The customer is TSMC! 3M’s semiconductor coolant plant is rumored to be “closed indefinitely”, and inventory will last up to 3 months

Consumer and industrial goods maker 3M’s semiconductor coolant plant in Belgium, which accounts for 80% of global semiconductor coolant production and is critical to etching technology, is said to be closed indefinitely under strict local regulations.

According to Korean media Business Korea, this measure was implemented on 3/8, and 3M has issued an official notice to customers on 3/18. It is understood that 3M customers include TSMC, Samsung, SK Hynix and Intel, and it is not yet possible to determine the impact of the indefinite closure of factories on these important customers.

According to industry sources, customer inventories can now withstand one to three months, and unless the problem is resolved within this period, the global manufacturing industry may face a huge shock.

The report pointed out that the Belgian government’s regulations are related to the discharge of perfluoro/polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which have the properties of water resistance, oil resistance and heat resistance, and are widely used in cosmetics, dental floss, textiles, etc., but in the body After a long period of accumulation, it may lead to hormone disorders, so the United States and the European Union are tightening regulations to minimize emissions.

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