70% of the population is infected with three doses of vaccine firewall, Denmark returns to normal life

Compared with the closure of Shanghai, Taiwan is facing a new wave of epidemic threats. Denmark, which is far away in northern Europe, has relaxed all entry regulations and welcomes foreigners to travel. Denmark’s confidence comes from complete medical data showing that during the Omicron epidemic in the past five months, 70% of Denmark’s population has been infected with the virus. Coupled with the high vaccination rate, the virus does not pose any threat to Denmark. People don’t have to wear masks, and vaccine passports can be lost. On the other hand, return to normal life.

The Danish Institute of Infectious Diseases, based on serum antibody data from 17 to 72 years old, found that from early November to the end of March, 70% of adults were infected with Omicron, which is equivalent to 3 million positive results for a population of 5.8 million. After excluding reinfection, about 50% of the population Tested positive. A third dose of the vaccine provides adequate protection, according to medical data from Danish research institutes.

Immediately after the third dose, the vaccine provided up to 90.2% protection from hospitalization, and the risk of contracting Omicron was reduced by nearly 50%, the report noted. Four months later, it still provides up to 77.3% protection against severe disease. More than two-thirds of Denmark’s vaccines are Pfizer BioNTech, with the rest Moderna. Denmark has nearly 49,000 cases and only 16 people with severe symptoms.

Denmark opened a third dose for people over 40 in December last year and citizens over 18 at the end of January this year, but authorities said they would not allow boosters under 18, citing the belief that young people are less likely to be vaccinated or infected with the coronavirus. High immunity. The vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 was launched in November last year, and the current goal is to finish two doses.

Currently, 80.8% of the population in Denmark receives two doses of the vaccine, and 61.5% of the population is receiving the third dose. As of March this year, Denmark was among the top three countries with the highest third-dose vaccination rate among countries with a population of more than 2 million. The highest is Chile at 75%, followed by Singapore at 67%, and Italy is the same as Denmark.

The Danish government said the number of new daily cases had now dropped sharply as Denmark gained a high level of immunity, aided by a vaccination program, and declared that the new crown pneumonia no longer poses a threat to society. Denmark ended all epidemic prevention restrictions as early as February 1 and was the first EU country to lift all COVID-19 travel restrictions.

At the end of March, the Danish authorities announced that they would no longer take COVID-19 measures for travelers entering third countries. They do not need to show proof of valid vaccination, recovery or testing, and Denmark does not need to wear masks indoors except in medical institutions. Sweden and Norway have also lifted all epidemic prevention restrictions and welcomed foreigners into the country. Iceland also recently lifted all entry requirements.

But the epidemic prevention measures are not cancelled forever. The Danish Minister of Health said, “We assure the citizens of Denmark that we will only implement restrictions when it is really necessary, and we will lift them as soon as possible. This is what is happening now.” He also reminded , No one knows what will happen in the future. If a new variant virus appears, epidemic prevention measures will be restarted in a short time.

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