Chinese game version numbers are restarted, 45 games are approved, and Baidu is listed

According to the Economic News Agency, China will start to regulate the game industry in 2021. In order to prevent teenagers from indulging in online games, it will limit the time of games and suspend the approval of game version numbers. After a lapse of more than 8 months, China restarted the distribution of game version numbers. On the 11th, the State Press and Publication Administration of China announced a list of a new batch of Chinese-made game version numbers. The version number distribution involves 45 games. The approval time is shown as April 8. However, none of Tencent and NetEase’s games have been included in this batch list.

Among the 45 games approved this time, 5 are client games (computer games) and one Switch console game, and the remaining 39 are mobile games (mobile games), including “Party Star” by Xinxin Company, Chuangmeng Tiandi’s “Be Careful” and Baidu’s “Attack Rabbit”; as well as the computer game “Jianwang 3 Origins” developed by Xishanju, a subsidiary of Kingsoft, the mobile game “Youth Three Kingdoms: Pocket Battle” by Youzu Network, and Sanqi Mutual Entertainment The “Dream Voyage” of “Dream Voyage”, as well as the games of Zhongqingbao are also on the list.

Inspired by the news of the restart of the game version number, the game industry index stocks rose more. As of the noon closing of A shares, Glacier Network, Dasheng Culture, and Youzu Network temporarily closed their daily limit, Zhongqingbao rose by more than 6%, and Sanqi Interactive Entertainment fell nearly 6%. In terms of Hong Kong stocks, as of around 11:30, Bilibili rose more than 7%, Xinxin company rose more than 6%, NetEase and Tencent rose more than 2%, and Baidu fell more than 1%.

Analysts believe that last year was a severe winter for the Chinese game industry. Under the dual pressure of the suspension of version number issuance and the protection policy for minors, the valuation of games has fallen to the lowest level for many years. With the restart of the version number, many analysts He said that in the medium and long term, the inflection point of the game industry’s valuation repair has come, and the future development of the game industry should be explored in a more high-tech direction. However, some analysts pointed out that as the tightening of the number of game version numbers issued has become the norm, it will guide game companies to improve the quality of games, which is also an important way to promote the industry’s high-quality development.

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