Tesla Celebrates One Millionth 4680 Cell Production, But It’s Not Enough

Tesla’s new battery 4680 produced 1 million battery cells last week. This battery will be a key part for Tesla to improve battery life and reduce costs, but in fact, 1 million battery cells are simply a drop in the bucket.

There are two major bottlenecks in the popularization of electric vehicles that need to be broken through. One is cost and the other is battery life. Tesla’s new battery 4680 can meet both goals at the same time, which can be said to be the most critical growth variable for Tesla in the next three years. one.

Just last weekend, Tesla’s California plant held a celebration to commemorate the cumulative mass production of 1 million 4680 battery cells, which sounds like a lot, but it’s not.

The 4680 battery is named by size like other lithium-ion batteries. The diameter of the battery cell is 46 mm and the height is 80 mm, which is much larger than the 2170 battery currently used by Tesla. The total energy can be increased by 5 times. Tesla estimates that it can increase by 16 % or more endurance. Tesla’s second-generation product line, such as the Roadster 2, Cybertruck, and Tesla Semi, all had to rely on new battery designs to achieve their advertised prices and battery life.

But at this stage, the first model equipped with 4680 batteries will be Model Y. Assuming that Tesla does not change the total battery capacity of Model Y, the Model Y that originally used 4,416 2170 battery cells will only need about 1,000 4680 battery cells. Costs can be significantly reduced.

However, after conversion, the 1 million 4680 battery cells currently produced are actually only enough for 1,000 Model Ys. Tesla produced nearly 300,000 Model 3s and Model Ys in California last year alone. According to the Shanghai Super Factory video, a Chinese-made Model Y can be completed in just 45 seconds.

Then convert Tesla’s four factories in 2022 to fully sprint production capacity, it is expected to produce 1 million Model Y, if all the new batteries are replaced, 1 billion 4680 battery cells are needed, now you know why 1 million batteries How insignificant is the core?

Of course, this is only the battery part of Tesla’s California plant. At present, Panasonic, LG Chem, and the battery king Ningde era have all participated in the 4680 production test. The two factories in Texas and Berlin also have battery production lines, step by step toward 100GWh Production capacity advances.

Not long ago, Elon Musk announced that the two new cars Roadster 2 and Cybertruck, which can only be established by 4680 batteries, will be delayed until 2023. The 4680 batteries that are currently produced in small quantities will be given priority to Model Y and large companies are waiting. Long-standing Semi truck use.

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