Pure electric Jeep Jeep Magneto released, zero-to-hundred acceleration in just 2 seconds and a six-speed manual

Fans who love to explore the outdoors finally waited for the electric Jeep Magneto, which is not only a pure electric car, but also extremely powerful. It only takes 2 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 horsepower, but is there really a way to Off-Road?

Jeep released the pure electric concept car Wrangler Magneto last year, which made fans look forward to it. This week, the Magneto 2.0 was launched, which seamlessly combines the pure electric power system with the Jeep off-road style, and also shows the ability of electric vehicles to conquer all terrains.

Compared with last year’s first-generation concept car, Magneto’s 2.0 horsepower has been greatly upgraded, with a maximum output of 625 horsepower and a torque of up to 1,151 Newton meters. More specifically, Jeep emphasizes that the new electric system can maintain a maximum current of 600 amps for up to 10 seconds. , Magneto can accelerate from zero to 100 in just 2 seconds, keeping pace with Tesla Model S Plaid.

In order to perfectly inherit the Wrangler driving experience, Jeep also added a six-speed electric manual (e-manual) to the pure electric jeep. The official has not yet explained the operation of the transmission system in detail, but emphasized that this is the design closest to the existing off-road vehicle driving style. , hoping to attract fans of off-road vehicles.

The manual system allows car owners to use more torque and achieve higher climbing ability. Benefiting from the transmission space saved by the electric system, Jeep did not fill the extra space with batteries, but installed more off-road kits, including 3 inch lift kit, 40-inch off-road tires are mounted on 20-inch rims, the front axle is Dynatrac 60 Pro-Rock, the rear axle is Dynatrac 80 version, as well as front and rear axle stabilizers, plus off-road special suspension, to make off-road fans Give full play to your own path and open your own spirit.

Having said that, the Magneto 2.0 battery pack has a capacity of only 70kWh, and it is very limited to cope with a super motor with a power of 460kW.

Jeep has followed the strategy of its parent company Stellantis in the past two years, aiming to achieve the all-electric goal in 2030. Therefore, it has successively launched pure electric vehicles, mainly SUVs. The purpose of releasing Magneto 2.0 this time is to let old fans know that they will not be in the market. Off-Road is abandoned in the era of electric vehicles, but when it is actually launched, what products will be produced and how the price will be positioned will test Jeep’s cost control and the pocket depth of car fans.

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