Musk’s second batch of aid was sent to Ukraine, and more antennas and power storage devices arrived on the battlefield

Musk’s enthusiasm for the Ukrainian war seems to be as good as Putin’s. A new batch of material aid was sent to Ukraine today, including more satellite dishes and Tesla Powerwalls, and even more rewards for Ukrainian employees to return home to fight for the country.

After the outbreak of the Ukraine war, Elon Musk responded to the request of the Vice President of Ukraine and sent a batch of Starlink satellite antennas to Ukraine to avoid being cut off. Now the second batch of supplies has arrived in Hong Kong. In addition to more Starlink antennas, there are also New good stuff.

Musk’s second wave of gifts includes car cigarette lighter adapters, solar power generation and power storage packs, as well as the extremely expensive Tesla Powerwall, which Musk sent is a whole set of Tesla smart home power luxury Bag.

Tesla Powerwall is a smart power storage device, each set can store 13.5 kWh of electricity, and a maximum of ten sets can be connected in series. With the addition of a solar power generation device, even if the power supply is not as good as the area, it can also generate electricity and store it during the day and supply it to households or other equipment.

“Thank you to all the Berlin factory and German service center teams for preparing all relevant equipment and supporting measures within 3 days.” Tesla’s letter to employees said that the volunteer team not only prepared these equipment, including transformers and required cables, but also It was dispatched by the factory in Berlin and sent to Ukraine as soon as possible, and also comes with certified installation services.

In addition, Tesla decided to issue additional war red envelopes. No matter where Tesla works, Ukrainian employees who want to return to their homeland to defend their hometown will unconditionally pay at least 3 months of full salary.

Tesla has previously opened all super charging stations in Ukraine for free use, and neighboring Poland and Slovakia also joined the free charging range, so that about 5,000 Tesla owners in Ukraine can take refuge or go to places they want to go without worry. Because of the opening of the Tesla overcharge agreement in Europe, non-Tesla electric car owners can also use this service.

Musk’s active support for Ukraine reminds people of the early days of SpaceX, when Russian aerospace scientists mocked him that if the rocket could return to the ground, just launch the rocket with a bounce bed. When SpaceX successfully recovered the rocket many years later, Musk did not forget to fight back with this sentence, asking Russian scientists to see his bouncing bed results.

Musk even intends to let SpaceX take over the operation of the International Space Station, which is currently dominated by Russia. It seems that this full-scale confrontation still has a long way to go.

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