Russian tank sprayed with Z symbol, Samsung renamed Galaxy Z series to avoid suspicion

Since the release of the second-generation folding phones Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold2 in 2020, Samsung (Samsung) has begun to use Z to name its folding phone series, but it has recently been reported that they will be in at least 3 European countries. The folding phone in 2019 was urgently renamed and replaced, removing the Z from the product name and becoming the Galaxy Flip3 and Galaxy Fold3.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, whose products need to be renamed urgently, are all Baltic countries that are members of NATO and border Russia. It is reported that Samsung suddenly removed the Z from the product name in the above-mentioned markets in order to distance itself from Russia. Since the Russian military invaded Ukraine at the end of February, the media has photographed many Russian tanks with the word “Z” painted on them. Since there is no letter Z in Russian, the word Z has attracted a lot of speculation.

On the third day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, its state-run media RT was selling T-shirts and merchandise with the Z word on social platforms to support the army. The authorities arranged for young people to wear Z clothes to hold pop-up support for the army in various places, turning Z into a hero. Symbol of support for Russia and the invasion of Ukraine. For Baltic consumers, seeing a neighboring country invade Ukraine has made the “Z” quite sensitive and apprehensive, so it’s understandable that Samsung removed the Z from the two foldable phones.


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