Quantum computing services expand to London region with AWS’ new quantum processing unit Lucy

AWS (Amazon Web Services, Amazon cloud computing service) new quantum processing unit (quantum processing unit, QPU) Lucy has been activated, named after the pioneer of quantum physicist Lucy Mensing, is an eight quantum bit technology based on superconducting qubit technology. Bit quantum processing unit. Lucy is provided by Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC), and it is also the first publicly available quantum processing unit of OQC.

In the past, the availability of quantum hardware has limited the use of quantum computing technology by academic and industrial researchers. At present, quantum computing technology is still in the initial stage of development. In order to solve the challenges in computing in the future, such as finance, energy, pharmaceuticals, and logistics, it is very important to experimentally develop quantum computing. Customers around the world are now conducting experiments on OQC’s quantum hardware based on Coaxmon’s qubit technology through a pay-as-you-go payment method. For the first time, researchers can use Amazon Braket to compare and contrast the performance of their quantum computing programs on different superconducting, gated devices.

In fact, Amazon Braket continues to work on providing AWS customers with a single point of access to choose from different quantum hardware, allowing them to experiment with multiple quantum processing units through a single interface.

In addition to the new quantum hardware, Amazon Braket’s services have also been further expanded to the London region (Europe West 2), and others that have opened Amazon Braket include the US East (Northern Virginia) region and the US West (Northern California) region. Region, US West (Oregon) Region. Amazon Braket customers facing data residency obligations in the UK and Europe can use the new quantum processing unit and achieve compliance more easily. Considering the ease of use for customers in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, Lucy will be open on weekdays from Monday to Friday, 3 hours a day from 10am GMT.

In addition, three quantum computing simulators managed by Amazon Braket – State Vector Simulator (SV1), Density Matrix Simulator (DM1), and Tensor Network Simulator (TN1) are also officially launched in Europe West 2. . These simulators are fully managed on AWS and available 24/7, and customers can use the simulators to simulate before executing on quantum hardware.

Although quantum computers have not yet had a significant impact on actual production work, hybrid quantum-classical algorithms that combine quantum computers with traditional classical hardware, such as variational quantum solvers, quantum adiabatic optimization, and quantum machine learning algorithms, are Development directions for developing quantum computing applications. Amazon Braket recently introduced a new feature, Hybrid Jobs, that fully manages the traditional and quantum infrastructure required for such algorithms, providing customers with priority access to quantum computers throughout the run. In particular, Hybrid Jobs fully supports OQC’s Lucy, and customers can use Lucy as a quantum backend for mixed workloads and get priority access to devices.


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