Algorithm loophole, Facebook pushes false and violent messages for half a year

Foreign media The Verge reported that Facebook’s News Feed has been pushing “bad” content for the past six months due to a major sorting error. Because of this loophole, dynamic news increases the weight of fake news and violent news.

In October last year, engineers discovered that there was a problem with the push, and at that time, there was a significant increase in fake news in the news feed. Fake information, which was vetted by fact-checkers and should have been suppressed long ago, is spreading. The engineer could not find the root cause, and could only watch the fake information continue to ferment, subsided after a few weeks, and then relapsed. In the end, the engineer found that there was a problem with the sorting, and fixed it on March 11.

Documents show the technical issue dates back to 2019, but it didn’t have a major impact until October 2021. Meta spokesman Joe Osborne said: “We tracked down the root cause and eventually found it to be a bug in the software that was fixed. The bug did not have any meaningful long-term impact on the assessment criteria.”

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