Steam Deck Gets New, Will Support Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gaming

After the long-awaited Steam Deck was officially launched, it was quickly compared with the Nintendo Switch, which occupies the handheld game console market. In terms of the number of games, Microsoft recently announced that it will be based on Microsoft Edge, making Xbox Live Gaming available. Support Steam Deck.

Valve, which created the classic games “Tremor Time and Space” and “Absolute Force” series, is also the operator of the PC game platform overlord Steam. Over the years, there have been rumors that a handheld game console will be launched, and it was not officially released until the end of last year. and launched earlier this year.

Steam Deck uses AMD Zen2 architecture, 2.4~3.5GHz processor, with 16GB LPDDR5 memory, and is divided into 64GB low-end version, 256GB high-end version and 512GB top version according to the hard disk capacity.

The host body adopts a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1280X800, and can be connected to a 4K resolution TV or monitor.

In terms of game software, because Steam itself has a huge number of games, it gives Deck a good starting space, but Valve still further cooperates with Microsoft to increase its competitiveness with Nintendo Switch.

Catherin Gluckstein, Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming manager, said it is accelerating its partnership with Valve to add Xbox Live features to Steam Deck, allowing players to play classic games like Halo on the handheld console.

This feature is currently in beta testing, and there are detailed instructions on how to install it on the Steam Deck on the Microsoft support site, so players who have a console in hand can try it out first.

I have all the PS5 you can’t buy! British scalper tycoon shows up

Many people jokingly call the process of buying a PS5 a “robot war”, because human hand speed can never beat a scalper’s robot. Players can only watch the high price, hesitating whether they should pay for it.

Sony’s crime is monstrous, and the people are complaining
Sony’s home game console PlayStation 5 (PS5), launched in 2020, is still out of stock, mainly due to the global chip shortage, which has prevented PS5 production from increasing. But the reason why everyone can’t buy PS5 is not only the chip, but also thanks to the notorious “scalpers”. The serious imbalance between supply and demand of PS5 makes scalpers who make money by resale of goods at high prices smell business opportunities.

Scavengers: No profit, no profit
A man sits in front of the pitted PS5 in an interview with the BBC.

The 24-year-old, named Jack Bayliss, previously worked in a bank and started a resale business six years ago. He initially bought Adidas Yeezy sneakers for £150 and sold them for up to £1,000.

A lucrative resale business made him decide to quit his bank job and start “Aftermarket Arbitrage” in 2020 – a company that teaches people how to be a scalper. By charging a monthly subscription fee of 30 pounds (about 1,120 Taiwan dollars), Belize’s scalper empire has made 456,000 pounds since its inception. In addition to PS game consoles and Xbox, the company’s main resale products currently include RTX graphics cards, brand-name sports shoes, etc.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D Processor $449 Available in April, 300 Series Chipset Support

The processor manufacturer AMD today announced the price and supply schedule of the Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor. AMD announced the Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor at CES 2022, the first 8-core processor to feature AMD 3D V-Cache technology, delivering the fastest 1080p performance for certain games compared to other processors on the market. AMD announced that it will be available globally from April 20, with a suggested market price starting at $449.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D is the first Ryzen processor to feature AMD 3D V-Cache technology for innovation and top gaming performance. With industry-leading technology, the Ryzen 7 5800X3D gaming performance is 15% higher than processors without stacking cache technology, making it the world’s most advanced desktop gaming processor. AMD also announced the launch of new Ryzen 7, 5 and 3 series processors, expanding chipset compatibility, giving PC enthusiasts more choices and creating a truly customized gaming experience.

Saeid Moshkelani, senior vice president and general manager of AMD’s client business group, said that whether early adopters looking for extreme gaming performance with the first Ryzen processor with AMD 3D V-Cache technology, or new players building their first equipment, Get the best experience with AMD. AMD’s processors released this time offer leading gaming performance for all grades of systems, giving users more choices.

AMD introduces a new line of desktop processors that leverage the solid computing power of the “Zen 3” and “Zen 2” core architectures. Mainstream processors are the ideal solution for building new PCs, and the AMD Ryzen 7 5700X processor offers 8 cores, 16 threads, and 36 MB of cache. The new Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 desktop processors are equipped with AMD Wraith Stealth coolers and are expected to be available on April 4.

In addition to the new processors, AMD also announced that the AMD 300 series chipsets have expanded to support Ryzen 5000 series processors, including all desktop processors announced this time. AMD X370, B350 and A320 chipsets will support the latest AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors, providing users with a seamless upgrade path to “Zen 3” performance, with specific BETA BIOS updates coming in April.

Microsoft’s DirectStorage technology has been enabled on Windows, and a new era of “extremely fast loading” for PC games has arrived

As early as the beginning of September 2020, when Microsoft released the “XBOX Velocity Architecture” innovative technology combination, it revealed “Direct Storage” that can directly stream massive data from ultra-fast NVMe SSD solid-state drives to the GPU, skipping the CPU decompression process. Technology. Now Microsoft has announced the full rollout of the Direct Storage API, which it claims will usher in a new era of faster loading times and more detailed graphics for PC games.

Microsoft announced on the “DirectX Develper Blog” official blog on the 14th that Windows games can be equipped with DirectStoage from now on. With the release of the SDK development kit, the PC gaming world has since become more refined and loaded faster than ever, allowing developers to take full advantage of the speed advantages of the latest storage devices to create a more refined gaming experience.

Although Microsoft released the developer preview version of DirectStorage on July 16 last year, no games that support DirectStorage have been launched until now. The announcement on the 14th may be the starting day of game development for developers who have been paying attention to the trend of technology. To be more precise, the actual launch day may not fully begin until the opening of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) on the 23rd, when “Forspoken” developers Luminous Productions and AMD will show up how DirectStorage technology will be used. Introduce the ins and outs of the game.

Although this game is the first new work to demonstrate DirectStorage technology, due to the development progress being blocked, players who want to try this game will probably have to wait until October 11. Fortunately, DirectStorage is not limited to Windows 11, Windows 10 is also supported.

Sony’s ‘Ultimate Weapon’ Against the Xbox Camp – PlayStation VR2

Sony recently put on the PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2) official website, as a greeting to consumers.

Judging from the parameters, the second-generation product has made great progress compared with the previous one. Thinking back to a generation of PS Move handlebars with big colorful balls, it looks a little funny in the shape of a wizard’s cane from “Diablo”.

The ergonomic design and key layout of the second-generation handle are more mainstream, and there will be no major problems in feel and operability. After reading the introduction on the official website, it is not difficult to see that Sony has emphasized the importance of vibration in the past. Regardless of the headset or the handle, when the hardware performance first encounters a bottleneck, it may become the direction of improvement of VR equipment within a year or two.

The metaverse discussion is still scratching the surface, because the hardware performance is not yet mature, resulting in VR device picture performance that is several levels worse than that seen on monitors and TVs. Under this premise, there must be few people who are willing to try it. The hardware performance upgrade is also part of the infrastructure, and it is in the early stage of development, accounting for a relatively larger proportion. PS VR2 can be wired to PS5, borrowing the performance of the latter, so you don’t need to think about how to pack a performance behemoth in a small head-mounted display space. Sony will use the energy to think about how to enhance the user experience.

First look at the specifications:

OLED display with 2,000 x 2,040 pixels per eye, frame rate up to 120fps (dynamic)
110º field of view
eye tracking
Adjustable lens separation
Vibration in the headset
3D audio
Four infrared lenses
Single USB-C connection
4K, HDR, and 120Hz are the most significant improvements in the book numbers, indicating that PS VR2 is ready for higher-quality game images, but Sony’s plan, high image quality is just one of the puzzle pieces of the game experience, and the sensory experience outside the visual has been neglected for a long time. Sony I want to set a benchmark in those areas.

Visual wonder turns to multi-angle somatosensory
Before the PS5 was released, Sony first announced the appearance and performance of the new DualSense handle. The most eye-catching is to use the adaptive trigger button first. After the console was released, both the media and players praised it, and even scared the Xbox questionnaire to ask players if Hopefully the PS5 handlebar feature will appear on the Xbox. Microsoft is so flustered because the new DualSense handle has a built-in motor to drive the gear, and in certain games such as “Decisive Moment”, when the player presses the trigger button, the internal gear rotates, and there will be strong and weak vibration feedback, making tactile effects such as recoil and impact.

Players have more tactility on the basis of audio-visual. Obviously Sony will move this experience to the PS VR2 handle, and the vibration should be much better than the previous generation PS Move. The Meta Quest 2 handlebar also has a built-in linear motor, but it is better than nothing, the actual experience is not obvious, and the trigger button is pressed very softly, and the DualSense vibration is much stronger.

In addition to the handle, Sony also wants to bring vibration to the headset.

PS VR2 also adds eye tracking, which allows people to convey emotions through their eyes. Using this, Sony detects the player’s eye movement, and then the game renders the same action. Maybe in the future, multiplayer gamers can communicate with just their eyes. Of course, eye tracking applications are not only that, but also track the player’s line of sight, selectively render the screen in the player’s line of sight, improve the resolution, and put limited performance into the part that can improve the game experience the most.

Finally, there is the 3D sound effect. With the blessing of the new sound effect, the sense of presence is more complete. For example, a shooting game hears bullets whizzing past, and a horror game hears the sound of pressing footsteps behind you. Obviously, it is difficult to greatly improve the performance of the VR headset in the short term. The main disadvantage is the resolution of the screen inside the headset, so even borrowing the performance of the PS5 is not enough.

The resolution of the Meta Quest 2 per eye is 1,832×1,920, and the game screen is hardly refined, but thanks to the sound effects and vibration, the Meta Quest 2 still has a good sense of immersion. Compared with the PS VR2, the screen resolution has not been improved much, but the sound effects and tactile sensations have been drastically improved, in exchange for a more realistic immersion, which not only gives players a better game enjoyment, but also has a broader space for the producer’s creativity.

Independent game makers cannot make visual spectacles like 3A makers, but they can use unlimited gameplay to improve the fun of games, which also gives independent game developers more opportunities to rise. How much the sense of touch improves the gaming experience, the DualSense handle has been verified, and the Nintendo JoyCon is a master. PS VR2 may be able to take over the mantle of JoyCon and carry it forward, turning somatosensory into a new standard for measuring gameplay.

Sony doesn’t want to rival only Microsoft
At the beginning of this year, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard became a hot topic, and it even broke the circle, because no matter whether you play games or not, it will be attracted by the news of the $68.7 billion acquisition price. In order to strengthen the barriers to game content, Microsoft has spent a lot of money in recent years. Activision Blizzard is just one of them: Mojang, Bethesda, Arkane, id Software, Playground Games, etc. The expansion of Microsoft’s first-party studio is not over yet. Continued, no one dares to laugh at the fact that Xbox doesn’t have good games these days.

On the contrary, since the launch of the PS5, it is a fact that the first-party works are weak. Although the console is still selling well, Sony needs to create new profit points. Console + VR seems to be a good direction, even if it means that Sony will drag itself into the swamp of confrontation with Meta and Valve. However, Sony has been immersed in the game industry for many years. With a more comprehensive understanding, it is not difficult to gain a firm foothold in the VR field. While the old rival Xbox has not yet entered VR, Sony will also occupy a favorable position.

Meta, on the other hand, plans to launch two new VR headsets this year, one for the high-end market, Project Cambria, and another for the Quest line of updates. The competition in the VR field is becoming more and more fierce, and Sony can enter the market as soon as possible to verify its play, and the sooner it can gain an advantage. PS VR 2 is expected to be released early next year, and many new features may open a new chapter in VR games.

Nintendo, Sony stop shipping game consoles to Russia, share prices rise

Russia invaded Ukraine, Europe, the United States, and Japan imposed economic sanctions on Russia, and companies responded to the sanctions one after another. More than 200 major companies around the world have indicated that they have withdrawn/scaled down their Russian business. Two major Japanese video game companies, Nintendo and Sony, also said on the 9th that they would stop shipping game consoles to Russia. Shares of the two companies rose in unison today.

According to the quotation of Yahoo Finance, as of 11:47 am on the 10th, Taipei time, Sony has soared 8.73%, and Nintendo has risen 1.68%.

According to Japanese media reports, Nintendo said on the 9th that it will currently stop shipping products to Russia, including all products such as Switch and other game consoles and game software, mainly due to “continuous logistics chaos and inability to conduct payment transactions.” Nintendo’s revenue in the Russian market is small, and the impact of cessation of shipments on performance is not expected to be significant.

Nintendo has suspended online shopping services in the Russian market a few days ago. Russian consumers cannot buy digital games and other products, mainly because payment providers on Nintendo’s online sales website have stopped trading rubles.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), a subsidiary of Sony games, also announced on the 9th that it will stop shipping products to Russia, including game software and PS game consoles including the new game “Gran Turismo 7”, and The online store “PlayStation Store” in Russia will also cease operations.

Sony Pictures Entertainment (Sony Pictures Entertainment) has announced as early as a few days ago that it will stop showing films in Russia, and the new film “Morbius” is expected to be released in late March. In addition to Sony, Disney (Disney) and Warner Bros (Warner Bros) have also announced that they will stop showing new films in Russia.

According to statistics from Yale University in the United States, as of March 7, more than 230 major global companies such as Japan, the United States and Europe have indicated that they will withdraw or shrink their Russian business, and these companies will make such a decision mainly because If the business in Russia continues, it may lead to disgust among consumers or investors, which may lead to a decline in brand value or stock price.

Steam Deck modifies Windows 10, but full functionality will have to wait

Recently, the long-awaited handheld Steam Deck was launched, and some lucky ones were personally delivered to their homes by Valve founder Gabe Newell.

The $399 Steam Deck operates on Steam OS, with powerful specifications to play AAA games. Valve also positions Steam Deck as a highly open handheld PC that can install any software and even play Xbox Game Pass games from the cloud. A few days ago, Valve announced in the Steam Community Announcement that the Windows driver for Steam Deck has been released, and the Windows driver download link is attached.

The announcement also mentioned several important matters, including that Steam Deck cannot be installed with dual systems, players can only choose between Windows and Steam OS, and the full dual system setting will be launched in the near future.

At present, the host can only install Windows 10. Windows 11 needs to support fTPM BIOS. It is still in production and will be released in the future. The download resources include GPU, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers, but the audio driver is still being developed with AMD and other partners. It will also be released in the future, and users will have to temporarily use Bluetooth or Type C audio.

The game industry joins sanctions, and major manufacturers such as Activision Blizzard and American Electronic Arts stop selling works in Russia

Since the passage of the United Nations General Assembly condemning Russian aggression last week, international companies have accelerated the departure or termination of operations in the country. After Xbox and CD Projeckt, the game industry giants, Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard and Epic Games have also announced recently. , stop operating and selling new games in Russia.

Daniel Algre, president and chief operating officer of Activision Blizzard, said in an open letter to employees that until the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war, all game sales and operations in Russia will be stopped, and in order to support the war-damaged Ukrainian people, the company will In cooperation with the spontaneous fundraising action initiated by employees, an additional amount of twice the total amount raised will be donated to Ukraine.

Epic Games, famous for classic games such as “Dreamland”, “Gears of War” and “Fortress Heroes”, also announced on its official Twitter that in order to support the Ukrainian people, it will stop all operations in Russia, except that it will not be able to purchase new games. , Russian players can still connect to play previously purchased games, unaffected.

Electronic Arts, Xbox and CD Projekt, the developer of “Betrayal 2077”, all said that in addition to Russia, the three companies will simultaneously cease all operations in Belarus and will provide technical and humanitarian support to the Ukrainian people.

PlayStation is expected to follow up this wave of sanctions in the near future. At present, it has suspended the latest release of “Romance 7” in Russia. On Steam, the world’s largest game platform, Russian players have been unable to purchase the game since last week, and developers have not been able to receive it. payments.

This wave of action from the game industry is mainly in response to a call last week by Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister and Digital Minister Fedorov Mykhailo, saying that global game developers should stop their services in Russia and Belarus, expressing protest against their aggressive wars .

In addition to the game industry, technology giants such as Apple, Disney, Sony Pictures, Netflix, etc. also announced last week to stop related services and operations in Russia.

With the increase in economic sanctions, it remains to be seen whether the pressure on the Russian government can change the war situation.

The Russian teenager was sentenced for planning to bomb the intelligence agency’s “Being a God of Creation” building

When you are in Russia, do not easily challenge the line drawn by the Russian government.

The verdict that made the gaming industry an uproar
Recently, a controversial decision appeared in Russia that made the game industry unbelievable. Three 14-year-olds have been jailed by a court for “training in planning terrorist attacks” for allegedly bombing Russia’s Federal Security Services (FSB).

The problem is that the “building” that the three planned to attack is not a real building at all. The target they are targeting is the FSB building built by the three of them in the video game “Be a God of Creation”, but the judge still refuses to attack the building. On the one hand, the three were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 3 to 5 years.

The FBI is the terrorist! Teenagers stand behind anti-government activists
Back in June 2020, all Russia was concerned about the lawsuit of Azat Miftakhov, a Ph.D. in mathematics at Moscow State University and an anarchist who was accused of fighting against the office of the ruling party United Russia. He was prosecuted for throwing smoke bombs out of the window and was eventually sentenced to six years in prison. He was also allegedly unreasonably detained during the trial.

After learning about Miftakhov’s sentence, the young and bubbly Nikita Uvarov and friends decided to show solidarity with Miftakhov, and sent a large number of posters near the FSB office in Kansk city with the words “Russia. The FBI is the Terrorist” flyer, and was arrested shortly after.

big trouble
When the Federal Security Agency checked the contact records of the three teenagers, it found that Uvarov had chatted with friends on the Russian social networking site VKontakte about plans to build the FSB building in “Be a God of Creation” and then blow up.

A follow-up investigation also found that Uvarov and his friends had browsed a website on how to make explosives. There is also a video on the mobile phone, which records that they once made simple small bottled petrol bombs and practiced throwing and detonating them in abandoned buildings.

‘This is terrorist training’
The findings led Russian authorities to decide to indict the three, who have appeared in court several times in 2021 for the case.

On the 8th, a military court in Siberia finally found three teenagers guilty of “training with terrorists”. Uvarov was sentenced to five years in prison, while friends Mikhalenko and Andreev face three to four years in prison.

Friend jailed at home, Uvarov pleads not guilty
The Moscow Times reported that Mikhalenko and Andreev both pleaded guilty and will serve their sentences in the form of home confinement, and will also complete their studies online in the future. As for Uvarov, who was imprisoned because he pleaded not guilty, he was unable to return home. He once told the media that he was forced to confess both physically and mentally by the authorities during his imprisonment.

Uvarov: I’m not a terrorist
On the 10th, the court heard the case again. In his final statement, Uvarov said: “I like to absorb new knowledge, like physics, chemistry, biology, and famous scientists. I often watch science and education programs.”

“I’m not a terrorist, I’m not guilty. I just want to finish my studies, get my diploma and fly away to a place where I won’t anger any of the Secret Service personnel.”

Human rights group: Government wants to silence young people
The “Moscow Times” said that in recent years, more and more teenagers have had similar experiences with Uvarov, and have been prosecuted by the authorities on charges of “receiving terrorist training” and “attempting to subvert the regime of the Russian Federation”, and even jailed. Human rights groups have criticized the allegations as false and claim that many were abused in custody.

Human rights groups argue that Russian authorities are trying to limit the speech of young Russian men and women in this way, making them afraid to criticize the government or make any remarks that could endanger social order.

The last classic case: Church playing Pokémon
In August 2016, young Russian blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky was arrested for uploading a video of playing Pokémon in the famous “Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood” and was arrested in court Sentenced to six years for “inciting religious hatred”.

The Force is so powerful that the U.S. military stationed in Poland M1A2 is named after a Jedi.

Recently, the U.S. Army released a batch of photos taken on the side of the armored combat brigade exercise in Poland in early February. Foreign media accidentally found one of the M1A2 main chariots. ‘s name.

This M1A2 belongs to the 1st Armored Combat Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division of the U.S. Army. After the Crimea crisis in 2014, the U.S. military launched Operation Atlantic Resolve (OAR) to expand the number of NATO allies stationed, especially It is the first line of Eastern European countries threatened by Russia, including Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and the Baltic countries.

The First Armored Combat Brigade has been stationed in Poland since 2021. In response to the escalating situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border at the end of last year, it recently exercised near the small town of Drawsko Pomorsky in northwestern Poland, so the army photographer took a side shot, The Obi-Wan Kenobi chariot was accidentally captured.

The U.S. crew members have named their chariots since the Second World War. During combat, the crew members had to stay in the cramped chariot cabin for a long time. Therefore, choosing a car name that the crew members liked would help cultivate tacit understanding and cohesion.

Early tank names often sounded aggressive, such as Big Dog, Big Punisher, Back with a Vengence or Iron Knight.

However, in recent years, the names of the U.S. military chariot crews have become more and more diverse, and many interesting car names have appeared, such as Diplomacy Failed, All You Can Eat, Chronic Pain and a chariot. (A Tank), or related to movies and anime such as X-Men’s Cyclops, Colosus, and the Obi-Wan of the First Battle Brigade.

Due to the openness of the U.S. military culture, the Army even held a chariot naming contest in 2018, allowing all members to vote online for which chariot name they liked the most. In the end, the first one was Barbie Dreamhouse, which shows that the more humorous the car is. The more popular the name is.

The Jedi Knights often use the Force to have many enemies on the battlefield. Therefore, this Obi-Wan is under the pressure of Russia’s 140,000 troops, which must be of great help to boost the morale of the crew members and the surrounding infantry.