Elon Musk assists Ukraine’s weapon, Starlink has a sudden interruption of communication in some areas

According to a number of foreign media reports, Starlink, a low-orbit satellite communication system operated by SpaceX, suddenly reported a communication interruption in some areas on the 9th Taipei time, and some users claimed to be affected.

The report pointed out that Starlink, which uses low-orbit satellites for communication links, has now expanded its service to many countries outside the United States. A few days ago, in response to the Russian-Ukrainian war, the founder Elon Musk also specially opened the service in the Ukrainian region and shipped Starlink’s ground receivers to Ukraine to solve the local communication interruption caused by the war.

However, it is understood that on the 9th Taipei time, several Starlink users left a message on the Reddit website pointing out that Starlink’s service was suddenly interrupted and stopped. According to the users themselves, the range includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Portugal and other places where Starlink communication services have been interrupted. However, fortunately, the related service interruptions were short-lived, and most areas returned to normal in less than half an hour.

The report pointed out that according to spacexstats statistics, SpaceX currently has 2,107 Starlink satellites operating in space, and another 196 deorbited, which can provide services covering most areas of the world. The sudden incident of the communication interruption occurred in the early morning of US Eastern Time, when most of the affected users were probably sleeping, and the interruption time was not long, so the overall impact should be small.

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