Apple’s “find” app is a little troublesome, 80% of AirPods can’t be sold new

Apple’s iOS 15 operating system integrates AirPods into the “Find” app search. If users accidentally lose their headphones, they have the opportunity to retrieve them through “Find”, but this good intention has now become a small trouble for retailers. According to foreign media reports, if consumers buy AirPods and return them, but consumers have linked the earphones to their Apple IDs and forgot to unpair them from Apple IDs, retailers can hardly sell the new earphones.

“9to5mac” reported that the recent iOS version seems to integrate the “Find” app with AirPods headphones more, but it has also caused trouble for retailers, because consumers have returned Apple ID paired headphones or exchanged for another pair of headphones. Unlinked from the old Apple ID, so the headset cannot be sold as a new one.

If a device refurbisher sells the paired Apple ID paired earphones to the next consumer, the pairing of the earphones may be rejected, and the message “AirPods does not match” will appear on the screen.

“9to5mac” reported that this “finding” little trouble has affected retailers such as Walmart supermarkets. GoTRG, an equipment refurbishment business partnered with Walmart, was forced to stock more than 30,000 affected headphones in just a few weeks. goTRG pointed out that this problem affects at least 80% of AirPods.

R2Cell, which sells refurbished AirPods exclusively on Amazon’s e-commerce platform, was forced to stop selling refurbished AirPods entirely.

The only solution at present is to unlink the Apple ID through the original AirPods consumer. And before returning or replacing AirPods or selling second-hand AirPods, it is best to unpair Apple ID; if you buy new or second-hand AirPods without unpairing, it is likely to be mastered by the previous user using the “Find” App. whereabouts.

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