How does exercise transform the brain?

The refreshing feeling after exercising is something that many people have never experienced before. The mental state of sweating profusely and full of strength will give people unprecedented motivation. How does exercise transform the brain?

A happy childhood is accompanied by various movements, running ‍♀️, jumping, laughing, dancing, we keep running, from one end of the house to the other, from the park gate to the swing position, etc.

Why is it easier to be happy in childhood? It is exercise, and why does exercise bring happiness? After reading “Exercise Transforms the Brain”, I understand how exercise affects our brain.

The principle of exercise: The more you exercise, the more brain cells, and the more you exercise, the more connections between brain cells can be established. Everyone knows that exercise can make the body stronger, it can make people self-regulate stress, and it can make people feel happy, but they don’t know that the real reason why we feel happy is that exercise puts the brain in the best condition.

  1. Exercise: Blocking the pressure feedback loop

Exercise affects the process of synaptic transmission of signals. While muscles relax, it also breaks the pressure feedback loop transmitted to the brain, thereby adjusting the adverse effects of pressure on the entire human body. Through exercise, the sense of conquest and self-confidence are enhanced, and the ability to “get rid of stress” is enhanced.

  1. Exercise teaches the brain: Anxiety is a cognitive error.

People are born anxious. In order to protect themselves from being eaten by monsters, primitive people must always be alert to danger, but in today’s society, anxiety has become “the culprit of bad performance”, because excessive anxiety can lead to various problems, and even lose the ability to take care of yourself. , Many anxiety patients choose to take medicine for relief, but although medicine can relieve tension, it makes people listless. At this time, regular aerobic exercise will give people a sense of control in their anxiety state.

When we increase our heart rate and breathing in the context of exercise, which we know is a physiological signal that certainly won’t trigger an anxiety attack, we come to like the way our bodies are aroused and don’t automatically see the technique as harmful.

If you only know that exercise has great benefits, but you can’t move your legs, it is because you know too little of its usefulness, so I recommend this book “Exercise to Transform the Brain” for you. Exercise regularly! Enjoy the changes brought about by exercise!


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