Samsung Heavy Industries partners with Danish nuclear reactor supplier to develop offshore nuclear power plant equipment

According to a report by South Korean media “BusinessKorea”, South Korea’s Samsung Heavy Industries recently announced that it has signed a memorandum of cooperation with Denmark’s Seaborg, the developer of the compact fourth-generation reactor – Molten Salt Reactor (CMSR). Development of offshore nuclear power plant equipment.

The report pointed out that CMSR can use nuclear fission to generate electricity, but does not emit carbon dioxide. Moreover, the nuclear reactor built on the basis of CMSR is smaller than the general large-scale nuclear reactor. In addition, the reactor has strong stability, that is, when an abnormal signal occurs in the reactor, it will be mixed with molten salt. The material solidifies its nuclear reactor, which makes the reactor under this technology have a wide range of applications.

The report emphasized that based on its offshore plant manufacturing capabilities, Samsung Heavy Industries plans to cooperate with Seaborg to develop up to 800MW of nuclear reactor power plant models in 2022. In addition, Samsung Heavy plans to expand its business to develop offshore power plants that use hydrogen and ammonia in the sea to generate electricity.

Seaborg founder and CEO Troels Schönfeldt said the technology partnership with global shipbuilding supplier Samsung Heavy Industries is expected to speed up the commercialization of offshore nuclear power plants. Samsung Heavy Industries also stated that it is currently focusing on developing innovative products for carbon-neutral energy, ranging from renewable energy to nuclear energy.

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