Amazon’s internal communication program, a large number of banned words list public

E-commerce platform Amazon (Amazon), which employs a large number of employees, is planning to launch an internal communication program in order to facilitate their internal communication. The foreign website The Intercept recently reported that, according to internal documents they obtained, Amazon will add a filter function to the communication program to prohibit employees from discussing certain topics.

The Intercept refers to Amazon’s plans to add automatic word monitoring to the messaging app, adding words that criticize the work environment like Slave Labor, Prison and Plantation (slave labor, prisons and plantations), and even Restrooms (toilet) to a banned list. It was reported earlier that Amazon was urinating in bottles instead of going to the toilet to avoid penalties. Other banned words include Living Wage, Diversity, Vaccine (living wage, diversity, vaccine), while Union, Pay Rise, Compensation (union, labor, compensation) are also on the list.

A person familiar with the matter said that Amazon executives met in November last year to study the establishment of an internal community platform. In response to foreign media inquiries, an Amazon spokesperson said that the team is always looking for new ways to help employees communicate, but the communication program project is currently not approved and may have major changes or will not be launched in the end.

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