The market is optimistic about the new generation of Apple’s iPhone SE, which will benefit Apple’s supply chain

Apple’s spring conference will launch the new iPhone SE, an entry-level smartphone, with an A15 processor and support for 5G networks. The suggested price starts at $429, which surprises consumers. Market analysts believe that Apple’s new iPhone SE will sell well in developing countries, especially in Asian markets such as China, which will further drive Apple’s stock performance.

Market analysts explained that Apple’s iPhone 13 in these markets, which starts at $799, is too expensive for consumers, and analysts at investment bank Cowen report that the iPhone SE is still in a favorable position compared to Android phones in price-sensitive markets position, can gain more market share, and focus on Asia. Apple is expected to sell 28 million iPhone SEs in 2022.

Another investment bank Wedbush analyst estimates that Apple is expected to sell 30 million iPhone SEs in 2022. Overall, the new iPhone SE equipped with A15 is the fastest and most powerful among mobile phones of the same price. Market research and research Analysts at Counterpoint Research also believe that the iPhone SE will sell well because it supports 5G networks and will be in line with mid-range products in the market.

Analysts at Counterpoint Research further pointed out that the iPhone SE has been performing well in the mid-range market, with the 2020 version selling 13% of the total iPhone sales that year, and the new iPhone SE will continue to perform well in Japan, the United States and China. Supporting 5G networks has also opened up new markets in Europe and Southeast Asia, where many consumers are waiting for affordable 5G phones.

The market is generally optimistic about the hot sales of Apple’s new iPhone SE, which drives the performance of Taiwan’s Apple stocks. Due to the Russian-Ukrainian war and the turmoil of the inflation crisis, Taiwan stocks finally stopped falling on the 9th. On the 10th, they were even more affected by the surge in US stocks. The weighted index of the broader market once rose by more than 400 points during the session, driving the gains of individual stocks. In terms of Apple stocks, the benchmark stock TSMC once rose 3.5%, Delta rose more than half of the limit, ASE Investment Holdings also rose by nearly 3%, and other Hon Hai, Largan, Wistron and other intraday trading also exceeded 1%. above increase.

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