5 Myths About “Macro Lenses”

For macro photography, many amateur or professional photographers are also addicted to it, but for many beginner photography friends, the subject of “macro” is relatively unfamiliar, and there are often many misunderstandings about “macro lens”. Here are 5 pairs. The myth of the macro lens, see if you can answer the question in your mind?

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(1) The macro lens is only used to take macro photos
Of course, a lens called a “macro lens” will be very competent when taking macro photos, but a macro lens is not necessarily only used to shoot macro works, but many photographers also use it to shoot other subjects. , such as portrait photos, and many macro lenses also have better contrast and saturation.

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(2) Macro lenses are expensive
It is undeniable that the original macro lenses are often more expensive than ordinary lenses, but in fact, there are many high-quality macro lenses from sub-brands such as Sigma, which are often only half the price of the original, which is more suitable for amateur photographers or novices. Calculate it!

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(3) The maximum aperture of the macro lens must be f/2.8
Many friends also feel that if the maximum aperture of a lens is not f/2.8, the lens is not good enough. In fact, for macro photos, unless the subject is at some distance from the lens, the f/2.8 aperture value is not commonly used because the depth of field becomes very shallow. And when shooting macro, even f/8 aperture can make beautiful bokeh, not necessarily f/2.8!

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(4) The longer the focal length of the macro lens, the better
Generally speaking, for macro shooting, the focal length of the lens is more suitable in the range of 50-70mm. Of course, when taking pictures of some small insects and small animals, the distance will be too close to scare them away. At this time, a longer focal length is required. But it should be noted that the longer the focal length, the higher the stability requirements of the camera, so many photographers will also use a tripod to shoot macro works.

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(5) You must use a macro lens for macro shots
Many novices have never tried to shoot macro works, because they think that they must use a macro lens for macro photography. Of course, a real macro lens is also more convenient for imaging and convenience, but in fact, beginners can use some accessories such as close The camera ring, macro tube, etc., with the existing lens, you can also take beautiful macro works, and these accessories are not high-quality, very suitable for students who are just starting to play!

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