particularly good tool for landscape photographers, as it’s easy to track location and record shots, and it’s also possible to connect to Lightroom’s Map Module to create maps of your shooting routes and make thumbnails along the way.

#10 & #11 – Sun Seeker and Moon Seeker

Sun Seeker is an app used by landscape photographers to track solar light sources that shows the angle of the sun and where the sun will rise in different views. It provides a flat compass view as well as 3D live images, and also covers the path of light cast by the sun. You can choose any date and any location to plan the best shooting conditions in advance.  Moon Seeker is developed by the same company, providing an app for tracking the moon, which is very suitable for photographers who like to shoot stars, moons and other subjects!