How does Whey Protein work?

Whey Protein (Supplement)

How does Whey Protein work?
Whey is the liquid portion of curdled milk, while whey protein is a group of proteins isolated from whey that includes glutamic acid, arginine, albumin, and leucine (one of the BCAAs). They can be easily absorbed by the body to provide a quick protein supplement. Therefore, if you are not getting enough protein from your diet, whey protein can be used as a dietary supplement. The recommended daily dietary protein intake for adults is 0.8 g/kg. For older adults, the recommended daily dietary intake is 1-1.2 g/kg. For athletes, the recommended daily dietary intake is approximately 1.2-2 g/kg.

How to use Whey Protein and adjust dosage?
Whey protein is usually taken by mouth in powder form. You can add the powder to drinks or food to make it easier to eat. The amount of powder to add depends on your daily protein needs.

What are the side effects of Whey Protein?
Side effects of taking whey protein are diarrhea and allergies. Whey protein should be avoided if you are allergic to milk.

Who is not suitable for using Whey Protein?
People with kidney disease should not consume high amounts of protein in their diet, including taking protein supplements.

Pharmacist Tip:
Most people should get adequate amounts of whey/protein from a healthy diet. Protein is found in many foods, including red meat, eggs, beans, seafood, poultry, and milk.

Common taking time:
Take whey protein supplements according to the product label. Usually once or twice a day.

The information is for reference only, and the actual medication time will be adjusted according to individual circumstances.

Common possible conflicting drugs:
There are no known drug interactions with whey protein.

If you are taking the above medicines, please inform your doctor or pharmacist, the dosage may need to be adjusted.


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