EU blacklists 21 Russian airlines for breaching international safety standards

Reference News Network reported that the German weekly Der Spiegel reported on the 11th that the European Commission added 21 Russian airlines to the EU flight safety blacklist, banning them from flying in EU airspace or subject to operational restrictions, because these companies do not meet international safety standards.

According to the list of the European Commission, there are Aeroflot, Russian national airline (Rossiya), Siberia Airlines (S7), Utair and so on. The Russian Air Transport Agency said it would take measures to respond.

The EU commissioner for transport, Adina Valean, said the blacklisting of the companies was not a response to further sanctions against Russia due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but a response to a decision by Russian regulators; the agency Allowing Russian airlines to operate hundreds of foreign aircraft without valid airworthiness certificates “violates international aviation safety standards”.

The quoted Volian as saying that the restricted Russian airline has “serious safety problems” because Russia forcibly re-registered foreign-owned aircraft and deliberately allowed them to fly without a valid airworthiness certificate.

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