Catching up with the Japanese factory, Samsung Electro-Mechanics pushes the high temperature MLCC to attack the automotive market

The second brother of the global multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC), Samsung Electro-Mechanics, has caught up with the Japanese factory in technology and has developed a high-temperature automotive transmission system MLCC, which is to attack the automotive market.

The Korea Times and BusinessKorea reported that the internal temperature of the transmission system of traditional cars and electric vehicles can reach 150 degrees Celsius, and the parts used need to be extremely reliable. Samsung Electro-Mechanics has developed 13 MLCCs for automotive drivetrains that can withstand temperatures as high as 150 degrees Celsius.

Before that, only Japanese factory Murata and TDK could produce such MLCCs. Now Samsung Electro-Mechanics has successfully entered the market and can take a share of the fast-growing automotive MLCC market. A Samsung Electro-Mechanics spokesman said the company has expanded its range of automotive parts to improve product competitiveness and expand its market share.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ new products come in a variety of sizes and capacities, including 3325 models (3.2mm wide and 2.5mm long), small 1608 models, and high capacitance 22uF models.

MLCCs are the core components of electronic devices such as smartphones, and can control the steady flow of current in circuits. Nowadays, more and more electronic devices are used in vehicles, and the automotive market has become a coveted pie for MLCC manufacturers.

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