Canada relaxes entry requirements, people who have been fully vaccinated will be exempted from submitting test certificates from April 1

Travelers who have been fully vaccinated against the new crown will no longer be required to provide a virus test report when entering Canada on April 1.

Canadian Health Minister Duclo pointed out that after the new rules take effect, entrants may still be randomly selected for virus testing, but they do not need to be isolated while waiting for the results. Further relaxation of the entry epidemic prevention measures.

In addition, many local governments in Canada have recently gradually relaxed public epidemic prevention restrictions. Ontario, which has the highest cumulative number of cases in the country, will lift its mandatory mask-wearing order in schools and most public places starting March 21. Many other provinces have also cancelled or are preparing to cancel the mask order, cancel the use of vaccination vouchers, relax or cancel the restrictions on the number of people in public places, etc. However, experts pointed out that driven by the Omicron subtype variant virus BA.2, the epidemic in Ontario still shows signs of rebound.

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