Why do mosquito bites itch? What you didn’t know about mosquitoes

Shorts and watermelon popsicles in summer, and beauties in short skirts in the hot sun on the beach, what annoys you most in such an enjoyable summer? Definitely a “buzzing” mosquito! Let’s talk a little bit about mosquitoes.

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Why do mosquitoes bite and why do they itch?
Mosquito bites mainly require human blood to reproduce the next generation. Therefore, it is female mosquitoes who bite people, and mosquitoes do not bite people when they encounter them. Usually females feed on blood, while males suck on plant sap. Mosquitoes are found in every continent except Antarctica.

In fact, it should be said that it was “stabbed” by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can’t open their mouths, so they don’t bite on the skin. They actually pierce the human skin with 6 needle-like structures. These short needles are the center of the mosquito’s mouthparts.

These short needles suck blood like needles used to draw blood; the mosquito also releases saliva containing anticoagulants to prevent the blood from clotting, so it can safely gorge on. When the mosquitoes are full and sated, they leave behind an itchy bump.

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However, the itching sensation is not caused by a short needle prick or by chemicals in saliva. We feel itchy because the body’s immune system releases a protein called histamine to fight foreign substances, and this immune response triggers an allergic reaction at the bite site.

How do mosquitoes grow?
The mosquito’s life goes through four stages: egg, larva (larva), pupa, and adult. Mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in clear water, and in warm seasons, the eggs hatch as larvae in about three days. The widow sheds its skin and finally stops eating and becomes less active and turns into a pupa. About two or three days later, the pupae come to the water surface and shed their skins and emerge as adults and fly out. A female mosquito can lay an egg once it is full of blood, and it can lay six to eight eggs in her lifetime, with 200 to 300 eggs each time. Therefore, eliminating one mosquito in the early stage is equivalent to eliminating hundreds or thousands of them.

Can mosquitoes survive winter?
Generally, mosquitoes begin to appear in April each year and reach their peak activity in mid-to-late August. When the climate cools down and the temperature drops below 10°C in autumn, mosquitoes will stop breeding and die in large numbers. Very few mosquitoes will survive. They hide in the cracks and other places where they can take shelter from the wind and cold, such as hiding in warmer and more sheltered places indoors. , such as the back of the wardrobe, etc. But it will avoid hot places, such as heating and so on. This can not only escape the harsh winter, but also reduce the metabolic rate and avoid starvation and death. Kind of like hibernation.

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Outdoors, mosquitoes generally hide in warmer places such as heating pipes, and the mosquitoes that appear in the second year are more hatched from eggs.

The lifespan of mosquitoes is about 7 to 10 days after mating of male mosquitoes under natural conditions, but can live to 1 to 2 months in the laboratory. Female mosquitoes generally live 1 to 2 months, and have lived up to four months in the laboratory.

Who is more likely to be bitten?
Mosquitoes do have this “feeding tendency”. This is not because people imagine that some people have delicate skin and sweet blood to attract mosquitoes. The main reason is that some breaths on their bodies attract mosquitoes. Generally speaking, the following types of people and mosquitoes will “have a soft spot” for them.

One is people with developed sweat glands and high body temperature. The second is people who are tired or have a fast breathing rate. The third is people who like to wear dark clothes. Fourth, people with fast metabolism. The fifth is people who have put on makeup. Six are pregnant women. Seven is a drinker. However, there are also studies now saying that people who are easy to be bitten by mosquitoes are genetic problems.

What is Metabolism?

What to do after being bitten?

  1. After being bitten by mosquitoes, most people will experience symptoms such as redness, swelling, itching and pain. At this time, alkaline substances can be used.

For example, ammonia water can be used to relieve itching, or soap can be dipped in water and applied to the red and swollen area, which can relieve the itching within a few minutes.

  1. If the bite is very itchy, you can flick it with your finger first, and then apply toilet water, wind oil, etc.
  2. Apply or brew the itchy area with salt water, which can soften the lump and relieve itching effectively.
  3. The juice from aloe vera leaves can be used to relieve itching. When it is red, swollen, and itchy after being bitten by mosquitoes, you can cut a small piece of aloe vera leaf, wash it, break it open, and rub it on the red and swollen area for a few times to relieve the swelling and itching.
  4. Light a match and blow it out and bake the place where the mosquitoes have bitten. You can also apply toothpaste, red syrup, and some Wuji ointment with anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and analgesic effects.
  5. Break open a garlic clove, apply the mosquito bite bag with the cross section, it will be fine for a while, and it will relieve itching (this method is especially suitable for pregnant women after being bitten by mosquitoes)

You can choose the most convenient way~


The five most important parts women want to adjust | Uncover the factors to consider before undergoing a medical aesthetic treatment

In the medical beauty circle, compared with the previous pursuit of a certain actress’s eyes, nose and chin, more people are now pursuing a “natural” feeling, that is, they want to regain the feeling of youth without letting people The traces of the knife were seen, and it was even seen as a “translucent nose” and “a cross-shaped nose”. Therefore, the most concerned plastic surgery is to use Botox, injection of collagen such as Tongyan needle, injection of hyaluronic acid, etc., to achieve the effect of face-lifting, firming, and filling wrinkles for the face.

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Liposuction may cause microvascular dilation
In addition, “hair”-related operations such as hair removal, hair growth, or hair transplant have also been discussed a lot. Commonly there are hair loss (whether it is stress hair loss, postpartum hair loss, or hair loss due to illness) or hairline receding. Some people are trying After all kinds of western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine or folk remedies have failed, they turn to seek the help of medical beauty treatment, and restore their beauty through surgery.

Other plastic surgeries such as “breast enhancement” and “liposuction” that change the entire body shape are still popular with girls who want to have an ideal body. However, since this type of surgery requires general anesthesia, there is a high risk. The risk itself may come from infection, anesthetic allergy, and thrombosis. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully assess your needs before surgery and thoroughly communicate with the attending doctor. Weng Yujing, director of Taichung Rong General Medical Beauty Center, who is a dermatologist herself, said that when people are young, the cortex is very thick, but after the age of 50, the skin will become thinner, because there is no natural supply of nutrients, people who use autologous fat transplantation, the skin It will be thinner than others, and will add a lot of dilated microvessels on the skin surface, so it is necessary to consider carefully before performing autologous fat transplantation or liposuction.

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In addition to the price, it is necessary to discuss with the doctor in detail
Before deciding to undergo medical aesthetics, most people’s primary concern is “price”, and there are also “want to ask the designated doctor’s fee”, “medical aesthetics micro-rectification mainly depends on the doctor’s professional and technical skills”, etc. It can be seen that netizens are also very concerned about the “clinic doctor professional” “Degree”, many people will crawl texts before surgery to refer to the doctor’s previous surgical cases, or take the initiative to ask the surgeon’s information after seeing the postoperative experience shared by others.

It is suggested that everyone can start from three aspects. The first point is to clearly know what you want to improve. The more clearly you can express your needs in the consultation between the clinics, the more the advice given by the doctor can often meet your direction, and the satisfaction will be relatively improved. The second point is to evaluate the costs that you can afford. If the budget is limited, then implement the areas that need to be improved first within the budget. The third point is to evaluate the degree of change that you can accept. If you can accept large changes, the courses of treatment you can naturally accept will also be diverse; if you can only accept small changes, you should start from non-invasive medical and aesthetic treatment. Slow down.

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The definition of beauty will have different views due to race, culture, and time. If your skin is good, as long as you maintain it, it will be fine. In fact, confident women are the most beautiful! Although it is an old-fashioned phrase, the radiance exuded by self-confidence cannot be created by no amount of medical and aesthetic treatments, because “constancy is more important than change.” The pursuit of beauty, whether internal or external, should be to find that unique and better self.

Beckham’s wife took beautiful photos, appeared in a white shirt, and showed her good figure with all the buttons unbuttoned

Recently, Beckham’s wife Victoria shared her beauty video on social platforms. From the video she posted, you can see that she was wearing a silk white shirt that day, with a plaid skirt underneath. The video Among them, she is teaching everyone how to make up with an eyebrow pencil in her hand. It can be seen that although her skin is relatively dark, her facial features are very three-dimensional, and her eyes are very deep, so the whole person has a melancholy feeling.

In the video, she carefully explained her beauty steps, but everyone’s attention was on the dress she wore that day. You can see the white silk shirt she is wearing, almost all unbuttoned. Except for the two buttons on the bottom, the four buttons on the top are completely loosened, so the whole shirt is also worn by her with a deep V feeling. The see-through white shirt she wears even allows people to clearly see her own skin color, so this pure white silk shirt has a feeling of light and dark intertwined.

In fact, what was even more shocking was that she didn’t seem to be wearing underwear that day, because the white shirt she was wearing actually allowed people to clearly see the clothes she was wearing and her skin color. Judging from her white shirt, she doesn’t seem to be wearing any clothes inside. In fact, it is not surprising to see her look like this. The main reason is that now she has become a designer, and the designer has different opinions on his own dressing style and style, which is different from what we ordinary people are pursuing. The way of dressing is different.

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For designers, they pay more attention to reflecting the design of clothing, and they also pay attention to how to make themselves wear the temperament of the clothing itself, so it is said that the white shirt on her body has changed from An ordinary, somewhat casual outfit becomes a sexy piece. Now 47 years old, she is not as hot and bold as she was when she was young, but with the increase of age, she has a sense of fierceness of a strong woman.

You can see that she in the video is actually just explaining the steps of beauty makeup, but just through the video, you can also feel a sense of not being angry and self-righteous. It can be said that when you see her, you can imagine the image of a strong woman. What is it like. In fact, it is not wrong to call her a strong woman. After all, many netizens think that Beckham, as a star who has retired for many years, still has a high degree of attention and commercial value, most of which are derived from for the operation of her wife Victoria.

After all, Victoria can be said to be committed to exposing her family to the media in order to gain more attention, which is also an important reason why Beckham can retire immediately for many years, but still maintain her popularity. Now their family can be said to be a star family spanning many fields of fashion, sports and entertainment, which shows her strong heart and wise mind. It was always said that Victoria was famous because of Beckham, but now, in fact, the two people should belong to each other.