Want to buy an iPhone but feel the unit price is too high? Apple plans to launch subscription-based iPhone

The concept of “subscription system” can now be seen in many software applications, but have you ever thought that even an iPhone can subscribe?

According to “Bloomberg” report, Apple is studying how to provide users with a subscription service for the iPhone and other hardware products. The concept of this service is very simple. Subscribing to the iPhone is like a long-term car rental plan, with a fixed monthly payment. Amount is available.

If the iPhone subscription service is really launched, it will be a major product strategy change for Apple; Apple usually sells mobile phones in full direct sales in the past, of course, sometimes users can also pay in installments, or The way of telecommunications subsidy to buy mobile phones. “Bloomberg” believes that the iPhone subscription service will help Apple generate more revenue, because it will further reduce the threshold for consumers to obtain the iPhone.

But you might be thinking, “How does this concept differ from installment payments?” Bloomberg explained that this plan differs from installment payments in that the installment amount is usually divided by the total price of the iPhone by 12 to The price of 24 months can be paid; the current monthly fee for the subscription-based iPhone has not yet been determined, and the amount will continue to be paid if the user continues to use the subscription service. The advantage of the iPhone subscription service is that Apple will allow users to directly replace the existing device with a new phone when a new model is launched.

However, Apple is not a pioneer in hardware subscription services. For example, Peloton, an American fitness equipment company, has recently begun to try to launch a subscription service for bicycle and fitness content. Consumers have to pay a monthly subscription amount of 60 to 100 US dollars to rent; in addition For example, Google has also launched a subscription service for Chromebook laptops for business users.

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