The mobile game “Genshin Impact” became popular, New York Times: China is changing the global video game industry

The Chinese mobile game “Genshin Impact” has become popular in recent years. The New York Times reported that in the global video game industry with an annual output value of 200 billion US dollars, “Genshin Impact” has become popular all over the world, symbolizing the rise of the Chinese game industry and challenging the dominance of the United States and Japan. status.

According to a report by The New York Times on the 18th, “Yuan Shen” was released at the end of 2020 and was developed by Shanghai-based Mihayou Company. It is the first mobile game in the Chinese game industry to become popular all over the world. Monitoring firm Sensor Tower said Genshin Impact earned $2 billion in its first year on the market, setting a mobile game record.

The report said that although Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game, it has created a lot of revenue. Its success represents that China is changing the global video game industry that has long been dominated by the United States and Japan and has an annual output value of 200 billion US dollars.

Japanese developers still dominated the market four years ago, but about one-third of Japan’s top 100 mobile games now come from China, according to research firm Niko Partners.

The report quoted Yukio Futaki, a game developer in Fukuoka, Japan, as saying, “Genshin Impact is great. In terms of technology, art and entertainment, people in the industry think ‘we are in trouble'”.

Futaki Yukio said that the biggest threat to the Japanese game industry is not China. The problem is still related to Japan’s aging, shrinking market, licensing agreements, and the company’s refusal to accept new ideas. “No Japanese company is willing to pay for our company to make the game it wants to make. Chinese companies recognize us the most, and we can retain all intellectual property rights in investment projects.”

However, according to the analysis of the report, “Yuanshin” relies on Japan’s soft power, which proves that China’s soft power is limited. For many years, the Chinese game industry has been isolated from the rest of the world. Under the strict scrutiny of the government, the lack of creative soil has made it difficult for the video game industry to produce original content that is popular all over the world. Although China has the technology, it still lacks original ideas.

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