Rectify the Google Play platform, outdated apps are not allowed to download and use

Google is preparing to remove outdated and unsuitable apps from the Google Play platform, hide apps that haven’t been updated within 2 years of the latest Android version, and prevent them from being downloaded to users’ mobile devices again, starting November 1, 2022 Effective; this also means that Android users who continue to use the latest software, or just bought a new device, will no longer be able to find or download outdated and inappropriate apps.

Developers are required to update their apps to meet Google Play’s target API level requirements within 1 year of the Android release. By setting your app to specify the latest API level, you can improve your user’s security, privacy, and performance experience while continuing to make your app work on older Android devices.

Therefore, taking the official version of Android 12 as an example, with the release in October last year, developers must accelerate App updates before October 2022; if it exceeds October 2023, apps that have not been updated will be hidden by Google Play , is not discovered by the user, and the user cannot download it again.

To help developers transition through this period, Google has published a technical guide and documentation that includes an exact timeline to help apps reach the target API level. If developers need more time, they can apply for a 6-month extension in the future through the form

Since those outdated and unsuitable apps have not been completely removed from Google Play, Android users still have a chance to find them, so it is not equivalent to the Apple App Store announcement a few years ago that tens of thousands of outdated, abandoned, and no longer updated apps were removed. However, Google’s intentions are actually similar to Apple’s, because outdated and unsuitable apps not only do not continuously improve the user experience, but also may pose security risks.

In addition, to further protect Android users, Google has recently removed apps from Google Play that covertly collect user data, such as QRcode scanners, highway speed cameras, and other apps that have been removed from millions of devices because of malicious code. Android devices steal user data.

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