Which laptop has the longest lifespan? Battery life competition, MacBook Pro did not win the championship

Can your laptop last all day on a single charge? The US non-profit organization “Consumer Reports” (Consumer Reports) selected the “longest battery life” laptops of various sizes, and it was unexpected that the MacBook Pro was not on the list.

The laptop selection is divided into 17/18-inch, 15/16-inch, 14-inch, 12/13-inch and 10/11-inch models. Unfortunately, Apple’s MacBook series did not rank first in all categories.

First up is the largest laptop, the 2021 model LG Gram 17 can last 18 hours of web browsing and 10 hours of 4K video playback without a power connection, with the large laptops a landslide winner, with the Dell Inspiron coming in second at 13 hours 25. The report suggests that if you have a budget, you can choose the 2020 LG Gram, with only about an hour less battery life and a much more affordable price.

The 15/16-inch model is the 2021 model Dell XPS 15, with more than 18 hours of battery life for web browsing and 8 hours of 4K video playback, plus a NVIDIA graphics card for gaming.

The longest-lasting 14-inch laptop is the Acer Swift 3 SF314-511-75UX, with over 27 hours of web browsing and 11 hours of video testing, which is quite impressive. The report also recommends the ASUS ZenBook Duo, because in addition to a certain level of battery life (over 21 hours in the network test and 12 hours in the video test), it is also a dual-screen laptop, which can be said to be quite convenient.

The longest-lasting 12/13-inch laptop is the Galaxy Book Pro 360, which can maintain 20 hours of Internet access and 12 hours of 4K video playback. The HP Envy is another option, at the same price but with more storage, nearly 19 hours of web browsing and 7.5 hours of 4K video playback.

The report pointed out that there are not many types of 10/11-inch notebooks. Due to the slow processor and limited storage space, the power is somewhat insufficient. If you want to choose one, you can choose the AK0012DX of the HP Stream 11.

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